After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Bet
Translated By: Naervon
~Yeah it’s a cliffy, but I got tired xD

Dimidaer looked around, and suddenly, his eyes locked on the unreal beauty sitting all by herself in the corner, the girl who almost made him lost his mind. Suddenly, a plan formed in his mind, and he give the people in front of him a sinister grin.
“This is my fault, I, Dimidaer, was being too rash.”
The sudden apology made everyone hesitate, but Darmiala saw the intent in Dimidaer’s eyes.
“Then, Viscount Dimidaer, you are welcome to seek other dance partners elsewhere.”

“No, I cannot bear the thought of ruining the feast for everyone, so I invite you all to come and find dance partners with me.” Dimidaer’s attitude made D.Zi and Tyre feel strange, but they didn’t rush to respond, wanting to see just what Dimidaer was trying to sell thim.
“Coincidentally, there just happens to be three girls in the corner there, there is plenty to go around, we can each pick one?”
Tyre rolled his eyes, and thought, is this a brothel? What do you mean each pick one! But when he turned around to look at the corner, his hand moved by itself and slapped himself on the face.

Because there was three girls in the corner, and one of them was himself. Of course, he wasn’t so dumb as to look over in this direction as Lunaria, because it will just seem weird if he turned her head for no reason, so he picked the safe response as Lunaria, and kept her spaced out expression.
Besides Lunaria sat Leah and Chelsea, who got there without him noticing. But, because they had a little squabble from before, so they didn’t speak to each other. As for Mo QingTing, she stood really far away next to a pillar, looking like a female version of the famous Wolfus wooden statue for all that matters.
“If you gentlemen do not speak up, then I will take that as an yes. And do not tell me that you don’t possess enough courage for this.”
“But I already have Elena.” Tyre patted the little elf’s head, and Elena just stood there blinking her eyes, not knowing what was going on.
Seeing this, both D.Zi and Dimidaer’s face went straight as a board. Seeing D.Zi’s reaction, Tyre almost wanted to scream out why are you also looking like that, weren’t you on my side?!
Dimidaer continued

“Missus wind elf is only your slave, she cannot count as your dance partner.”
This phrase made D.Zi frown, but when he considered the facts, it was exactly as Dimidaer said, so he kept silent.
Tyre tilted his mouth, thinking, it’s obvious you are targeting us two to go with you, and there are so many other nobility around us to boot, just pick one of them!
Dimidaer saw that Tyre did not retort anymore and gave a smile.
“Then it’s settled, Mm, I think I will pick Miss Chelsea from the Miliac Kingdom. You two pick whoever you like.”
Anyone with eyes could see that he was trying to embarrass D.Zi and Tyre, because just look over there, let’s not talk about Leah just yet, but just that goddess like girl sitting in the middle there had already rejected three Counts, and the number of Emperor stage practitioners she rejected is over 5. That ‘Strangers keep away’ face made it obvious anyone who approached her will get rejected, so going there was akin to asking to get slapped in the face.
D.Zi frowned even deeper, and just when he was about to point that out, Tyre waved his hand and stopped him. Tyre understood what Dimidaer was trying to do.
No wonder his name sounded so familiar, wasn’t he that young man with the spear during the competition? The deepest impression has got to be that old man with the murderous face standing behind him exuding a peak emperor cultivation, and just his presence alone made Tyre feel like shackles chained his movements.

No wonder the moment he showed up he was firing off so many taunts. He’s just another loser trying to get back some face after losing.
But sadly, this guy’s luck isn’t too good today.
Tyre let out a rare smile, and looked towards Dimidaer, saying
“I pick Miss Lunaria.”
As soon as the words left his mouth, almost everyone within hearing range got shocked, and immediately, the words spread like wildfire as people turned to spread it to others in the hall. Almost everyone looked at Tyre with the eyes of someone looking at an idiot beyond hope. Can’t you see that even Counts and Emperor stage people got rejected without even a chance?! Do you think that a normal person like you stands any chance?
Dimidaer hesitate for a split second before showing a cold smile, he didn’t really expect Tyre to be a maniac, but is he really crazy enough to think that he even has a chance to ask out a goddess?
“Mr. 123!” D.Zi’s frown was so deep that he could kill mosquitoes in the furrows, because this was way too obvious that Dimidaer was trying to play them for monkeys, wanting to embarrass them. Even though not accepting the offer would cause the nobility around them to laugh at them, but that was still better than being rejected by Lunaria straight out.

Tyre calmly smiled and looked at D.Zi, giving him a silent shake of his head before turning around to face Dimidaer with a smile so cold that it’ll cause shivers to run down one’s spine.
“Since we’ve arrived at this step, why not add some stakes to make it even more interesting?”
“Stakes? Oh? What stakes?” The more Dimidaer look, the more Tyre seemed like a crazy maniac to him. He thought to himself that he really need to go and find which asylum released this guy, and go file a complaint, to avoid more crazies like him appearing.
As for the nobility around them, most of them were already clutching their stomachs cause they were laughing so hard, and their expressions of ridicule made D.Zi want to pull out his sword right there and kill them all.
With everyone waiting to see what happens, even Darmiala didn’t step in to stop them this time, after all, they were only trying to find dance partners, she has no rights to butt in. But because she was extremely pissed at Dimidaer for what he was doing, she steeled her heart and said to Tyre

“Mr. 123, don’t listen to him, I’ll be your dance partner.”
This made everyone stop laughing for a second from the shock value of the words, because no one expected this turn of events. Dimidaer’s face also sunk, thinking why is it this crazy chick again?! Do you have to hate me so much? I only proposed marriage to you once and you rejected me, why do you hate me like I tried to rape you or something?!
Sadly, Tyre shook his head, saying to Darmiala with a smile
“Thank you for standing up for me at a time like this Miss Darmiala, and if there is another opportunity, I will personally invite Miss Darmiala to a dance. But first, let me end this dispute.”


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