After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Show, Start!
Translated By: Naervon
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When D.Zi returned, Tyre was already making a list of all the items that he got from Dimidaer’s storage ring.
Tyre was fine before looking, but after he looked inside the ring, he was shocked to speechlessness. *Well what do you know, that young master of a duke’s family really is rich. Just the gold coins alone, there are over 200 thousand. Not to mention the 10 dou qi crystals. What a shame Roselle Butterfly and Co. have already broken through their bottlenecks and became 【Army Breaker】stage, or else these crystals would have been a big help.*
Even though there were many items in the ring that Tyre didn’t recognize, but he could still tell the items were definitely not normal or cheap just by the glows and shiny appearances. He decided to take some time later to head over to the trading market and sell it all.
“Mr. 123, you are a truly courageous man!”
D.Zi suddenly popped up beside Tyre and made Tyre turn from happy to confused as Tyre answered with obvious confusion in his voice
“What courageous man are you talking about?”

“Why taking Miss Lunaria’s first kiss by force of course! Almost everyone in the entire empire knows this by now.”
“Eh? Wait up! Did you just say the entire empire’s caught wind of this?!”
“Naturally. Who did you think Miss Lunaria is? Just the number of hidden media reporters in his hall is over 5, and you yourself Mr. 123 is not a nameless person either. So when they took the picture of you pushing Miss Lunaria down and taking her first kiss by force, they made sure that the entire northern part of the empire knew about it.” As D.Zi said that, Tyre immediately took out his specter stone to check. He switched over to the northern empire channel and almost immediately, a huge headline at the very top appeared before his eyes in big bold letters.
【Mysteriously Masked Mr. 123 Forcefully stole the first kiss of Goddess Lunaria in the Duke’s Feast】

And then below that title was an attached picture of Tyre on top of Lunaria kissing her.
Aw Crap! Tyre’s little heart started to race again as he swore to find out which cursed reporter took the picture, and also who was that bastard who froze both he and Lunaria! Could it be Dimidaer? No, he doesn’t look like the type. But there are too many other suspects. If he enters his calculation mode, he will instantly find out who it was, but it is definitely not worth it.
This was a very serious issue, but as he had no leads, he can only sit and wait to see what surfaces.

Darmiala was really happy inside at seeing Dimidaer’s pitiful state, because she spent a lot of effort to reject that marriage proposal from that jerk. Because with Dimidaer’s unrelenting habit of sticking to her, she will definitely go mad trying to get him off of her.

Tyre gave a bitter smile and shook his head, thinking he can only take this matter a step at a time, and for now, he needs to hide and seek sanctuary in 【Avalon】 academy, because even if anyone really wanted him dead, they won’t dare to cause a ruckus inside the highest regarded academy.

Sign~ He only kissed himself, why did things get so out of hand….
As Tyre was thinking, he looked out at the night sky outside of the hall.
Under the moonlight skies, the stars shone brightly, and he knew that in that space, the army of Miliac Kingdom will show up soon and at that time, Xavier duchy will probably mount a counter attack just as Duke Falysses had said, turning this into a show!
Just as Tyre was thinking that, something happened.
Without any warning or any signs, a person suddenly appeared inside of the hall, floating in midair.
The person held a dragon headed staff in one hand and a blue mask covered his entire face, but his old aura could not be masked.

Just as everyone was turning to look with their eyes, this old person wearing a blue mask said in a low voice
Inside the great hall, the very space itself started to ripple as if the air itself was water and countless raindrops were hitting it. The rumbling noise sounded like the tolls of bell ringing in the hearts of everyone.
Duke Falysses and co all had a serious face as they faced the old man in the air, and as for Tyre, his face changed drastically!
How can they transport themselves into the great hall directly?! According to LongTu and his own discovery, they should have used that transportation formation to appeared directly above the Duke’s Mansion!
No! Tyre’s back had chills run down his spine as his brain flashed with possibilities. And in a flash, his own guess shocked him to the very core!
Could that huge formation just be a hoax to attract attention?
To waste so much time and effort, to go so far as lure a demon king into the tunnel and then cause the rail ways to collapse and the death of countless people.
To maintain the huge formation for over half an year and waste countless resources on it!
All of this just for a hoax to mislead Xavier Duchy?!
As he suddenly guess that, Tyre couldn’t help but tremble by the huge scale of things. And the next moment, as if to prove his guess, tens of thousands of powerhouses wearing blue masks stepped out of thin air in a ripple, and the leader looking man made a sword with two of his fingers and pointed towards the roof of the great hall then slashed!
A brilliant flash of light made everyone close their eyes.
But when they opened their eyes once more, they found that looking up, they could no longer see the ceiling of the great hall, for there was no ceiling!
The huge magnificent ceiling had become dust, and now there was just the open skies and the stars shining down on them!


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