After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Taunting
Translated By: Naervon

“Big brother Claude, I want to eat that.” Snow Lily said with excitement while pointing at a huge slab of beef. Claude looked at his arm, which was linked with Snow Lily’s arm, and looked at the huge slab of beef. He blushed with shame while thinking she hasn’t changed a bit from before.
Then, unconsciously, Claude turned his head and looked at the lonely girl sitting all by herself in the corner. Even though Leah and Noah were accompanying her, Lunaria still looked really lonely all by herself, just sitting there.
As for Snow Lily, she smile sinisterly when Claude wasn’t looking in her direction.
*Bitch, that’s what you get for trying to snatch a man from the princess. With that shoddy skill of yours, you can’t even compare with me. All those suggestive things that you said before trying to get me mad in front of Claude and ruin my image so you can come in between us. Pah!
Do you think you can make Claude see my angry side so you can take that chance to play the nice girl to snatch Claude away from me?!

Who am I? I am Snow Lily, the Princess of the Empire, and graduated as the top student from the empire’s academy. If I can’t see past that little scheme of yours, how do you think I am still alive today? Afterall, I do live the palace, where my sisters play plots and schemes all day long, and if I didn’t have a scheming mind to match theirs, I would be long dead.
Just look at you now, your so called beauty has now become your biggest barrier between you and others. That lonely look is so great! You look just like that dirty mongrel that huddles in the sewers all by yourself for warmth. Ahh this feels great!*

“What’s wrong? Princess Snow Lily?” Claude was startled by that sudden laughter from Snow Lily. He looked towards Snow Lily, who froze with her mouth open. Snow Lily looked left and right, then she looked down with her face flushed bright red
“No, it’s nothing big brother Claude.”

“Mr. 123” In the crowd, D.Zi made his way to Tyre in big strides. D.Zi raised his wine goblet slightly in greeting, and seeing this, Tyre casually grabbed a fresh goblet of wine from a nearby table and returned the greeting
“Hello Mr. D.Zi.”
The two took small sips of wine and D.Zi calmly brought up a topic
“Mr. 123, you seem slightly different from when I last saw you a month ago?”
“Oh? You took the words right out of my mouth, because I was about to ask you the same thing. It’s been a very short time since we last met, and Mr. D.Zi, I must say, your strength have grown a lot since our last fight. If I was to fight you again, I will probably lose in one exchange.”
Tyre said in reply. He was already very curious, and since D.Zi brought it up first, he might as well go with the flow and ask the whys.
D.Zi gave a laugh and swished his wine before answering
“I have Mr. 123 to thank for my improvements, because if it wasn’t for our fight, I will definitely not be able to see my faults and improve, though, I still lost to Mr. Claude.”

“Mr. Claude really is strong, and it is no wonder that he has the title of being the most talented person in the entire northern empire.” This came from the bottom of Tyre’s heart, because even as Lunaria, he still did not know just how talented Claude was even though they lived in the same place for a long time. So to find out by seeing with his own eyes just how talented Claude was truly drove home the meaning of the title, and it would be a perfect fit to use the phrase seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times.
“I agree, but I also believe that I will compete against him again in the future, and when that time comes, I believe the results will be different.” Even though D.Zi have lost to both Tyre and Claude, he did not feel down at all, quite to the contrary, he was the type to be even more determined to improve after a defeat, an attribute very rare in talented geniuses. But, what Tyre did not know was that he was the person who made D.Zi the way he was right now, because if it weren’t for the words that Tyre said to D.Zi, there was no way that D.Zi would accept defeat so calmly.
“Elena, hurry up and give Mr. D.Zi your greetings.” Tyre frowned slightly, and looked at the little elf who was eating food happily to the side. His low-toned reprimand gave the little elf a scare, causing her to jump up quickly. She put down her food and gave D.Zi a courtesy.
“Hello Mr. D.Zi.”
D.Zi nodded his head and said

“Elena, haha, you won’t believe this, but at the time, I was just randomly looking at the big screen displaying the magical girl competitors. Even though your face was only displayed for a few seconds, I still fully memorized your face. But, the sight of Mr. 123 on the specter stone calling someone really caught my eye, and if it wasn’t because of you Miss Elena, I would have reported you two right there and then for cheating.”
“Ha ha.” Tyre laughed awkwardly while sweating bullets inside. *Thank goodness he did not just pick any random girl for the competition, or else there was a very high chance that he would be out in the first round. But thinking back on it, he was being very careless. Even though he was very happy at knowing all the answers, but he forgot that it was forbidden to use the specter stone while inside the testing space.*
*Who was it that called at that time again?
Oh well, let bygones be bygones.*
Elena looked at Tyre with some embarrassment, then she turned and bowed to D.Zi saying
“Thank you for not reporting, Mr. D.Zi.”
Why are you thanking him with that posture?! Tyre silently sighed at the little elf’s tendency to do silly things when she gets flustered. D.Zi gave a laugh and ignored the strange looks other people were giving him and said
“It’s nothing, it was only a thought at the time.”
“Then. . . . . . .” Tyre was just about to speak when a loud piercing sound interrupted him
“Oi Oi Oi, why isn’t this the loser Mr. D.Zi and the manic Mr. 123 and the slave Miss Elena? Hahaha, old sayings are so true, oddities do attract each other.”
Tyre frowned as he looked at the source of the voice, and as he looked, a male wearing long nobility robes with curly green hair slowly walked towards him.
Tyre had some impression of the man, but that person must not be important because he had already forgotten the details.
As for D.Zi, he was frowning also. Even though he did not weigh winning or losing heavily, but that doesn’t mean he can endure meaningless taunting.
Elena tilted her head, obviously still trying to make sense of what was said, and it was also obvious that she had no clue as to what was said.


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