After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Pending Start
Translated By: Naervon
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Even though Tyre was being sliced to bits from all the knife like gazes from the crowd, but he still managed to walk back to his original spot in the hall unscathed.
“So, how was that? Viscount Dimidaer.”
“. . . . . .” Dimidaer’s face was blanche white, but for the sake of the little face he had left and appearances of a noble, he couldn’t refute that, and there was no way that he can let himself show the begging of a loser. He clenched both fists as if the entire world was his enemy as he asked
“You, what do you want!”
“Wait up, Mr. 123.” At this time, the old man behind Dimidaer spoke up
“Since you two have both taken the God’s Oath, then the losing side must keep up with the oath, but I want you to remember, this beg is not one of life and death, so I hope you can understand.”
Tyre calmed down. *Looks like this old bastard is willing to take me down even it costs him his life to prevent me from ordering Dimidaer to suicide…*
Even though Tyre had no intentions of ordering Dimidaer to take his own life in the first place. . . .
He smiled calmly as he turned to look at Dimidaer, then he said

“Ah, I remember now, you were that hedonist that hoped on stage during the competition right? That time it was also that old coot behind you that saved your life, and this time you should also be thankful, because it were not for him, then I am afraid Viscount Dimidaer, today you would die no matter how you look at it.” Even Tyre himself did not know why he was taunting Dimidaer, but it looks like that phrase was true, one becomes like the person who he is next to. Without even realizing it, Tyre had started talking like the way Dimidaer talks and everything that came out of his mouth was an insult.
“You!” Dimidaer almost screamed out as his face was filled with blood of shame, wanting to find a hole to hide his face in. Tyre hugged his arms to his chest, thought for a bit then said
“Now then, it is time for you to fulfill your side of your promise.The thing I want you do is very simple. Give me everything on your person right now, then turn around and run out the doors with your fastest speed while yelling out 【I am a pig】 the entire way while making alluring poses as you run.”
“What did you say?!!!!” Dimidaer’s face became even more red, but an God’s Oath didn’t care if the person wanted to do it or not, because it will force them to do it anyways! Dimidaer’s body acted on its own as it took off literally everything on Dimidaer’s body. Storage ring, expensive jewelry, expensive accessories, as well as all his clothing, including his underwear were all thrown at Tyre’s foot, making a huge pile on the ground in front of Tyre.
Having done all that, Dimidaer’s body turned and dashed towards the door while yelling out at the top of its lungs that “I’m a pig” and the most important part was that as it ran, it made almost every alluring pose that Dimidaer knew or saw, and as a nobility, there was plenty in his memories…. So much so that the crowd was able to learn a thing or two.

The hall bursted out in laughter as they saw this. The gloomy old man looked at Tyre, then turned around and left, not saying a word.

Nicole took in the entire scene in her eyes, and that 123 really gave her a bad mood. First in the competition he retorted her and caused her to be stuck in an awkward place with that tongue of his, and now, not only did he take advantage of her little baby jew Lunaria, he is showing off and making another huge scene right there in the hall, does he really think that she can’t get angry?!!
Even though anyone with any stage of cultivation can tell that it was a truly an accident back there between Tyre and Lunaria, because they all knew it it was the unruly princess who caused it, so this matter really can’t be pressed, or else with Tyre’s background, even though Zamia likes him, there was no way that Tyre can get away unscathed.
As for Claude, he wasn’t an idiot, and with Snow Lily so close to him, he could feel everything that she did. Adding to the fact that the obvious energy wave coming from a kingdom grade artifact wasn’t covered up, there was no way that Claude couldn’t connect the dots on what happened.

Even though a flame of anger burned in his chest, he couldn’t let it out, because for the sake of the Duchy, he cannot lash out at the princess.
“Princess Snow Lily.”
“What is it? Big brother Claude?”
“Next time, please do not do such a mischievous thing.”
“What? What are you talking about? Hahahaha ”
Since Snow Lily didn’t want to admit, there was nothing Claude could do about it.
Looks like he must make a decision, or else Lunaria will always be a nail in the eyes of Snow Lily.

“I think that’s enough.” Kalion Deity poured himself another cup of coffee as he said the words without much care, and Puluoses only slightly nodded his head from across the little table.
“Now then, time for the farce to play out.”
“This isn’t a farce!” Kalion slowly stood up as he grinned menacingly at the youth.
“This is a one sided plundering!”
If it wasn’t for the fact that they can’t afford to move all six Deities, Miliac kingdom would’ve already swallowed Xavier Duchy whole. Only, the other duchies surrounding were all waiting for a chance to act, and they each had their own deities, who were all watching Miliac’s each and every move, looking for a chance.
Puluoses didn’t mind Kalion’s threat as he smiled coldly and shook his head
“Then I sincerely hope that the plunderer does not become the plundered.”


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