After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Beauty!
Translated By: Naervon
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When asked who is the most beautiful girl of them all, the person would most likely pick the number one beauty in the empire, Quel’ Lana. She is a being who is close to perfection itself, and no matter who sees her, as long as they are straight of course, they will be mesmerized by her beauty completely, and not even titled emperor or demi-deities are able to resist her allure as they fall heads over heels for her.
But at this moment, everyone at the feast was not so sure anymore as to how to answer that question, for, in front of their eyes, they see something that is able to topple that number one spot in their hearts.
Amongst the thousands of guests here at the feast, there exists quite a few who have witnessed the true beauty of female angels from the realm of gods, but in front of this figure standing on the second floor, even the angels cannot compete with this girl, despite their wings adding holiness and aloofness to their image.

The hall was dead silent…no wait, it should be said that besides the sound of rapid deep breathing and sound of glass shattering from dropped wine goblets, the hall was dead silent.
“This, this is . . . . .” Even though many people have already guess the newcomer’s identity, someone still asked politely to keep up with manners and appearance.
Nicole put on a slight smile on her face as she observed the shocked expressions all over the all. She suppressed her urges to look smug and kept her polite smile on her face as she replied to the question
“How do you do Viscount Faladen. This here is the grand-niece of Duke Falysses, and the champion of the magic girl competition from last month.”
OHHH~The nobility let out a wave of sudden enlightenment despite knowing the answer already.

As for Claude right now, both of his eyes were almost popping out of their sockets, and his mouth hanging by the hinges, hanging so wide open that drool will be dripping from his gaping mouth in a bit.
D.Zi really couldn’t bear Claude’s look anymore. D.Zi raised his hand and gently bumped Claude’s shoulder with his own, causing Claude to come out of his reverie. Claude looked at D.Zi, then looked at Lunaria, then back at D.Zi. Gradually, Claude’s face turned bright red.
“My bad my bad.” Claude gave D.Zi an apology, but the elegant looking guy replied with an tone full of gossip flavor
“I heard from somewhere that Mr. Claude already has a fiancé? Could it be that you are interested in your own family instead?”

“That is.” Claude froze as with his face still bright red, that funny look gave D.Zi great interest, and D.Zi continued saying
“But considering the fact that Mr. Claude is the number one talent in the northern empire, it is only a matter of time before you reach the titled emperor stage or the demi-deity stage, so having a concubine or two isn’t out of the ordinary.”
“Mr. D.Zi, you. . . . . .” Claude couldn’t explain himself or his situation, feeling extremely stuffy inside. D.Zi let out a wide grin, thinking he finally got back at Claude for earlier, so he opened his mouth once more
“Okay okay. Mr. Claude, I don’t know what your situation is, and you don’t need to explain anything to me. Time will tell the truth. I will take you for your word and enjoy the feast for now and go talk to some people that I know.”

“Mm.” Claude thought about what his grandpa Falyesses and grandpa Lao Jerry had said, so he replied absentmindedly
“Please enjoy the feast.”

When Lunaria walked out of the doors and onto the second floor stairwell, the sound of glass shattering and drool dripping on to the floor filled her ears, the sight of contorted faces and people tripping over filled her eyes. Many other similar things happened everywhere in the hall, and this clown fest like scene did not give Lunaria any joy, rather, it gave her a headache. She should have ignored the duke and not have come to this type of feast, because those people down there are well seasoned veterans who eat up girls like wolves, the type that won’t even leave behind bones after a meal, how can someone as weak and as helpless as her withstand all those hungry eyes?!
But have experienced the days in the great forest of funerals, Lunaria knew that she couldn’t show any weakness here, for any signs of weakness will mark you as a prey, as a meal, so she puffed out her chest.
Today, Lunaria had her hair piled up in a bun, and the light and well crafted makeup emphasized her natural beauty. The light blue dress she wore were bare at the shoulders, and the clear green gem hanging from her neck did not seem out of place at all, looking for all the world like it belonged there all along, and paired with the blue color of the dress and the long arm length white gloves, make her all the more attractive. On her delicate fingers, the storage ring, obtained through a shady and unspeakable method, only appeared more fitting and beautiful. Following the dress down, her legs showed through the slits at the side of the dress, and her white and pristine skin flashing from time to time as she walked, alluring the people who watched. The only question the people had was about the plain flat bottom shoes that she wore on her feet, because even though it did not affect her overall beauty, but the feeling that something was missing to complete the perfect picture bugged everyone.

