After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Response
Translated By: Naervon
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After about five seconds of silence, Tyre was finally able to move his body. With his senses screaming that something bad was about to happen, and adding the strange responses from the people around him, he instantly jumped to his feet, and controlled Lunaria to also get on her feet with a shove at the floor to help her stand up right without having to make any other extra movements.
Tyre looked around him.
Ah ha?
Why does this scene look so familiar, just like that time he used the overpowered version of the healing arts.
Tyre coughed and attracted the attention of everyone, saying calmly
“Everything was an accident!”

“Someone go catch that lucky . . . . . loathful, despicable, boorish person!” someone yelled out from the crowd, causing all the emperor stage guards to swarm towards Tyre, suppressing Tyre to the state of unable to move with their combined terrifying pressure. Just as one of the guards was about to send Tyre flying, Tyre hurriedly yelled out as Lunaria

“Please stop! This was really an accident!”
Even if it’s an accident, this still is not acceptable, how dare this guy do something so envious! We must erase his existence!
Countless people added to the fires of anger, and that mob like mentality made Tyre think that he was going to be skinned and set on fire, and from the gazes he was getting from the guards, it was obvious they were part of the mob.
This is getting out of control, Tyre thought as sweat dripped down his forehead. Didn’t I just trip and kiss myself?! Do you all need to be this angry?!
Claude was still a stone statue. . . .

D.Zi silently gave Tyre a thumbs up, think, Tyre really doesn’t let him down. He was right to deem Tyre a talent of his own level, for Tyre truly showed him just how much of a genius he really was! In all sorts of ways.
“Everyone, lets all calm down and let this matter drop, since Miss Lunaria said it was an accident herself, so let us stop antagonizing them!” The person who spoke up was Darmiala, and obviously, her appearance had a very good effect at calming everyone down, and adding to the fact that Leah had ran over and yanked Lunaria to her side while glaring at Tyre as she dragged Lunaria back to their corner, the crowd had lost their target of focus, so it became very hard for them to get riled up. Not to mention that even Nicole had looked over in this direction, so they didn’t dare cause any trouble during the feast.
But doesn’t that mean this guy gets to walk away unscathed for stealing Miss Lunaria’s first kiss?!
Thinking this, almost all the males and some others felt their chest itch with jealousy, and all of them wanted to wear the suit called Tyre and commit that act again.

Lunaria was dragged off to the corner by Leah, who was looking at her with worried eyes.

“Little sis Lunaria, it was all my fault. If I didn’t go dance, then this wouldn’t have happened.”
“It’s fine.” Lunaria shook her head, because to her, this really didn’t matter. . .
Leah didn’t stop though. She kept blaming herself
“But you were kissed by that bastard. . . . .” Realizing that she was being too direct with her words, Leah hurried and stopped her mouth, but Lunaria kept her smile as she replied
“It’s really nothing, big sis Leah, you really don’t need to be so worried, I mean just look at me, I’m fine and I don’t even mind it as much.”
“Lil sis Lunaria, you, that was your first kiss right?!” Leah saw that Lunaria really wasn’t affected, so she asked probingly. Lunaria raised an eyebrow, thinking why ask this…
“Yeah that was.”

But her reply caused even Chelsea to turn her head, thinking how can you be so calm after having your first kiss forcefully taken away?! Aren’t you being too cold to yourself?!
“Then, don’t you want that jerk to take responsibility?” Leah rapidly said, because first kiss was not a small thing in her books! Lunaria suppressed a laugh as she looked at Leah and answers
“Take responsibility for what? Do you want him to marry me?”
“Eh. . . . .” This can’t happen, because if that really did happen, then there might be a new trend of wild kissing fiends running all over the streets forcing kisses on girls everywhere…..
“But you can’t just let things end like this!”
“That’s actually just what I had in mind, because this is the feast, and we should put the bigger picture in our minds. So, Leah big sis, you don’t want to see me being rude and boorish right?”
“That. . . . .” Leah’s words got stuck in her throat as she realized that she was being the one who was ignoring the rules this time. Even though she still had a lot of steam pent up inside, but since Lunaria didn’t mind it, then even if she herself was mad, there was nothing she could do. Thinking this, Leah let out a sigh and stopped pressing the matter.

As for our good comrade Claude…. He was still standing there like a stone statute. . . . the greyed out type that turns to dust with a breeze. . . . . .


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