After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 13

Studying at the Capital

“Oh yeah, Lunaria-chan” Leah was hesitating but wanted to ask the question anyways, because she felt that she wasn’t a stranger with Lunaria anymore, so she puckered up her courage and asked:

“How, how did you feel about that sir?”

Lunaria heard the question and slightly frowned, but seeing the other’s anxious looks, she suddenly understood.

“I felt that he was a very experienced person who is powerful beyond measure, but as a person, he felt very nice and amicable, and calling him the [The Guardian] for the dukedom isn’t an exaggeration.”

This [The Guardian] phrase was something that she learned from the news broadcast from the magic stone, and it referred to the strongest individual for a certain area, having the power to protect that entire area from harm, thus the title [The Guardian].

“Ah, Sir Lao Jerry might be very powerful, but he isn’t a guardian, don’t randomly decide on that Lunaria-chan…

Wait a second… No no no! I wasn’t talking about Sir Lao Jerry, I meant that other Sir, how did you feel about him?”

Leah hurriedly corrected her question, causing Lunaria to shiver, that terrifying old man wasn’t the strongest? She felt that Sir Lao Jerry was like a huge unrivaled monster, then who can be even more powerful than that kind of person!

“Ah! So Leah Onee-san was referring to that person, Hmmm….. Although I have yet to meet Duke Hillier Sir yet, but to be able to run a huge and thriving nation, and be loved by the citizens at the same time, he must be a very righteous and kind elder.”

“No, no that, ughhhh, Lunaria-chan, can we not talk about old men? We are still currently in our prime! We are talking about young men, like the young master”

“Leah Onee-san, I am feeling very tired today, and the strain on my mind is bad, it’s not that I don’t like chatting with Leah Onee-san, but way too much stuff happened today. So can we put this off for tomorrow?”

This time Lunaria used the tactic where one pretends to injure oneself to trick the enemy. Leah gave in, after all, teasing and questioning a young girl continuously isn’t something that anyone can take, and even then, she would feel guilty. She put up her private thoughts and said

“No, this is my mistake, I hope you can forgive your Onee-san.”

“Okay~, I don’t know how long I will be staying and bothering you all here at the Duke’s mansion, so just let this drop.” Lunaria immediately put up a generous and kind face, causing Leah to see Lunaria as a small shining angel, beautiful yet kind and obedient, this grade of calamity will definitely overwhelm any person of any gender. Thinking till there, Leah’s mind pictured the back of a certain handsome person.

Anyone would fall for her… right?

—————————————–Tyre’s dividing line———————————–

“Sorry Sir KaMing for making you wait so long.”

Tyre wiped away the blood from his nose and shakily stood up.

KaMing humphed in a low tone in response and repeated:

“Although I don’t know what went wrong with your body, but let us return to the serious topic.”

This sentence made Tyre ponder, so the reason that KaMing was being quiet was because he couldn’t determine what was causing himself to be excited to having a nosebleed with his deity powers?

“If you had to pick any type of weapon, what would you choose?”

As Tyre was pondering, KaMing also started talking, forcing Tyre out of his reverie. Tyre immediately had a face of anticipation, and asked:

“Sir KaMing, are you….. are you going to gift me a godly overpowered weapon?”

“All things are sharp, This deity sees all wood and grass as the source of a weapon, since you are learning my legacy, how can you use those overly fanciful stuff.” KaMing waved his huge pincer and glared at Tyre with a look that hated Tyre for not being more excellent, but what answered the crab’s looks was another pair of despising eyes.

“Oh, so it’s like this.” compared to his glare, Tyre’s downtrodden tone robbed even more light from KaMing’s face.

“You little brat, so snobbish even after losing all your memories, you will definitely fall into the pit of greed sooner or later. Such a small age but such a greed for profit, tch, hurry up and choose, giving me more glares won’t help. Blade, spear, sword, halberd, hatchet, rod or hammer, as long as you can hold it in your hand, speak up.”

“No matter what type of martial skill, won’t i still end up with a tree branch…….”Tyre mumbled.

He pondered for a while then replied:

“If I pick the sword, what will you teach me?”

“Heavenly Sword’s Heart and Soul.” The big crab answered with pride.

“This is something that originated from the ancient east, it is the saintly skill of the vermilion empire. After being refined by me, and then paired with the supportive skill Return of Heaven and Earth, Heart and Soul, becoming two sets of Heavenly Sword’s Heart and Soul, and together, it’s power is boundless.”

“Oh, then what if i pick the blade?”

“Fall of God.” The big crab seemed to be tireless when it came to talking about these martial skills, and his pride when talking about these skills only grew with each word.

“This is my own creation, this skill uses attacks from both the left and the right, pincering your opponent. When used, it will create a natural suppression field, causing the strength of your opponent to be lowered by 30% no matter how strong or what form your opponent is, hence the name fall of god, but this is still the basics, when you train this skill to expert levels, then you can suppress the opponent completely, and become unrivaled. So how is it, no matter blade or sword, they are all martial skills of the highest grade used by deities, and no matter which one, if a mortal trains in it for about three years, he can call himself a expert. Come, make your choice while i still have some time.”

“Oh.” Tyre propped his chin with his hand, and after pondering, he replied:

“I want to learn to use the blade, I also want to learn to use the sword!”


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