After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 135

Chapter 135 A battle between branches
Translated By: Naervon
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While Tyre was still in a state of shock, Claude had already shot forward towards D.Zi like an arrow.
So fast! Claude shot forward so fast that he covered the distance between D.Zi and himself in an instant as he appeared directly in front of D.Zi.
D.Zi’s pupil shrunk to pin points, for D.Zi did not expect the speed of Claude to be this fast! He admits, if this battle happened one months ago, then he would have already lost from this attack alone.
But now….
“Elemental Emperor’s Sword!”
The elemental forces wildly gathered and formed a sword, the speed that the elemental forces gathered was also blindingly fast. In the next moment, the rapidly formed sword and Claude’s sword collided, and the two branches of Flashing Sword Styles also collided!
Boom! A suppressed explosion sounded inside the barrier, and even though the terrifying explosion was stopped by the barrier, the suppressed sound of the explosion still caused many people to cover their ears in pain.

Claude’s face remained calm and collected, but inside, he was slightly shocked. The last time he had witnessed D.Zi’s sword forming, the sword did not form half as fast.
Obviously, just as Tyre had detected change in D.Zi, Claude had also detected the changes.
“What? Is this what you call death?” D.Zi’s elegant composure abruptly disappeared as his face flushed with excitement and his eyes red with blood, and his calm demeanor vanishing as the battle craze in his blood took over. As D.Zi shouted out the words in a very loud voice, the elemental sword in his sword lashed out once more.
Claude frowned slightly and jumped backwards to avoid the blow.
D.Zi did not let up this chance, and as his sword swung through empty air, he continued the motion and threw his sword out, its target, Claude.
Claude’s expression finally changed, because he knew the full power behind that elemental emperor’s sword. He rapidly cast magic shields in front of himself, one after the other, as he rapidly retreated backwards. But, the elemental emperor’s sword tore through the magic shields like they were make out of paper, as if it had the strength of the entire world behind it, and in no time, the sword had already arrived in front of Claude with all the pressure it exuded!
Third stage magic, Sky Crystal Shield

Claude silently casted the spell in his mind, for the instant magic shields he casted before were just to buy time for him to cast this third stage magic.
To a normal magician, it is almost impossible to incant an abstruse and difficult third stage magic spell while instant casting crystalling art, because the concentration requirements for both types of magic are very demanding, and even the slightest imbalance in focus will cause both to fail and lead to defeat.
As the sword tore through all the shields, it had also lost a bit of its momentum, and with no follow up force to push the sword, the sword had only the force of the initial throw behind it as it hit the Sky Crystal Shield. The powerful blow caused a visible crack in the crystal shield and it did not stop there as the cracks spread rapidly, causing the shield to only hold for a split second before it shattered and let the sword through towards Claude.
But, at this time, the elemental sword had lost almost all of its power, and Claude met it with his own left hand. He slid his hand along the flat of the sword and deflected the sword upwards as he pushed forward with his hand. As the sword was deflected from its trajectory, Claude took the opportunity and grasped the sword by the hilt, but the remaining force behind the sword still caused Claude to take several steps back. With a boom behind his back as he was pushed up against the barrier, Claude finally stopped and stood steady. He gently waved his hand over the elemental emperor’s sword and dissipated the gathered elemental forces one by one.
“What a great sword. Sadly, in real battles, I, do not use swords.”

Don’t use swords?! This made everyone do a doubt take, shocked by what they heard, and Tyre was also amongst them. Tyre knows for a fact that Claude loves his knight’s sword with a passion, and he sees Claude rubbing it down with oils and keeping it in pristine condition everyday, why does he say that he doesn’t use swords?
“So that’s how it is.” D.Zi quirked the corner of his mouth, and a few seconds later, he burst out in laughter.
D.Zi reached out with both hands and a golden formation instantly appeared beneath his feet. As endless holy hymns started sounding, the ethereal forms of angels from the last time were gradually gaining solidity this time. Two angels materialized behind D.Zi, one to his right and one to his left, giving the impression that D.Zi was the son of heaven descending down from the heavens, and instilling respect from mortals.
“Flashing Sword Style, Formation of Holy Punishment.”
Tyre silently gasped at the changes in D.Zi as he rejoiced at his luck, for if he had to face the D.Zi from today back during the competition, then his only fate was death.
“Come, Claude”
As Claude was immobilized by the huge aura and pressure that D.Zi’s formation exuded, the holy light sword in his hand suddenly disappeared, and a moment later, a formless sword of elements appeared, giving out a faint white flow.
“Flashing Sword Style, Transient Sword of Vedas.”
At this moment, Claude was devoid of any aura or exuding any pressure, he had no sword intent about him or giving out any. He stood there, as if he was only a normal person holding a steel weapon.
No matter if it was Tyre, D.Zi, or any of the emperor stage individuals could feel any presence of Claude. Only the few titled emperor stage people detected the change, and their pupils all shrunk as they showed serious expressions.
Transient Sword of Vedas? D.Zi frowned unconsciously, isn’t that the branch of flashing sword style known for being the weakest? Why did he learn it. Doesn’t this mean that there is a huge gap in power between his own formation and Claude’s sword? In a clash between branches, the stronger side will win if all other conditions are equal.
But, Claude is no normal person, and D.Zi did not plan on underestimating any move that Claude makes. Even if Claude held the weakest sword, D.Zi still did not underestimated Claude, because Claude was the one holding the sword.

At this moment, D.Zi had only two choices
One, wait and see what happens and let Claude make the first move before making his own in response.
Two, be the first one to make a move and take the advantage. Give Claude no chance to even respond.
Under these circumstance, D.Zi choose the second option without even giving it a thought. He laughed out loud and with that, the formation beneath his feet rapidly expanded. As the formation touched the edges of the barrier, it exploded with a terrifying boom!
“Now then, let’s start. We shall have out answer after 5 seconds.”
Profound Art, Formation of Holy Punishment, Fifth Second!
Tick, tick, tick, a clock slowly materialized behind D.Zi with its second hand stopping at the 55th second mark. Then, the countdown begin.
Claude, for the very first time, showed an expression full of seriousness.
The five seconds given to him are much too dangerous!


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