After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Inquisitor
Translated By: Naervon

“Sir, you are?” Tyre asked without even batting an eye, and the green haired man obviously didn’t expect this as his fake smile froze in place, but then he quickly recovered and replied
“Looks like Mr. 123 truly does not remember. But then again, that is to be expected, after all, to someone who has the courage to challenge millions of people to a duel, then not remembering a nameless person like me is normal.” Just as the green haired man finished his words, a old person popped up from behind him and introduced
“This here is Viscount Dimidaer from Klamo Duchy.”

Dimidaer? Sounds familiar. Originally, Tyre couldn’t remember him, but as soon as he saw the old man with that murderous face, he recalled that moment on the stage during the competition. . . .
“Then, why do we have the honor of being in the presence of a Viscount today?”
“Nothing too big, I am only here to seek the hand of this Missus in a dance.” Dimidaer said while giving a slight bow in the direction of Elena, scaring the little elf to hide behind Tyre’s back. That scared look made the nobility following behind Dimidaer to burst out in laughter, but Dimidaer himself still kept his smile on his face as he asked once more
“May I have this honor?”

“Elena, you can answer for yourself.” Tyre shook his shoulders, shaking off the little hands that were latched on them. The little elf Elena could only walk out from behind Tyre with some trembling.
If it must be said, then Elena really isn’t a shy person, because she was fine on stage facing millions of people.
The main thing was that she was afraid of talking to other people face on, or at least that what Tyre believed. Even though Elena was able to chat with him and the other three mercenaries just fine, but this was clearly not enough for her to live normally in the human society.
Elena sputtered her words as she glanced left and right while her fingers twirled her golden locks of hair, then she gave Tyre a peek with one eye only to receive a full on glare from Tyre.
“N no…”
Elena spoke her mind directly, obviously not worded properly to fit the occasion. In a proper feast such as this, the correct way to reject someone was to use an excuse or something similar, because to reject someone out right was considered very rude and hurtful.

Obviously, Dimidaer was wounded. But, years of being an elegant nobility allowed him to recover a bit as he responded with a stiff face and somewhat calm voice
“Oh~ Miss elf, you must consider clearly, or else you might drag down your owner.”
The threat behind his words were so clear that even an idiot can see them, Tyre thought with a cold smile. When was he ever afraid of anyone? Even facing Simon a sacred magician he still manned up and ‘slapped’ his face. Keep going and see.
Just at this time, D.Zi also spoke up
“Mr Viscount, even though Elena’s answer was not polite, but please remember this is the Duke’s Birthday Feast and not at your home.”
“Humph, as expected, nothing proper can come out of the mouth of a loser.” Dimidaer’s relentless taunting caused D.Zi’s face to darken even further, obviously angered by the insults
“Can I understand this to be a personal challenge?”
Dimidaer’s heart skipped a beat, because he knows just how terrifying D.Zi can be, because just that fight against Claude alone was not something he can even come close to, but the old man standing behind him gave him the courage. So what if the other person was a genius? He can still show him the true meaning of power and force his face into the ground!

The old man with the murderous face felt the killing intent coming off of D.Zi. Instantly, the old man stepped up and unleashed his terrifying aura.
D.Zi’s dark expression turned into a cold laugh, and instantly, the mood of the atmosphere changed to a tense one.
Just as Tyre was considering whether he should go and help D.Zi, a clear and enchanting voice came through
“Gentleman, please stop this unpleasantry.”
D.Zi first hesitated, but seeing the old man withdraw his aura, he also dissipated his killing intent, then he turned around to look
A young girl wearing a long red dress was walking over in slow steps, and the most eye catching feature about her was her blue hair. Even though she was not as pretty as Lunaria or Snow Lily, but she still had a different air about her that set her apart.
“This is the Duke’s Birthday Feast after all, and the fight from before happened before the feast begin, but this is different, so I hope everyone here can understand the feelings of the Duke.”
Darmiala? Tyre paused slightly, because he didn’t expect her to stand out and calm this dispute. He did remember seeing her when D.Zi fought Claude, but he didn’t see where she went after the fight was over. Great timing on her part though, he thought.

Dimidaer’s face fell slightly, because Darmiala’s voice had attracted the attention of almost everyone, and if he did not heed Darmiala’s warnings and wanted to use force against Tyre and D.Zi, then that will be equivalent to slapping the Duke in the face. Even though he isn’t afraid of Duke Falysses, but this is the home turf of the Duke, so if he was being too over the top, even his own father would not stand up for him.
“Darmiala G. Morpheus, you really are nosey.”
“Ha, I am sorry that you think that way, it’s only, family habits die hard.” Darmiala did not change her elegant tone, but many people showed surprise on their faces after hearing the family name of Morpheus, because the Morpheus Clan was appointed 【Inquisitor】by the emperor personally, and the possessor of this title has the rights to determine the life and death of anyone outside the royal family, and as long as they possess enough evidence, even a Duke falls under their power.
So, to those nobility who have dirty secrets, their worst nightmare is to have someone from the Morpheus clan remember them. Thankfully, this time the Morpheus member that came to the feast is only a young girl, so they did not have to be that nervous.
Dimidaer obviously knew the implications of the name, especially since he was the one to say that name. It goes without saying that if he forced the issue now, he would be the one on the disadvantage side, and his ending wouldn’t be pretty.
But if he was to back down now, then he wouldn’t have face in front of his nobility friends, and even possibly be the laughingstock in future talks.


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