After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Darven
Translated By: Naervon
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“Nobody move!” The old person holding the dragon headed staff boomed loudly, scaring the panicking nobles in the hall witless!
Nicole deeply frowned, because this was different from the original plan! By appearing here means that this group of people have broken through the traps and countermeasures set in place by Xavier Duchy.
In the brief lull of silence acquired by his booming command, the old man took the time to speak. He first struck the air with his staff, and a huge terrifying ripple spread out from his staff, causing everyone below the stage of titled emperor to be suppressed and unable to move!
“I am【Void Emperor】! ” The old man’s voice was not loud, but it still boomed like thunder throughout the hall, and in that instant, it was as if the entire space itself became quicksand. Even Nicole, who was very talented in the area of space magic, had a panicked face as she looked towards Duke Falysses and said
“This is the power of space itself. They should be Miliac Kingdom’s people, pretending to be criminals.”

Naturally, invading without a valid reason was not allowed by the empire, but to invade while pretending to be a criminal group perfectly gets around that rule. As Miliac did not have a good reason to plunder and invade Xavier, they could only dress up as bandits and push all the responsibilities towards the supposed criminals.
“All of you may keep your life if you remain still and do not move. Remember this.”
As the old man finished, anyone who had even the slightest brains knew to follow the old man’s orders. Because it didn’t matter if thousands of powerhouses appeared or if the Xavier Duchy mounted a counterattack. As long as they are not harmed from this, then all they have to do is just act out the part of a bystander.
As for the red masked leader who demolished the roof of the great hall, he took a big stride and instantly appeared besides the void emperor.
“Duke Falysses, I will be brief. Hand over the God’s Orders Book!”
As soon as the red masked person spoke, Lao Jerry, who was standing in solemn silence behind the Duke, suddenly opened his eyes wide open, as if hearing his worst nightmare. Almost instantly, both of his eyes went bloodshot!

The outburst was so strong that it seemed the entire world shook from it, shaking the weaker nobility to the point of fainting. Even Tyre had to sever his senses of hearing for both Lunaria and his body to maintain his conscious, but the huge ripple in the very space itself still caused his entire body to vibrate!
Tyre was confused by Lao Jerry’s outburst, but after restoring his hearing and hearing the echoes of the name, he understood the reason.
He remembered that Lao Jerry said other than himself, he had another disciple, who was also the only traitor, and his name was Darven! The same name as Xavier the First【Dragon Slayer God】!
“Ah~*yawn*~” The red masked leader let out an uninterested noise as he picked his ears. He opened his mouth and said with a cold smile
“So noisy, old coot. . . . . Ah no!”
As he spoke, the red masked leader put his right hand on his mask and slowly removed it, showing half of his handsome face. His scarlet red eyes shone with ridicule as his mouth quirked upwards, saying
“Let me corrected my wording, I should call you Master.”

“How dare you have the face to call me Master! Dog of Miliac!” Lao Jerry’s face became flushed red with anger, and even Duke Falysses was filled with some anger, for this guy gave them no end of trouble back then.
“Lao Jerry, calm down!” Nicole tried to calm Lao Jerry down.
“How cold, master. Also, I am no dog of Miliacs, I am the lead of the criminal group of Cailim, Darven.” Darven’s clear response clashed with Lao Jerry’s emotion filled outburst, making a clear contrast.
Other people hearing this all wanted to call out the despicable behavior of Miliac Kingdom, because if they were too lazy to even come up with a proper name for the criminal group, instead, opting to just reverse Miliac and call the group Cailim, playing the loophole in the Empire’s laws blatantly!
“Darven . . . . . .”

“My demands still stand, hand over the God’s Orders Book. You don’t need to stall for time, because we have already lured all the demi-deities as well as the titled emperors to deal with the monster flood that we initiated from the Great Forest of Funerals. Even Puluoses Deity will not be able to help you this time. So right now, Duke Falysses, all you have on your side is the mere few titled emperors. Even if all the other titled emperor who are here for your feast are willing to help, the final number doesn’t even break 20. You, do not have any chance at victory.” Darven’s calm analysis of forces caused Nicole and other’s face darken with seriousness at the situation. But Lao Jerry didn’t heed the words of others calming him down, and made a huge step towards Darven!
The void emperor’s expression changed slightly, and the tens of thousands of powerhouses were forced backwards by the pressure exuded by the demi-deity. Just as they were about to retaliate, Darven waved his hands and stopped them, showing an interested face under his mask
“Leave it to me!”

The next moment, Darven let out an aura not below that of Lao Jerry!
From afar, two terrifying forces collided, and a brilliant pillar of light shot towards the sky, lighting up one tens of the entire Duchy!


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