After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Losing
Translated By: Naervon

“Master, you really live up to my expectations. To be able to find the crucial point so quickly and find a way to deal with it.” Darven smiled and clapped his hands, but anyone watching his expression can tell that there was no hint of Darven actually admiring Lao Jerry’s skills, but rather, his expression was filled with excitement and mockery at seeing Lao Jerry fall into his trap, an expression that can only be described as twisted.

“. . . . . .” Even though Lao Jerry was breathing heavily after suffering a big blow, but he also calmed down from it. However, despite his calmness, the rampant forces running amok in his body took his full attention to deal with, leaving Lao Jerry nothing left to deal with Darven as he could only glare his eyes at Darven as he watched Darven leave his line of sight.

Darven stepped onto the Great Hall’s floor from the air, and the people around him immediately backed off to the edges of the walls to give Darven room, for the fight just now instilled more than enough respect for the man in front of them. Also, because they knew that they were no match for Darven.

“Now would be a good time for you to hand over the God’s Orders Book.” Darven picked up the red mask that he had lost from the fight earlier as he put on his signature smile. But, that smile only struck fear into the people’s hearts, and not even Nicole was immune from it as she felt some inexplicable fear in her heart.

The difference in power forced out the basic instinct to survive from the deepest parts of people, and fear was the most common way that this instinct manifests itself, telling the person to run from danger, and at this moment, fear has certainly taken over the hearts of the majority.
The only person who saw that smile and was not moved in anyway was Duke Falysses, who was staring straight back at Darven with a calm expression.
Falysses quirked his mouth, not seeming at all like an old man over a century old with his youthful appearance. Yet, deep in his youthful eyes, wisdom and intelligence glimmered like the stars in the night.
“Darven, I didn’t think that you would be the one to show up tonight.”
“Oh? How can I pass up the chance to see the Duke’s Mansion getting ruined and sleep knowing that I will have missed a show? To see you all fall into a trap is one of my pleasures.” Darven answered casually, but the way that the Falysses said that cause his senses to tingle with unease, senses that he has honed over many years of experience!
Falysses only shook his head in silence as he looked away from Darven. Falysses lifted his head slightly and sighed as he watched Lao Jerry struggling in mid-air as the violent forces ripped through his body. Falysses looked towards another spot into empty space and said lightly
“Come out!”

The originally areas surrounding the Great Hall were instantly filled as figures shimmered into being one after the other. Instantly, the Great Hall was surrounded by tens of thousands wearing an assortment of different equipment, and from the looks of their appearances, it was obvious that these people were mercenaries and not regular army! As these mercenaries surrounded the Great Hall and Darven’s army, Darven’s face changed. But just before Darven could react, over two thousand soldiers in the army behind him drew their weapons and struck the person next to them with a deadly sneak attack! In the blink of an eye, over two thousand soldiers died from the sneak attack of their ‘comrades’ and the two thousand turncoats finished their attacks and hastily retreated into the countless mercenaries surrounding them, disappearing without a trace.
“WHAT!” Darven’s pupils shrunk to a pinpoint as he stared in disbelief at the betrayal of over two thousand of his own men, and betrayal of such thoroughness obviously meant that this was all planned beforehand. Seeing this, even the void emperor’s expression and the dragon headed staff vibrated in his hands, making the space very agitated around his body.

Duke Falysses watched all of this happen with his calm expression, not batting an eye even though the situation has turned in his favor. He opened his mouth and spoke calmly
“Could it be that you did not detect the drop in the number of powerful mercenaries in the surrounding countries and kingdoms?”
As soon as Tyre heard this, he suddenly realized that this was a blatant fact! No wonder he did not see any mercenaries above army breaker back when he was in Miliac Kingdom, and even then, the number of army breaker stage mercenaries were very few. Looks like all of these powerful people were hired by the Duke in secret, to make up an army situated all around the Great Hall just for the feast!

Even Darven, who has lived inside the Duke’s Mansion for all of his childhood and then some, did not truly experience just how deep the waters of the Duchy really are. Darven only knew that the Duchy had Deities of its own backing it and not much else other than that. Obviously, the liquid that covered all of these mercenaries was another secret trump cards that the Duchy had in its arsenal, because not only did this liquid hid these mercenaries from normal sight, it also hid them from the divine perception of deities. As for the two thousand or so turncoats, there was one thing that Darven was sure about them, and that was they were not moles planted by the Duchy, because each and every soldier had to go through an extended background check to even be considered for the army, and just from the fact that they were picked for this mission means they had no connections to the Duchy. Knowing this fact, how can he not know that this was yet another hidden method that the duke has used on them?
Thinking of all the failures so far, first failing to match Lao Jerry in combat, then failing to match Duke Falysses in wits, the scarlet eyed man gritted his teeth as his veins popped out menacingly.


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