After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Check-mate!
Translated By: Naervon

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“HAHAHA, he truly is the blood of 【Dragon Slayer God】, even his ways of plotting and scheming are perfectly like that guy.” Kalion Deity’s booming laughter resonated underneath the ground but unable to penetrate the walls of the place.
Puluoses kept a slight smile on his face as he calmly sipped his coffee, because he does not believe that Miliac’s sneak attack would be this simple.
And just as he had predicted, Kalion’s face did not show the slightest annoyance at the turn of events, and for a person who was famous for his fiery temper, to be able to remain this calm and collected at eating such a turn of events obviously meant his side still had cards to play.
“Now then, I believe the time has come for the ‘General’ to show up.” Kalion chuckled sinisterly, looking the picture perfect image of a demon deity who just walked out from the lava. If a normal person were to see Kalion right now, they would die on the spot from fright. Only another deity like Puluoses who was on the same level as Kalion can remain calm and chat casually with such a presence.

“Now then, Darven.” Duke Falysses calmly opened his mouth and said
“Which will you choose, to leave now? Or to stay here and die?”
“Oh? Why how kind of you to leave me choice to keep my life Duke Sire.” Darven recovered his smile, but it only seemed all the more sinister looking. Looking completely unaffected by the shock from earlier, Darven supported his chin with one hand as he said
“Could it be that you are afraid that I might do something rash if I know that I will die?”
“What a joke!” at this moment, an old man with the cultivation of titled emperor stepped out from behind the Duke and spoke out loudly
“Even though you are a demi-deity with the ability to bend the elements to your will, but you are still not a full deity yet. To stop you, I only need 5 other titled emperors aiding me, to kill you, I only need 10!”
Darven’s eyes bulged out as he glared at the old man with killing intent spewing from his aura, but the old man ignored it completely. The old man was a peak stage titled emperor, or else he would not have been able to withstand a glare from a demi-deity like he did.
In actuality, demi-deities are not invincible beings, and to put it simply, they are still mortal humans. As a demi-deity, they are as close as a mortal human can get to ascending to being a deity, and as long as they are unable to light the divine fire, then they will forever be a mortal and unable to ascend to becoming a deity.

As a titled emperor personally recognized by a king or such to be a super powerful being possessing a cultivation far surpassing that of any emperor stage, a titled emperor’s power is still very powerful. So even though demi-deity is as close as a mortal can get to becoming a deity, they are still unable demolish a group of titled emperor stage individuals without heavy costs to themselves.

So what is the number one military power between two kingdoms?
What’s second?
The strength of an army can suppress and surpass any force, and even a demi-deity can only flee when faced with hundreds or thousands of emperor stage martial artists. So when Darven’s army stuck in this very bad situation and the opposing army strong in both numbers and spirits, if Darven does not have any other moves hidden up his sleeves, then the only thing waiting for him is death.

But, since Darven was able to play the entire Duchy like a fool around his little pinky many years ago, how can he not have anything special up his sleeve?
“Duke sire, I believe you know that your current forces cannot capture me so you didn’t want to be too boastful about your claims right?”
Without a doubt, Darven was referring to how he survived under the attacks from several demi-deity stage individuals. There was several factors back then. Darven knew the Duchy like his own home, and adding to that, he also captured the important people and held them as hostage. But the most important factor was the Sacred Gear of escaping, the thing called the Duchy’s treasure, 【Eyes of the Storm Chaser】.
Miliac Kingdom had originally wanted to use Darven to infiltrate the Duchy to obtain the God’s Order’s Book, but with the passage of time, the Miliac Kingdom’s higher ups lost patience so they made a new plan. After the new plan was drafted, they released the seal that held the true memories of Darven and instructed him to steal the Sacred Gear 【Eyes of the Storm Chaser】instead, which lead to Darven’s betrayal and escape from Xavier Duchy.

Due to Darven’s excellent behavior and achievements as well as his shocking talents, not only did Miliac Kingdom not confiscate the Sacred Gear from Darven, they also opted to reward Darven heavily. After that event, Darven rode the success train all the way to where he was today, a high ranked decision maker for the Kingdom.

“Haha. . . .True, if I was alone this time, then the only choice left for me right now is to eat my losses and run for my life.” Darven smiled as he shook his head and lifted his hand, holding a specter stone that he grabbed without anyone noticing. Letting out a even more sinister smile, Darven’s face twisted even more
“But, if we didn’t have other moves hidden, then my organization might as well as be trash.”
“What did you say! !” The old man could not believe what he heard, and yelled out without even thinking, but the only thing that responded to his words was a terrifying arc of sword qi
Darven’s attack shattered the front row of the Great Hall’s seats to smithereens, but the people sitting there along with Duke Falysses did not escape from this attack because Nicole stood up and blocked it for them.
Caged World.
A bird’s cage appeared right in front of Nicole, and it was that cage that blocked the attack from Darven just then. The terrifying sword qi was trapped inside of the cage, but the cage could not dissipate that attack. As the force of the sword qi rampaged inside of the cage and smashing against the cage, Nicole’s face drained of blood as she gritted her teeth through the backlash and threw the cage into the void dimension.
“You live up to your name, 【Cage Emperor】Nicole. But, all of you are now . . . .”
The black night skies started to ripple once more, and this time, the space ripples were so strong that almost everyone felt terror creep out from the depth of their hearts. This time the source of the ripples did not happen in one spot, but three!
Almost instantly like before, three armies of 10 thousand strong each appeared in the night skies and filled the entire sky as far as the eye could see!
Standing underneath the menacing armies, Darven’s smile widened even more as he said two words


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