After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Madness?
Translated By: Naervon
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“This, how could this be!” The old man standing next to Duke Falysses stood there shell shocked as he turned his head from left to right, taking in the massive army that filled the skies. Just when did they get there, he thought to himself. Even Duke Falysses had no clue as to how they showed up.
Tyre’s brains blanked out on Tyre as he took in the sudden turn of events. *Just what is this? So far both Miliac and the Duchy have been using one trump card after the other, and each time the tables would turn, especially this time with the Miliac’s army appearing out of the blue. If counting the huge transportation formation from before as a bait, then just from what Miliac have used so far, they got at least four of those huge transportation formations!*

Just one of those will drain a rich person dry, but to not only create four but also maintain them? Just the material costs of those formations will cause some very heavy costs to the Miliac Kingdom.
If that was the case, then the question becomes very obvious.
With such an astronomical cost to set this all up and then throwing aside all semblance of appearances, just what does Miliac Kingdom want? Especially since their purpose was not to attack the Duchy and take it over for themselves as they are only here for the God’s Orders Book. There is obviously some secret in this that is well hidden from the public, for the God’s Orders Book is only an intermediate level Sacred Gear.
With all the costs spent to make the invasion possible, Miliac Kingdom can buy over two Sacred Gears with all that wealth, but their purpose this time was to only rob this one, so the implications are very suggestive as to what might be going on.
Regarding the unusual behavior from the Miliac Kingdom, Tyre, Nicole, and Duke Falysses are all aware of the strangeness of Miliac Kingdom’s behavior. But no one spoke up about it, because it was not yet the time to do so.
“How was that Duke Sire? Even though I cannot win against you all alone, but what about with my army?” Darven laughed maniacally as the high commander of the 90 thousand strong army stepped out and appeared beside Darven.

“Not bad Darven, not bad. Pulling Lao Jerry’s leg helped us a lot this time.”
“Mm.” Darven glanced at Lao Jerry’s figure still struggling in the sky then looked back and replied
“Right now Ness should be stalled up by Kazanli and his monster flood, so the only demi-deity left should be Danmu, and he only broke through to that stage just a few years ago.”
“Humph, unworthy trash.” The high commander coldly retorted. Even though he does not know where Danmu went, but even if that kind of trash showed up, then the only end for that guy is to become a dead corpse under his blade. When he became a titled emperor, his title was 【Blade Emperor】for a reason. Now that he himself have also broken through to demi-deity stage, his blade techniques have only improved, and with that improvement, numerous other demi-deities have fallen under his blade. Even strong demi-deities like Darven can only fight him to a draw, and it is only peak demi-deity individuals such as Lao Jerry who are able to defeat him.

But Lao Jerry lost his calm when Darven showed up and was trapped easily by the trap laid for him. Of course, this trap was designed by the Miliac higher ups, only they didn’t think that it would be so easily carried out.
Darven’s original mission was to lead the first army to lure out Lao Jerry and stall him while trying to bait out the rest of the Duchy’s hidden trump cards.
Now, thanks to Darven’s hard efforts, not only did he carry out his mission perfectly, he also smoothly baited out the hidden trap that the Duchy laid for them. With everything in the clear and the Miliac army surrounding and overpowering the Duchy’s mercenaries, the Duchy should have nothing left to turn the tables with.

“Even though I have already said this before, but let me repeat myself. Hand over the God’s Orders Book!” Darven lowered his eyelids slightly as he delivered the final verdict to the calm and collected Duke Falysses. If the Duchy’s side insists on being stubborn, then they would have no choice but to use force to get what they want.
“Hahaha, AHAHAHA!” Suddenly, the Duke let out a booming laughter, scaring and shocking everyone, including the two demi-deities from Miliac Kingdom, for they have never seen the Duke, who was known for his wisdom and composure, to suddenly have such a big mood swing. In addition to that, they are also very confused as to how the Duke can still laugh at a time like this.
They guess that the Duke must have some other secret methods hidden up his sleeve, but in front of their 90 thousand strong army, what use is it to call on more rabble? Even if one or two deities on the Duchy’s side showed up, so what? As for the other armies of the Duchy stationed elsewhere, there wasn’t a chance that they will be able to get here on time, not only were they stationed very far away, but they were also closely monitored by the Miliac Kingdom for any signs of movement. Because of all these factors, the possibility of the hidden card being those armies showing up is almost next to zero. As for the Duke’s Mansion private army, they can’t have more than what they have now, and even then half of the private army is out to deal with the monster flood, so the gap between strength is easily seen!

There is no reason for Duke Falysses to burst out laughing, could it be that he has gone mad? No, there was no way that this man would go mad, even if the apocalypse came he would still remain calm. Darven was very clear about the Duke as a whole, because even though the Duke is only around 100 years old, his wisdom and intellect is enough to strike bitter fear into his foes.
Darven and co narrowed their eyes as they waited for the Duke to speak, because no matter what strange or far fetched thing comes out of the Duke’s mouth next, it is bound to be something interesting!


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