After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 151

“Lao Jerry Sire!”

“Lao Jerry Grandpa!”

Countless people on the ground who were familiar with Lao Jerry worried for him, especially Claude. Even though Lao Jerry did not admit to being his master, but all of his sword techniques were learned from watching Lao

Jerry, and even though it was hard, Claude never gave it up. As for magic, the Xavier family did not have any passed down powerful magic spells for Claude to learn, so it was necessary to hide the fact from the outside world, but Claude did not feel like that was necessary. Claude would practice it in secret and sometimes Lao Jerry would catch him practicing and give him some guidance. So because of his relationship with Lao Jerry, Claude is very worried about him, and gained an even stronger hatred towards Darven for his acts. To Claude, someone who betrays a kind master like Lao Jerry should not even exist!

“One with Vedas.”

The light faded, and a faintly murmuring Lao Jerry appeared in front of everyone’s sight. A faint white light glowed all about him, and it was this layer of feathery, garment like light that blocked the magic from earlier. Lao Jerry let out a long breath, and with that breath, his aura suddenly exploded with power, making Darven’s expression freeze yet again as Darven’s eyes showed a savage anger.

“Master, I don’t quit recall you ever teaching me this in my memories.”

“What does it matter if I taught you this, and what does it matter if I did not teach this to you!” Lao Jerry dissipated the white light around him with a wave of his hand and reached out with an aged hand, making a grab at the space in front of him. As he did so, a frighteningly huge sword composed of elemental forces suddenly coalesced in his hand!

Flashing Sword Style, Mysteries of Heaven’s Convergence Formation! Elemental Emperor’s Sword!

Underneath the fight, D.Zi stood there with his face pale white. This was the Elemental Emperor’s Sword, there was no doubt about that, but the power contained in that sword far surpassed his own, and the formation was even more profound then he had thought possible. The power of the formation was so vast that even the clouds in the sky were pulled towards the light sword held in Lao Jerry’s hand, as if the very power of the world itself will be sucked in, and even Darven had to use his demi-deity level divine power to prevent himself from moving.

It could have been because Lao Jerry did not allow the force to affect everything or it could have been because of the Void Emperor, but the terrifying suction force did not affect anyone in the Great Hall or any of the Duchy’s people. But, one only had to look up to experience the feeling of sinking into the endless abyss, because to them, the brilliant light radiating off of the longsword in Lao Jerry’s hand represented a bone chilling coldness.

Although Darven’s face became a bit stiff, Darven still kept his smile. He looked at the sword held by Lao Jerry and couldn’t help himself from marveling at it.

“In the end, it looks like master still has the edge over me haha, but if master is lucky enough to not die today, then maybe we can get the chance to spar with each other sometime in the future!”

Darven did not keep his voice down when he said this, so when everyone heard him, they were all confused by what he meant. Even Lao Jerry frowned when he heard it, because he was completely muddled by what this traitor had in mind!

“Don’t understand?” Darven gave a sinister chuckle and raised his hand up. On his hand, he wore a ring with a skull engraved on the surface.

“Then I will explain it to you through action.”

Lao Jerry suddenly thought of something when he saw the skull ring, but the transportation formation behind him from before was even faster!

“Kingdom tier gear, 【Ring of Death】”

A skull ring suddenly emerged from the formation behind Lao Jerry and resonated with another skull ring that had secretly attached itself to Lao Jerry’s clothing earlier. Both rings emanated a dark aura and the resonance between them sounded like a raging roar straight from hell!

The imposing airs around Lao Jerry faded as he rapidly dispersed the Elemental Emperor’s Sword in his hand and abruptly shook his entire body, trying to shake off the ring on his clothing. But an unknown mechanism hidden on the ring allowed it to remain entirely unaffected by the violent shaking.

A split second later, the rings unleashed a torrent of chaotic force into Lao Jerry’s body, rampaging throughout his body’s qi channels like a wild flood of monsters. The sudden torrent of force caught Lao Jerry completely by surprise and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Lao Jerry immediately reacted and instantly retracted his divine power powering his demi-deity level’s divine domain to guard his vitals.

Almost instantly, the radiant old man faded into an old man who looks to be on his deathbed.

“HAHAHAHA, you didn’t expect this did you! To be suckered by a mere kingdom tier gear!” Darven laughed maniacally but did not move any closer to Lao Jerry. Not because he didn’t want to kill Lao Jerry, but because the fact that even though Lao Jerry was in a life or death situation, if he was facing certain death, then Lao Jerry might just ignore the chaotic forces from the Ring of Death and pull Darven down with him in a suicidal burst.

And Darven obviously did not think that Lao Jerry’s death was worth risking his own life.

“…..” Lao Jerry lived many centuries had was able to see through most plots with his experienced eyes, and the only reason that he fell for such a simple trap was because rage took over his mind and he thought of nothing else other than how to kill Darven. If it wasn’t for the rage blinding his eyes, he would have detected something was off the first time Darven used a transportation formation to absorb his lightning tribulation attack and perceive that not only lightning passed through, that damned ring also passed through the formation at the same time!

The Ring of Death is definitely a peak grade kingdom tier gear. Even though it is not ranked a Sacred Tier, but it is the closest thing to that tier! The uses of the ring are to store a huge amount of chaotic force into the rings and then let the forces polarize like the two charges of a magnet, and if they ever attach onto the same person, then the prepared force will be pumped into the person’s body, and at the same time, the Ring of Death will chain down the person so that the person will not be able to find an outlet for the force, and can only suffer the full brunt of the attack on the inside. The rings are so brutal that the usual end for the victim is to suffer a slow and painful death from attrition and pain.


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