After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Oh you…
Translated By: Naervon
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“Tyre, what happened?” At this moment, LongTu squeezed in from the crowd followed by Tiska, dressed in a elegant way, and a handsome man who looks to be in his thirties.
“It’s nothing, only a small friendly dispute. This is . . . . .” Tyre looked at the obviously important looking man and asked. Hearing this, Tiska smiled and answered
“This is the person who I mentioned the last time we talked. He is Marquis Dorfetholm, the seventh heir of Duke Falysses.”
“Pleasure to be acquainted, Marquis.” Tyre slightly bowed, and Dorfetholm waved his hands with a smile, but Tiska continued, introducing Tyre to the Marquis
“This is . . . . . Mr. 123. For reasons that I am sure we all understand, we cannot reveal his actual name, but this is the person who refuted Simon Sire in the competition.”
As soon as Tyre heard Tiska’s description of himself, he thought. *Wow, Ma’am branch leader’s description is way to overwhelming. No matter how you look at it, I, Tyre have done some bounties and escorts as a proper mercenary right? Do you really have to make me look like a unruly thug as your introduction of me on the get go?*

Dorfetholm kept his smile on his face, being unaffected by the explosive introduction, and extended his hand towards Tyre, saying
“Hello Mr. 123, the pleasure is mine.”
To a normal person or even a lower ranked nobility, the chance to shake hands with a Marquis would cause them to become very excited. But, Tyre had no such concept of social status except where it affects him direction, because he mainly relies on his cultivation. To Tyre, it doesn’t matter how high up in status you are, as long as you don’t bother me, why should I care right?
“Hello Marquis Sire” Tyre responded with his own smile as he shook hands with the marquis, being a normal person and not the mad dog that Tiska described him to be. As for Elena standing behind Tyre…. She was properly ignored by all of them.
“Feel free to talk without me, I am going to go on ahead and meet with my father Sire.” the Marquis finished his sentence and walked off with haste. Tyre frowned but LongTu spoke up from beside him
“Both Tiska and I found some strange signs outside just a while ago, so we called Marquis Dorfetholm over to check with what we found since we were familiar with him. That’s why we took so long to get here.”
“Strange signs?”

“There are tremors in the air, unstable ones at that. Both LongTu and I are very sensitive when it comes to feeling the flow of the air, so we decided that it is most likely a large scale thing.” Tiska’s analysis made Tyre’s pupils shrink slightly. He looked at LongTu and got a slight nod in return.
Could it be Miliac Kingdom?
“Oh yeah, what happened just then? There seemed to be a very big commotion here!” LongTu suddenly changed the topic, catching Tyre off guard as his focused expression was suddenly replaced by a embarrassed one as Tyre scratched his head.
“Ah ha ha~. . . That uh, how do I explain this. . . . .”
“Hahahaha, Mr. 123 is a true man amongst men.” Suddenly, Darmiala popped out of the crowd from the side and spoke up. LongTu tilted her head with a expression of confusion.
Darmiala kept going on, saying

“He went and invited Miss Lunaria to a dance~”
“Oh ho! What an achievement.” LongTu’s eyes shone with a sharp light as her small dainty fist hammered Tyre’s chest without mercy. Tyre was almost knocked breathless by that.
Of course, Darmiala only took it in without a blink as she kept on smiling and said
“What’s even more surprising was that Miss Lunaria accepted his invitation. You must know, Miss Lunaria had rejected famous nobility and emperor staged people before this, and it was only when Mr. 123 asked for her hand in dance did she accept without hesitating.”
“WOW! You are so charming, to get the hand of someone who will enter the empire’s list of beauties as soon as she hits 18!” LongTu laughed once and with that laugh, her right fist struck Tyre’s stomach with the speed of lightning.
“Bleh~” the crowd around them could only see a pitiful mercenary experience the sensation of flying briefly before tasting landing, fully… With his face. Tyre’s stomach protested as it turned and spasmed, almost causing his entire day’s hard work of eating to spill all over the floor.
“Oh and there is more.” Darmiala said with an excited tone as she clapped her jade like hands together to emphasize the point, as if she couldn’t resist spreading the fire of gossip that was burning in her soul
“Mr. 123 accidentally pushed Miss Lunaria down and kissed her!”
“. . . . . . . Oh~~~” A cold voice made Tyre feel as if his life was on the line. He carefully wiped the drool that pooled around his mouth from his almost barf then he slowly turned his stiff neck to look towards LongTu.

LongTu’s stiff smile entered his view. Tyre trembled a bit…. He extended a trembling right hand as he explained
“That… That was an unexpected accident.”
“Oh? No no no, that is your fortune. Oh you!” as soon as LongTu’s voice fell, Tyre could only feel the pressure of the fist that ended the life of the ogre king in one blow flying his way, one soul!
It was said on the specter stone, that before one dies, one will have flashes of everything in one’s life flash by his or her eyes. Although it is only an instant, but that instant will last an eternity.
As for Tyre, he saw something similar… His nose started to slightly bleed.
*Is this it? Is this death?!* He closed his eyes.
But when Tyre opened his eyes, he found that his body didn’t have any wounds and LongTu had disappeared without a trace. Tiska was standing off to the side covering her mouth as she giggled and patted him on the head without speaking. Then she also turned around and disappeared off into the crowd.
As for Darmiala, she looked at Tyre with a victorious look in her eyes, showing off the glimmer of happiness and playfulness. She gave a slight smile then also turned around and left, leaving Tyre standing there all alone, looking like an idiot with his mouth dripping drool and his nose running slightly red with a nosebleed.
Tyre stood there like that without moving for quite a while as he pondered just why LongTu became so mad at him. Finally, he gave up and scratched his head.
He took out Dimidaer’s storage ring and thought that he might as well take this time and check to see what his loot was.


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