After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Comeback!
Translated By: Naervon
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“General! Northern defense lines are under attack from magic monsters!”
“General! Magic monsters are flooding out of the Great Forest of Funerals from both the North East and North West.”
“General! . . . . . . .”
With each incoming report arriving through the specter stone, the middle aged general would wince a bit, causing his brows to jump with each wince.

“Is this flock of livestock mad?! Why can’t they just stay in the forest and live out their lives there, did they forget the thousand years truce?”
Just as the general had said, back when the Sage King of Holy Cleansing combined forces with the Goddess of Clear Rains to drive the Demonic Deities back, they forced a contract on the denizen of the Great Forest that prevented them from being able to invade lands out of the Great Forest for a thousand years. So even if the monsters were able to break through one of the three lines of defense, they would immediately be bound by the terms of the contract and be unable to take over the land. And after tasting the power of the contract numerous times, monster floods like this one rarely forms nowadays.
“General Ness! 【Skyheart Demon King】has appeared in front of the north defense line!”
What?!! The stoic general had a hard time believing the shaky voice giving the report, so he instantly give orders to the specter stone operator
“Switch to the projection of the north defense line!”

The specter stone operator naturally also heard the reports from the specter stone, and he started to change the display before the general even ordered it.
Almost immediately, the image of the reports changed to an open scene and a humanoid figure standing in the center of the projected image wearing a black colored full body armor, glowing in a faint blue magical hue.
The middle aged general’s pupils shrunk to a pinpoint as he frowned deeply and considered the implications.
“I need to leave for a while.”

The next moment, general Ness had disappeared from the control room and appeared inside the specter stone’s projection.
“Kazanli! Why did you come!” As if a God was bellowing with anger, general Ness’s voice boomed through the air, causing wave like ripples to form in the air, as if the very world was about to shatter. And as for the attacking magic monsters, the weak scattered everywhere, running for their lives, and the strong ones halted their attacks, backing away with caution in their eyes.
The only one that did not react to the general’s voice was the humanoid magical monster.
“Ness, you little brat.” a strangely distorted human like voice spoke, sounding as if the person had something stuck in his throat. The demon king known as Skyheart darkly laughed through his dark helmet, but one could tell just how delighted the demon king was at the situation.
“Long time no see, brat!”

“I am not her to chit chat, and you should know this already. I will dispose of you should the situation needs it.” General Ness said with a dark expression, and his demi-deity aura gradually filling the surroundings as if a bright sun in the dark of night, lighting the entire zone. The soldiers who were just filled with despair and hopelessness at the situation just a few moments ago felt tears of relieve flow down their faces at seeing their general’s arrival.
Kazanli lightly tapped his helmet as he answered in a taunting tone.

“Use that brain of yours, little brat. When will you grow up if your uncle has to teach you everything?”
General Ness’s face twitched, and anyone who knows him well will know that this is a sign that Ness was about to lash out in anger. Even though Kazanli have not seen Ness in over hundreds of years, he was still with Ness’s habits, so he hurriedly added
“Ness, you little brat. Uncle I really wish you to grow up, so use your brains and not your hands.”
Boom!!! A huge pillar of light from a clash shot up into the sky, but this wasn’t caused by general Ness or Kazanli.
General Ness whipped around and looked towards the pillar, only to find that the location of the battle was in the heart of the Duchy, the Duke’s Mansion itself!
Both forces of the clash far surpassed that of a titled emperor, and the terrifying shockwaves even reached the defense lines. Ness couldn’t help but panic!
“This is Lao Jerry sire’s dou qi!” Since Ness can become the general of the battlefield, he certainly have what it takes, and many years of experience allowed him to instantly put things together, figuring out the reasons behind the sudden monster flood.

“Kazanli, you baited me!”
“Hehe, what are you saying little brat Ness. I really am here to kill a few million people, so if you leave now, I will do what I came here to do~”
“. . . . . . .” *He is obviously trying to stop me from leaving, and there must be a huge situation at the Mansion.* General Ness discreetly activated the specter stone in his pocket, but received no response. The only explanation for this was that all the signals from the Mansion were being messed with, to the point that specter stones cannot connect with each other.
*I just hope Danmu that little kid can get there in time.*


“Nice trick.” Pulouses put down the coffee cup in his hand as he gave his praises. Kalion deity laughed loudly, but didn’t respond, waiting for the sickly youth to keep going
“I did not expect Miliac to use the one-use Sacred Gear 【Void Warship】for this. To be willing to use up something this precious just for this sneak attack, you Miliacs really are wealthy.”
“Haha, I had thought you guys already guessed this, but I didn’t expect it to be checkmate this fast. Looks like you brats really need to be taught some more lessons.” Kalion deity laughed as he said, but Puluoses slightly shook his head
“Even though the most hot headed one is the eldest of all of us, but don’t make your conclusions before the last move.”
“Do you think you still have the chance to turn the tables?”
“Don’t you think that it will be even more interesting if we do manage to turn the tables?”


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