After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 143

Chapter 143 An unexpected accident!
Translated By: Naervon

Dimidaer was originally feeling down from the rejection, but as soon as he heard Tyre’s voice, he instantly forgot about his rejection and became as pumped as you can get, because he wanted to see just how Tyre’s rejection was going to be. To him, the instant someone else’s face gets red from shame is the moment that he, Dimidaer, can laugh his guts out.
Everyone watched Tyre make his way towards Lunaria as if watching a brave warrior on his quest to slay the dragon. Under these strange gazes, Tyre slowly walked up to Lunaria and gave a perfectly elegant bow while extending his right hand. With a smile on his face, he asked
“Beautiful Missus, may I have the honor of inviting you to a dance?”
Although his voice wasn’t loud, but it still caused many people with an eye out to turn their gaze
No matter if it was Claude, Snow Lily, D.Zi, Chelsea, Falysses, Lao Jerry, or even Nicole, as soon as that phrase reached their ears, they all turned their head to look at Tyre at the same time, and all of a sudden, Tyre felt as if the entire world was watching him, even worse than the gazes of millions of people while he was on the stage.
He pretended to be startled as Lunaria, then extended her delicate hand on top of his without even the slightest hesitation. Lunaria smiled and answered
“Why of course, Mr. 123.”

At that instant, Dimidaer couldn’t believe his ears, and nor could his friends standing behind him believe theirs. Both D.Zi and Leah stopped in their dance at the same time, and the few nobilities and emperor staged people who had extended their invitations to Lunaria not long ago tasted a mix of flavors in their mouth. As for Duke Falysses and co, they didn’t really mind it so much, but they did feel puzzled as to why Lunaria accepted.

Over at Claude’s side was a different story. Out of nowhere, Claude felt his heart take a painful stab, and the feeling of suffocation rose up in his lungs and nose. But, as Snow Lily was right next to him, Claude didn’t dare show any outward signs, so he kept all the pain inside. As for this Princess, Snow Lily, it was the exact opposite. Deep inside, Snow Lily was already laughing so hard that she was rolling on the floor laughing at the mistake that Lunaria made. Thinking Lunaria is definitely a bitch, and a dumb one at that. Being so stupid as to seduce other people in front of Claude. Only, what Snow Lily didn’t know was that Lunaria was actually only seducing herself.
“No! This is impossible! !” Dimidaer screamed out in hysteria. But as things had already happened, the people around him started to look at him in pity or in anticipation to what’s going to happen to him. Dimidaer took in the faces of the people around him, and each face felt like a knife cutting his heart. Even his nobility friends pretended not to know him as they all turned to chat in loud voices with other nobility. Dimidaer suddenly felt his blood pressure rise, and if it wasn’t for the old man behind him help him suppress his roiling blood, he would have probably be on the floor from a heart attack.

Tyre kept his smile, not showing any extreme emotions from Lunaria’s acceptance of his invitation. His face calm and collected under that mysterious half black mask, making him even more mysterious to others, although to the men, the only emotion they felt was jealousy.

It maybe that it was Lunaria’s first entrance to the dance floor, but as if planned out, all the musicians changed their toons to that of a quick and lively dance tune as soon as Lunaria arrived at the dance floor. Under the influence of the music, almost all of the nobility brought out their best dance moves. But, as soon as Tyre and Lunaria started dancing, they became the stars of the dance floor. It could have been because they were both martial artists, for with the help of body techniques, even though they danced slowly, every move they made was in sync with the other person, and not long after, the entire crowd was clapping for them, with the occasional whistling.

This feeling of getting observed felt like he was an animal in a zoo to Tyre, making him very uncomfortable.
The jaunty tune ended, but the taste of flavors in peoples’ mouths didn’t, especially the taste of bitterness and sourness.
Even Chelsea felt strangely angry at watching that dance, thinking is that Lunaria really that good? How come she can’t see that? And as she was thinking that, she casually rejected another nobility’s invitation for a dance.
As the dancing ended, Tyre bowed towards Lunaria and Lunaria returned the bow.

Everyone was making remarks about how they were impressed by that dance, and most men were saying what if they were Tyre on that dance floor, and some even went so far to say that they would do anything to be able to touch Lunaria’s hand for even one second.
But, just as everyone was discussing the dance, Tyre suddenly tripped on his feet. Before he could finish thinking why he was tripping on thin air, and recover his balance with his other foot, he suddenly found that he couldn’t move his body, and what was worse, he couldn’t move Lunaria’s body either.
Then, under everyone’s watchful eyes, Tyre fell and pushed Lunaria under him as they both landed on the floor.

Snow Lily watched Claude’s face turn to wood and felt a sense of accomplishment. She clutched the key in her hands and suppressed the urge to laugh loudly.
She didn’t expect that the top tier Kingdom Grade【Key of Stasis】to have such a wonderful effect! She first froze Tyre’s right foot to cause him to fall in Lunaria’s direction, then she froze both of them at the same time to make sure they can’t move and avoid the accident! With this accident, she was sure that Claude will not like Lunaria anymore! Only, Lunaria’s movements were really hard to keep track of, or else she would have made Lunaria the one to fall on Tyre, that would have been even more perfect!

Just as Snow Lily was silently cheering on how her plan was a huge success, what she didn’t know was that this planned accident also had an unexpected accident to it, because, under the gazes of everyone, as Tyre pushed Lunaria under him, they, accidentally, kissed!
Claude made the magnificent transformation from a wooden statue to a stone statue, the type that would dissipate into dust from a little breeze~
Not only Claude, there were also plenty of other people who made the turn from a living person to a wooden statue. Not even Duke Falysses avoided that fate.


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