After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Eminent Arrival
Translated By: Naervon
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“Congratulations Duke Falysses, Congratulations Princess Snow Lily!”

Because almost everyone were veterans when it came to fast reactions and offering flattery, the rest of the crowd repeated the same welcoming in unison, bolstering the effect despite lacking behind the first group of people to greet the Duke and the Princess.
Hearing this, Duke Falysses smiled and nodded his head towards the crowd where as Princess Snow Lily gave the crowd an elegant courtesy.
Some of the young men who were entrance by Lunaria not too long ago witnessed Snow Lily, and their eyes lit up even more, mentally, they were all thinking of one thing, it was the best decision that they ever made to come to this feast with their elders. First the unreal beauty Miss Lunaria, and now a unique and pretty Princess of the Empire, no matter which one it is, just the fact that they were able to seem them up close and in person made this trip worth it, so worth it that even if they had to pack up and go home right there and then they would not complain because they’ve got more than they bargained for.

As for the two who followed behind the Duke and the Princess, Lao Jerry and Wolfus, the crowd also knew their fame by heart.
One is the demi-deity who accompanied the creation of the duchy itself, Lao Jerry. Hope God.
As for the other, well, it suffices to say that he was able to kill several demon kings all by himself and was able to escape from the hands of demonic deities who were hell bent on killing him, earning him the title of 【Sage Emperor】Wolfus.

With that information in their heads, the people in the crowd gave the two nods of respect, no matter if they meant it or not.
After everyone was done with the greetings, Duke Falysses walked up to the rails guarding the second floor, looked down at the several thousands of nobility gathered and said
“Everyone, today is the grand birthday feast of I, Falysses. Xavier. Seeing so many old friends coming to celebrate, I am very grateful. Naturally, I will do the honor of thanking all of you for making the long journey here, to my feast. I am a simple person, so I will just skip the formalities today, because as long as you are here for my feast, I am happy. Since you are here, then please feel free to enjoy the feast and talk. If you have any issues, you will be able seek help from the guards who are stationed all around the hall, and as they are all emperor stage practitioners, I believe they will be able to solve any issue that comes up.
Now then, let the birthday feast, BEGIN!!”

Xavier Great Hall, Underneath the ground.
Amidst the sprawl of underground tunnels, a young man of 17 to 18 years of age sat atop a finely crafted ornate seat. The young man watched a specter stone on the table in front of him with a face full of disinterest.
If someone else was to look around, he will be shocked to find that there was a terrifying force circulating through the entire underground of Xavier. As for the sources of that terrifying force, it is none other than the young man sitting calmly on the chair.
The young man wore simple clothing, with a sickly pale face, and his limbs were very thin, giving the impression that anyone can easily break his limbs with a snap.
But, if that observer standing here was an experienced and high cultivation person, then he would find that the terrifying force was neither magic nor dou qi, but rather, the force of faith! This young man is not sick or born with a defect, but is like this from his method of cultivation. Furthermore, his appearance was almost identical to that of the past Xavier the Third!

The space in front of the young man suddenly rippled as a thick arm slowly forced its way through space. Then, following the arm, a burly man wearing clothing embroidered with flames jumped out from the tear in space and stood in front of the young man’s table.
The young man did not seem shocked at all by this, and did not even look up from the specter stone. As for the burly man, he let out a small smile and greeted
“Deity Puluoses, I’ve arrived.”
“Deity Kalion.” The young man looking Puluoses wearing the simple clothing casually shut off the specter stone and waved his right hand. With the wave, countless elements gathered and formed an identical looking ornate seat. He pointed at the burly man wearing the flame adorned clothing, Kalion, and calmly said

Kalion sat down casually while looking all around the room, then he asked with some confusion
“Where’s Darven【Dragon Slayer God】Elder?”
“Why ask if you already know.” Puluoses picked up the coffee pot from the table and poured two cups of coffee, then continued
“Darven Sire is not content with his current level of cultivation, so he went to journey the realms and went somewhere even higher, somewhere even we cannot hope to reach yet!”
“Hahahah ” Kalion did not seem even slightly fazed from getting his fake question exposed. That booming laughter shook the entire underground room, but Puluoses did not mind as he picked up a cup of coffee with his left hand and made an inviting gesture with his right towards the other cup.
Kalion picked up the cup of coffee and gulped the entire cup in one big motion, causing the sickly young man to shake his head.
Puluoses kept on sayin
“Why? Did Miliac send you here alone?”
“I don’t think I will have too much trouble holding you down.”
“You guys really spent the effort for this, but is merely a God’s Orders Book worth the trouble?”
“We had no other choice, after all, each and everyone one of you are so stubborn and protective. So this time we have to play the role of the bandit.” Kalion casually shrugged his shoulders, his antics caused Puluoses to slightly smile.

“Then I am very interested in the ending of the bandit.”
“Oh? Could it be that you already know?”
“Does it matter that we know? The start and the process does not matter, what matters is the upcoming ending. Since your purpose is to hold me down, then why not let us just sit here and watch while drinking coffee? And let us see, just who will win.”

At the same time that the feast started, a dance toon started playing. The tune that the nobility have heard countless times in the countless feasts that they have participated in sounded all around the hall. With that music, the young masters and young mistresses of nobility gradually got into their zone. Some wanted to meet their counter in an romantic encounter, some wanted to climb in social status by getting the hand of someone higher than them, and this was happening all over the hall. Duke Falysses and several other marquises discussed casually in one corner of the hall, as Princess Snow Lily found Claude and instantly attached herself to him, preventing him from going anywhere, but visually, the pair that she made with Claude cause the majority of the crowd to be jealous of them, and to those who have heard of the rumors about Lunaria and Claude, they took this chance to look at the other corner, where Lunaria sat with a world of boredom on her face.
“Oi, Baron Laku, don’t you want to go try and invite Miss Lunaria to a dance?”
“Why don’t you go! Baron Jack!”
“Haha, *cough* that’s because Miss Lunaria is too pretty, and just the thought of going near her is surreal to me, let alone inviting her to a dance. All I want is to satisfy my eyes from afar.”
“Umu, I was thinking of the same thing.”
“Is there no real man with the balls to go first?!”
“. . . . .who knows? My guess is they will all be rejected.”


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