After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 14

The Beautiful Calamity

“Not Possible” The big crab immediately refused.

“These two martial skills of mine require parallel processing, or else you will never accomplish anything, even with me demonstrating their profoundness, it still won’t be something a mortal can easily learn, not mentioning that learning two skills simultaneously would only cause you to use twice the effort for half the result.”

“How would we know without trying it first, I am not bragging but on the subject of parallel processing, I have the highest accomplishment, so it shouldn’t be too hard.” Tyre puffed out his chest, and looking at that prideful expression, the big crab’s expression became more serious.

“You must be clear, I don’t want to pass along my martial skills to a greedy but useless trash.” The mercilessness words were so clear, that even Tyre could pick out that KaMing seemed to be really getting angry this time, this made Tyre’s heart thump and his back numb, because he had thought this entire time that the other’s temper was gentle and kind.

But Tyre did not become silent from this, rather, he showed his determination

“I have decided, this is my choice, I believe that I will not disappoint you.”

“………”KaMing looked at Tyre for a long while before letting out a breath

“Fine, I guess there is no harm in teaching you, even if you don’t live up to my expectations, you can only blame yourself, I hope it really is as you said.”

“Don’t worry.” Tyre saw that the crab changed back to its calm and easygoing manner. He immediately let out a bright smile and thumped his chest with determination.

——————————————Lunaria’s dividing line——————————————-

Hillier Dukedom, a kingdom under the rule of the Imperial Sicily Empire, compared to other kingdoms and dukedoms where martial arts are heavily focused on,  Hillier focused much more on commerce, and because of this, its level of prosperity was on par with most of the bigger kingdoms, and compared to other dukedoms it was without a doubt in the top of the board, and even to the point of being titled the Commerce Kingdom.

The plans are all planned for the fall, the season where all things reproduce, and the duke’s mansion was also busy preparing. Servants bustling about was the best example of liveliness, and at the same time it was rowdy, there was also the feeling of thriving and flourishing.

At this time, two beautiful shadows attracted the attention of the servants, and when they managed to see clearly…


The entire area quieted down, and there was even the sound of objects that was being carried being dropped to the ground, with the carriers’ eyes showing absent mindedness.

The first person who recover was the supervisor for this area, although he was also red faced with suppressed excitement, he still yelled at the servants:

“What are you looking at, are you all even worthy of looking at Miss Leah and this honored guest? Back to work!”

All the servants jolted out of their stupefaction, knowing that their supervisor was no kind soul, and they were all too familiar with the suffering he can dish out, so they did not dare piss him off. All the servants lowered their heads and returned to their tasks. Although a few brave servants risked punishment and suck a few peeks.

The supervisor wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and eagerly ran over in front of the two girls trying to gain favor. He bent his waist and said,

“Miss Leah, and this honored guest, good morning.”

“En.” Leah and Lunaria did not look displeased at the servants losing their wits, causing the supervisor to let out a sigh of relief.

“Next time, do not forget your mannerism, notify the servants too.”

“Yes, this lowly servant will engrave this on his heart.” The supervisor said this, but he was complaining in his heart, with you and this young lady being so beautiful, even if we don’t want to lose our wits, it’s hard.

“En, let’s go Lunaria-chan.”


Only a single word, but when the supervisor heard it, his heart thumped wildly again, his heart turning into a bouncing basketball. He backed away with a hurry, fearing that if he stayed any longer he would lose his manners completely. In his heart, he sighed to himself, this Claude young master really has his ways, he can even bring back a girl this pretty, *silently catcalls*. I mean, look at that rack and that ass, only someone like the young master can enjoy a calamity of this level!


Walking on the winding corridor, Leah looked at Lunaria with meaningful eyes, but did not make a sound.

“Wah, what is it Miss Leah……Leah Onee-san.”

Lunaria panicked at being stared at, so she could only carefully ask.

Leah put both her hands behind her back and held back a smile.


“………..”Lunaria fell silent once more.

“Although, you really are a huge calamity Lunaria-chan, look at all those servants, *sigh~*, I can bet you that all of them will dream of you tonight .”

[t\l think about it for a second *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*]

Leah walked in front of Lunaria and then said in a meaningful way,

Weren’t you going to keep quiet? Lunaria raised her brows, and immediately ran to catch up

“Leah Onee-san, this time of thief calling catch the thief, is it really fair?”

Lunaria’s words caused Leah to pause for a second before recovering, Leah squinted her eyes

“Wah, Lunaria-chan, your words have some deep meanings, let me see which mouth of yours said that.”

[ed: think about it for another second *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*]

“Wait, Leah Onee-san, don’t be rash, there are many people here!” Lunaria immediately went into a defensive posture with both her hands covering “important parts” and backed up several steps. She was very clear of the torment she went through last night under Leah’s hands, and adding to the fact that Leah’s strength was very big, even though she clearly has no muscles on the surface, but her grip was as strong as iron, holding her as if holding a chick.


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