After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 142

Chapter 142 The stakes
Translated By: Naervon

Darmiala’s expression froze, but since Tyre did promise to invite her for a dance later, he wasn’t being intentionally rude to her. Only, she was rejected?! She risked her reputation to ask for a dance but he rejected her? Albeit he did it politely, but still, anyone would feel down at a rejection, let alone a beautiful girl like Darmiala.
Tyre looked towards Darmiala with apologetic eyes and slightly nodded his head at her for her understanding. Darmiala relaxed her expression once more with a silent sigh, and did not speak up anymore.
The nobility gathered around Tyre were all shocked speechless by Tyre’s acts. Looks like the rumors that crazies get crazier with every generation, to the point of rejecting the invitations of a beauty for the obvious rejection of an even bigger beauty who is definitely going to reject a nobody like him, and the most important part was, this guy was still crazy enough to demand high stakes.

“Then, let’s get back to the topic at hand. My bet very simple, because even an idiot would know the difficulty of succeeding in getting Miss Lunaria’s hand for a dance, so I won’t mention anything other than this. My bet is whether or not I can succeed on inviting Miss Lunaria for a dance!”
“Haha.” Someone in the crowd laughed tauntingly, but no one minded. Dimidaer’s look towards Tyre also changed from looking at a crazy to looking at a maniacal retard, for Dimidaer felt something was definitely off about this guy, but there was no way he can back off now, especially under so many eyes, so he answered with a tone filled with confidence.
“Now then, let’s talk about the stakes. If I lose, then I will obey anything that Viscount Dimidaer commands me to do, but if I win, then Viscount Dimidaer must listen to one request from me, how does this sound?”

“Anything huh…” The stakes were obviously very high, so Dimidaer’s eyes showed hesitation as he considered the possibilities. Just like two merchants are able to talk about the weather casually while betting a single gold coin, but if they were betting 10 thousand gold coins, then they would definitely think it over, even if the results are set in stone, because it was a risk that they have to take, so running the scenario in their minds repeatedly was something they cannot afford to skimp over.
“Okay! I agree to your terms!” Dimidaer knew from his experience of similar scenarios that many people would resort to bluffing in hopes of making the other person back off, so this seemingly ridiculous act of proposing high stakes on an outcome pretty much set in stone was just another bluff trying to scare him off. But who was he?! He was Dimidaer, the son of a Duke! How can he be scared off by a pure peasant?!
Tyre smiled even wider, saying with a calm tone
“Then lets swear the oath under God’s name!”

God’s oath! Looks like this crazy bastard wants to play for real! Dimidaer’s face twitched a bit as his muscles spasmed, but there was no way he was going to back off now, especially because he was the one that came up with the idea in the first place. So if he backed off just because of a few words from that guy, then he will definitely become a laughingstock to his friends! How can he accept something like that? So Dimidaer steeled his resolve and accepted Tyre’s terms for an oath.
After they both swore the oath, everyone’s eyes changed when they looked at the two. Their taunting laughter changed to silence filled with anticipation. No matter what the outcome was, the result will only be another interesting tea time gossip to them.
Darmiala stood off to the side giving silent sighs inside, thinking why this Mr. 123 had to swear an oath under God’s name, and not just this time either! Did this guy have a habit of swearing oaths everytime he gets into an argument? Or does he feel the urge to do that once every so often like a habit?
It was obvious that Tyre was showing more and more reliance on God’s oath, cause it was rapidly becoming his favorite thing to shackle people with, especially when that person was higher in status or power than him. Using the oath allowed him to pull them down to the same level as him.

“Good. Since Viscount Dimidaer is such a gracious gentleman of his words, then I will act on my part of the bet!” Tyre kept his smile, and just as he was about to make his way towards Lunaria’s corner, D.Zi stopped him, shaking his head.
“Let me go first.”

“. . . . . . .” Tyre’s back had a chill run down his spine. Tyre thought inside *Just what do you mean with that expression! Do you think I’m going to sacrifice myself or something?!*
Dimidaer also followed up with that snicker of his and said
“Of course! Mr. 123 should be the last to go. Let Mr. D.Zi and I go test the waters.”
Test your balls! Tyre silently cussed, thinking how he’s going to make Dimidaer suffer in a bit.
Under the gaze of almost everyone, D.Zi and Dimidaer walked towards the corner side by side.
One towards Chelsea, one towards Leah.

Even though Leah always follow Claude around like a servant and call him young master, but she was a bonafide general’s daughter, with her lineage tracing back to the making of the Duchy. Not only that, she and her family have contributed significantly to the foundation of the Duchy, and even one of the three demi-deities of the Duchy was her ancestor!

Of course, D.Zi did not know any of that, so he ignored the looks he was getting as usual as he reached his hand out towards Leah with an elegant bow, showing a warm and charming smile on his face as he asked
“Beautiful Missus, would you care for a dance with me?”
Leah froze in place, because she never imagined that someone would invite her for a dance. Even though this guy looked familiar and those holes dotting his clothing looked weird, she didn’t want to reject him out of politeness, because this was a feast in her own home after all, and all things she does will reflect back on the Duke, so she can’t make the old man look bad on his own feast.
Leah smiled back and nodded her head, then she looked at Lunaria and sought for her agreement. Once she saw that Lunaria agreed, Leah placed her dainty hand on top of D.Zi’s hand and walked with him to the dancing floor.
Lunaria saw this a nodded her head slightly. *Not bad. I didn’t think D.Zi would have such charm when he tried, and it takes a true man to have the courage to court her big sis Leah.* Then she turned her head and watched as Dimidaer gave his invitation to Chelsea.

But Chelsea was obviously not interested, for she shook her head with a smile on her face, causing Dimidaer’s expression to turn green. That reaction from Dimidaer almost make Lunaria laugh out loud.
As the disappointed Dimidaer walked back towards the crowd, almost everyone was looking at him with eyes filled with laughter at his disaster.
Tyre walked past Dimidaer and patted him on the shoulders
“Don’t mind it too much. Now then, let me go and invite Miss Lunaria to a dance!”


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