After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 150

Chapter 150 The fight between Demi-Deities
Translated By: Naervon

Inside the Duke’s mansion
The old man slowly walked out of the Great Hall of Magic with a youth hand in hand. As they walked out, the youth raised his arm to block out the piercing sunlight.
“Darven.” An old voice sounded beside Darven’s ear, and the youthful face with some hints of handsomeness turned to look at the old man with a puzzled look.
“Today, you are officially a part of the Duchy.”
Darven had thought that he heard wrong, his head buzzing with delight as he processed this information, until he finally recovered and showed a brilliant and innocent smile on his face.
Perhaps the old man was affected by the young man’s smile, the old man also smiled from the bottom of his heart, his eyes forming squints from his wide smile.
“From today onwards, you are mine, Lao Jerry. Hope God’s disciple!”
“Yes, Master!”

“Darven! ! !” Lao Jerry’s bellowing roar sounded as if the very heavens were casting its punishment, even more terrifying than the space tremors. The weaker nobility had already fainted, and Tyre barely managed to stay conscious through using eyes of the soul. But even so, blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth and his face pale white as if he was sick with a horrible ailment. Claude and co didn’t fare any better, and only emperor stage and titled emperor stage individuals were able to keep their calm through the turmoil.
But, how can a fight between two demi-deities that simple.
Both Lao Jerry and Darven are Duo Practitioners, and their methods of attacking changed with every attack. Countless explosions blossomed in the air, and even a few black holes formed from the shattered space. Almost instantly, as soon as the two started exchanging blows, a huge gust of wild wind formed from the turbulent fight, and the elemental forces in the area chaotic beyond control, and only the two figures fighting each other could keep fighting in this type of environment without being affected.
“Looks like Darven managed to reach the stage of demi-deity!” Nicole’s expression became darker by the second as she remembered that Darven’s cultivation had just broke through titled emperor when he betrayed the Duchy, and at the time, Darven was able to dance around the attacks of demi-deities without breaking a sweat, and it was only until a deity showed up was he forced to make make his escape.

But this thing has also became the biggest scandal of the entire Duchy, because not only did they allow a mere titled emperor to cause so much havoc, they also failed at catching the culprit even with the help of a deity. This was unheard of in the entire history of the Duchy! However, from another perspective, one can see just how capable Darven was from this feat alone.
And now, after a few decades later, Darven has reached the demi-deity stage and possesses the battle prowess to go toe to toe with Lao Jerry!
“Master! I didn’t expect you to age so much after I left!” Darven laughed coldly, but the white sword made of light in his hand did not slow one bit as he exchanged blows with Lao Jerry. It could have been because the taunting jarred a nerve in Lao Jerry, because the next moment Darven was sent flying with an extra powerful strike. Lao Jerry raised his own light sword over his head as he glared at Darven with his bloodshot eyes.
Another terrifying wave of aura pressure burst from his body and formed an elemental wave crashing in every direction as he did so.
Flashing Sword Style
Ashes of Vedas.
As for the other side of the battlefield, Darven just managed to steady himself. But seeing Lao Jerry’s movements, Darven let out a even wider smile as he made the exact same pose, raising his light sword over his own head.
“Ashes of Vedas”
Two terrifyingly powerful beams of light met in mid-air as if the end of the world has come.

The light dissipated, but neither combatant showed signs of losing. However, the feeling of being matched equally by a disciple who has betrayed him only served to anger Lao Jerry even further.
“Darven, You will die today!”
“What an ugly face you have there, Master. Where’s your usual calm and mysterious face.” Darven said as his smile became even more cold, but the toying expression on his face made clear just how he was treating this fight. Darven raised a single hand and pointed towards Lao Jerry, saying
“Master, you’ve always loved magic more than martial arts. How does this disciple’s magic measure up to Master’s magic now I wonder.”
Instant cast, Level 10 Lightning Class Magic, Seven Heavenly Dragons!
Suddenly, with the cast of the spell, the skies started to boom with sounds of thunder and flash with lightning, and right after, seven blue dragons exploded from the clouds and struck towards Lao Jerry with a speed so fast that the normal eyes can only capture the after-imagines burned onto the retina.
But, Lao Jerry wasn’t fazed in the slightest as he turned his glare onto the lightning dragons. Almost as suddenly as they appeared, the dragons dissipated as quickly from that glare alone.
Darven showed a little shock for the first time, but he instantly recovered, saying while shaking his head
“Ah, I forgot. Master has the unique magic of instantly erasing any instant cast magic. But, isn’t it too early to reveal this trump card against me and throw away the chance of catching me by surprise?”
“Humph. Against a traitor like you I don’t need any tricks!” As Lao Jerry finished his sentence, his entire body begin to arc with blue light. Seeing this, Darven’s expression froze for another brief moment, for he saw countless lightning dragons form and strike towards him!
Instant Cast, Level 13 Lightning Class Magic, Lightning Tribulation!
“HAHAHA, INTERESTING! This is just like you Master, to practice instant cast magic to these heights, but, what use is there!”
Darven’s face suddenly flushed red with blood. The battle with Lao Jerry evidently caused his excitement to soar. Darven gently tapped the air in front of him, and a transportation formation instantly appeared. Countless lightning dragons struck the formation in front of Darven, but they all disappeared, only to reappear right behind Lao Jerry’s back.
Even faster than before, the lightning dragons that were absorbed by the transportation formation were released behind Lao Jerry and exploded in a huge boom of thunder, lighting the entire night bright as day once more!


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