After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Flashing Sword Style vs Flashing Sword Style
Translated By: Naervon
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“Hahaha good! Mister Claude, you are a true man amongst man, and your attitude puts you apart from the plebeians.” D.Zi laughed out loud and his voice was so loud that it reverberated around in the hall, rasping against everyone’s ears.
The middle aged count from before frowned, but because of what Claude said, he resisted the urge to speak out again.
Claude nodded his head slightly and said to the crowd
“Could everyone please make some room. Butler, please invite the twenty sealing masters here to put up a barrier with an area of 100 meters to prevent bystanders from being hurt from my battle against D.Zi.”
“Yes.” The old butler bowed and disappeared instantly right in front of everyone.

Just a few minutes later, twenty sealing masters wearing long dark robes arrived in a rush. The crowd parted to let them through and Claude walked towards D.Zi. The two looked at each other and couldn’t resist smiling.
Between two strong individuals, there was no need for words.
The sealing masters were obviously experience at this type of thing as the twenty rapidly set up a milky white barrier surrounding the area that D.Zi and Claude was standing. The barrier is so strong that even title emperors will waste quite some time to take it down.
Everyone whispered in small voices, but there was no betting going on. It was obvious that these nobility who came to the feast didn’t deem the lowly form of betting worthy of their time.
Tyre was pushed very far away from the center of battle by the crowd, giving him a very bad view of the battle. But, that tense atmosphere radiating out from the center was still able to clearly reach where he was standing. Judging from this, the battle should be starting at any moment.
“Mr. 123, who do you think will win?”

A clear voice sounded from beside Tyre, but this wasn’t Elena. Curiosity caused Tyre to turn around and look, and then he saw a young girl with otherworldly light blue hair.
“Hello, Miss Darmiala.”
“Hello, Mr. 123.”
Tyre was confused why she sought him out, but after taking a glance at ZhangLing, who was glaring at him from behind the girl, Tyre decided to calmly reply
“If D.Zi was still the way he was from when he fought me, then I predict that Claude will definitely win. But I feel that D.Zi has changed somehow. . . . .So I cannot say for sure who will win from what I know.”

“Something changed was it . . . . .”
“Yes. So who does Miss Darmiala think will win?”
“Of course it is young master Claude.” Darmiala answered without even thinking. Her attitude caused Tyre to slightly frown in discomfort. *Mah, I am also rooting for Claude so I guess it’s no big deal.*

“Hahahaha, that brat Claude, causing trouble before I even show up.” Duke Falysses sat in his book room and watched the battle unfold through the specter stone on his desk. Behind him, Lao Jerry shook his head at the scene and said with a smile
“Even though Claude is a very steady young man, but he is still a young man after all. To meet with someone on the same level as him and to be challenged on top of that, there was no reason for Claude to refuse the challenge.”
“Mmmm. . . . . .” Naturally, Duke Falysses knew his grandson’s thoughts, and this fight happening wasn’t a bad thing either. If Claude won, then he will become even more famous, and if he lost, then it will give him some drive to go even further.

As for the result of this battle affecting the Duchy, Falysses can only express *Ha ha*. It will affect the duchy, but extremely limited. Because in this world, the most reliable measure of reputation is still true strength. A good talent can only let your fame grow, but it cannot give you the power to match that fame.
“Now then, let us wait and see, since secretary Zamia has yet to show up.”
“I fear he won’t be coming.” Lao Jerry calmly opened his mouth and said while his eyes shined with intelligence.
“First, Miss Rafi-Nasi called in and said that she needed to return to Avalon for some important meeting, so she must leave right away, and then that brat Simon directly told me he was leaving for no reason, hmmm, that temperament is awfully familiar…”

“I can understand Simon leaving like that, after all, having his face slapped by a even younger brat in front of so many people is a hard thing to take. His attitude is already kind enough, if it was anyone else, then even Zamia and his words won’t be enough to stop that younger brat from getting killed.” Falysses shook his head. *But that young brat with that black mask is truly a piece of unpolished gem, if he swears allegiance to the duchy, then they will have another talented powerhouse in the making*

“Now then, let’s start.” As D.Zi said his words in that masculine voice of his, the entire hall started to shake as formless elemental forces gathered slowly around D.Zi’s body, causing him to radiate light, so bright that normal people have to squint their eyes to see him.
Flashing sword style, Heaven’s convergence formation.
Tyre can clearly feel that this formation is a lot more powerful than the one from a month ago, and the elemental forces even more concentrated. Looks like his power has grown even more…. Just what happened to D.Zi the past month to cause this change.
Claude shook his head slightly and siad
“If you do not bring out your best.”
Claude paused and reached out with his right hand, and countless holy elemental force gathered on his hand, silent and without any presence. But, despite the lack of pressure or aura, everyone who saw this felt shocked.
Claude continued in his calm tone
“You will die if you decide to face my attack with what you currently have right now.”
Tyre backed up unconsciously, because that terrifying sword intent caused his goosebumps to rise up. If he didn’t know ahead of time that the barrier can even stop a titled emperor’s attack, Tyre would have probably turned around and ran away right there and then.
What is that?
Tyre stared at the ethereal sword glowing with a dark golden hue in Claude’s hand, feeling truly scared.

ps: There was a time gap of a months or so after the competition till now, the time of the feast. This gap is not written by the author so it felt like the next day.


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