After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Complete Victory
Translated By: Naervon

5 seconds, profound art of the holy punishment formation, also known as the most destructive branch of the Flashing Sword Style, if D.Zi is allowed to pull this off successfully, then the result will not be pretty for Claude.
4 seconds!
Claude did not hesitate any longer, he made his move.
But, D.Zi saw this and laughed as a shield as thick as a city wall appeared in front of him.
【Holy Shield】
The Formation of Holy Punishment is able to both attack and defend. However, the attacking power of the formation is vastly greater than the defensive power of the formation. Just the holy shield but it self is enough to defend against most attacks, evidenced when it easily blocked Tyre’s Heaven’s Sword Ensemble 【Third Stance】. In comparison to its defensive capabilities, the offensive【Saint of Punishment】is even more terrifying in terms of power. Just the aura from this move alone was enough to give Claude shivers deep inside.
Transient Sword of Vedas, Profound Art, Monochrome!

The light white long sword in Claude’s hand quickly formed a ball of energy at the tip of the sword, consisting of black and white energies with the occasional explosive flare up. Wave after wave of energy radiated from this ball of energy, crashing on the barrier and causing the entire barrier to shake from the force.
Almost all of the nobility standing close to the barrier chose to backup with their eyes wide in shock.
Claude did not waste words as he swung his sword and unleash the ball of Monochrome consisting of intertwining energies. The ball flew out and in a split second, struck against the holy shield.
The Sacred Shield rapidly cracked and break, but almost instantly, a new Sacred Shield appeared behind the first, and the terrifying ball of Monochrome was stopped completely by this new shield and dissipated!
Three seconds!
Claude’s heart rapidly raced, but his expression did not change. He stopped in front of the Sacred Shield and raised the formless sword high over his head.
Two Seconds!
D.Zi had an even wider smile on his face, but Claude was not affected in the slightest. Endless light streamed towards Claude and his sword, causing his sword to gradually vanish into thin air, then abruptly, the sword vanished all together.
One Second!
The clocked reached the 59th second behind D.Zi’s back, and the next tick would decide the fate of the battle!
Zero . . . . . .

“Hahahahaha, go die, Die! Saint of Punishment!!” The huge clock behind D.Zi shot out two pillars of light and covered the two angels standing behind D.Zi, and then as if brought to life, the angels charged towards Claude, and that terrifying power behind their charge shocked the entire audience!
With the maniacal yell of D.Zi being the only sound left reverberating around the hall, no one spoke. Even Tyre held his breath as he watched.
At this moment, everyone’s movements seemed to be in slow motion, so slow that each blink of an eye is clearly visible.
Then, a clear voice sounded in the void of silence.
“Transience of Vedas.”
A blindingly brilliant light bursted out from Claude and filled the entire great hall. Other than the few titled emperors and emperor stage individuals, almost everyone closed their eyes, because the light was so piercingly bright that they were forced to close their eyes if they didn’t want to have vision problems.

Then, silence fell once more, no sounds of battle, no sounds of D.Zi roaring his battle craze.
The light faded, the blinding radiance gradually lessened till it disappeared.
People started opening their eyes, but the titled emperors and emperors saw everything.
Tyre also slowly opened his eyes, but the next moment, he opened his eyes wide as he stared in shock at the scene.
The scene inside the barrier was displayed in front of everyone, Claude stood there completely unharmed in anyway, and on the ground, D.Zi knelt on his knees with wounds bleeding all over his body.
The huge difference between the two in the barrier caused everyone to stare in shock. Even though most people believed that Claude will win over D.Zi, but D.Zi’s reputation was still there, and based on that they should have at least have had a neck to neck battle before Claude can take the win, because that was the best outcome! But reality slapped them all in the face. Claude utterly defeated D.Zi in just a few moves and easily took the victory.
“So that’s how it is.” D.Zi said calmly after recovering, his tone deep and elegance once more. Covered in blood, D.Zi ignored the pain from his wounds and asked Claude.
“Claude, I admit that your talent is higher than mine, and even higher than Mr. 123 who also defeated me. But, you must remember, this is only a beginning, because everything must still rely on you yourself reaching that stage.”

D.Zi thought
*No matter how talented you are, just as Tyre had said, that talent only means that you are nothing more than someone with a highly regarded potential but still a weakling nonetheless. The only true way to shock the world is to actually reach that stage yourself, to surpass the limit. Titled Emperor, Demi-Deity, Deity, and even Nine Heaven, Ten Earth Sage King Level.*
Claude kept his slight smile on his face as he calmly replied
“If you cannot even grasp your current self, then how are you able to grasp the future you? Everything is based on your foundation. Everyone starts a weakling, but it is not a fault to be a weakling, but what is wrong is to feel inferior about one’s self, so do not blame yourself. Look up, and you will see countless powerhouses ahead of you, but if you look down, then you may already be surpassed by many new blood who are not satisfied with themselves.” Claude walked in front of D.Zi and extended his right hand. That look filled with peace from Claude affected D.Zi and he just couldn’t make himself reject. D.Zi finally extended his own right hand and allowed Claude to pull himself up. D.Zi stood there as Claude begin to heal his body with healing art, and watched as his wounds slowly healed.
Claude spoke up again
“It is true that the path to becoming a strong individual is a long and arduous journey filled with danger. But if there is someone to walk that path with you, then the journey will not be as hard, because you will be able to communicate your findings and your own path with each other and reach the peak together. And might I say, D.Zi, you make a great partner.”

At first, D.Zi kept his silence, but after a while, he shook his head silently. Claude had expected this response from D.Zi, but still felt a little down.
“If that is so, then I wish Mr. D.Zi to enjoy the feast and have a good time today. If you have other things, then feel free to come and see me anytime.”
D.Zi nodded his head but kept his silence. The nobility watching them silently praised Claude, though some started to make fun of D.Zi again to bolster Claude’s reputation.
In a short period of time, the hall was filled with ‘elegant’ mutterings and conversations.
Only, in the next moment, a shadow of a figure appeared atop the stairways leading up to the great doors of the second floor.


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