As for the reason to that…. It was because Lunaria threw the high heels away, because that was something that she vowed to never wear again. Instead of calling those things shoes, she would rather call them torture devices. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was incredibly agile and knew sacred body techniques, she would fall on her face with every third step that she takes.

After Nicole had introduced her, Lunaria elected to quietly find a little corner and sit down with a goblet of wine silently. As for her companions who accompanied her, Leah and Noah, they also choose spots next to her, one sitting down next to her and one standing behind her. Claude saw where Lunaria went and wanted to go there to give her his greetings, but before he could take the second step in that direction, his foot halted in mid-air.
“Duke Falyssess is here!”
The butler x announcer’s voice rang out and attracted the attention of everyone to the second floor as the big doors opened slowly once more. Under the respectful bows of several powerhouses, duke Falysses and princess Snow Lily walked out the doors slowly with Lao Jerry and Wolfus behind them.
Some people with a really good sense of timing called out immediately, for they recognized the identity of the golden haired girl next to the duke
“Congratulations Duke Falysses, Congratulations Princess Snow Lily!”

【Extra】{~wink wink}

When Lunaria walked out of the doors and onto the second floor stairwell, the sounds of glass breaking and drool hitting the floor instantly reached her ears, and the sight of people with contorted faces and people tripping on their feet also reached her eyes. With this happening all over the hall, Lunaria couldn’t help but feel a huge headache coming up, and just as she felt a migraine coming, a man suddenly threw the goblet in his hand into the face of another man and made a mad dash towards her.
“Luna! Lunaria Ma’am! I love you! I am your most dedicated fan!!!!!”
“Someone grab this mad dog of a man, quickly!!” Leah reacted almost instantly, and woke up the guards, who were also mesmerized.
With Leah’s words waking them up, each of the guards instantly unleashed the emperor stage aura from their bodies, and took down the man with a single grasping motion in midair.

But, in the next moment, another young man dressed in nobility clothing also threw his goblet in someone’s face and charged towards Lunaria with his face bright red
“Ma’am Lunaria! I’m the captain of your fan club! I am your most most most MOST dedicated fan!!!!”
This time, the guard didn’t need mentioning. He quickly acted and suppressed the young man, but before he could do anything else, a fatso also threw his goblet and charged towards Lunaria like a wild boar
“Lunaria chan~ I’m your fan, I~” before he could finish his words, he got suppressed, but a beautiful young girl charged towards Lunaria at the same time, with a high end body technique to boot
“Luna, Ma’am Lunaria, we, we are true love!! Please accept my love!!” Sadly, before she could do anything else, another emperor stage guard suppressed her and sent her flying.

“*Cough Cough*, Luna, Ma’am Lunaria, please, *Cough Cough*, accept this old man’s love!” Old man, sent flying
“Big sis Lunaria, I love you so much, I want to play some **** games with you.” Young girl, sent flying
“OooooOOO~~~Ma’am Lunaria, Look at my bare body, look at my muscles, look at my big stick!!” Pervert, sent flying
“Luna, Ma’am Lunaria can only belong to me, none of you can take her from me!!!!” Yandere, sent flying
“*Bark bark bark bark, Woof woof woof woof*” A human like dog, sent flying
Lunaria’s eyes gradually turned into a pair of dead fish eyes. Lunaria covered her face with her gloved hands and shook her head
“Beauty, is a sin too.”
【End of extra】


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