After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Policy from now on
Translated By: Naervon

Finally, after exchanging a few words, Tyre and LongTu went their separate ways, and when Tyre entered his room in the tavern, he saw Sand Sword, Ghost Slayer, and Roselle Butterfly huddled together secretly discussing something.
“What are you guys doing?”
Ghost Slayer jumped in the air in fright from the sudden sound of Tyre’s voice. Roselle Butterfly was in no better shape, even though she didn’t jump up from her position, she was still trembling visibly. Only Sand Sword didn’t seem scared as he scratched his head and gave an embarrassed laugh.
Tyre detected something strange going on with the three, and he frowned as he walked towards the table where the three sat, pulled out a seat, and sat down.
“Everyone sit.”
The three looked at eachother and sat down when they heard Tyre speaking. But what Tyre said next made them all nervous again
“Just then, what were you guys talking about?”

“We. . . . .” Sand Sword was just about to speak when Tyre cut him off
“Sand Sword, not you. I want Ghost Slayer to explain.”
“Eh?! M me?” Ghost Slayer pointed at himself with clear panic, then he said in a stutter
“Umm, we, uh, didn’t say anything special, we uh, only talked about, just umm talked about. . . . . . oh yeah, we just talked about the wonderful performance of Sir Tyre during the competition today.”
“Is that so?” Tyre looked at the other two, only to see Roselle Butterfly and Sand Sword nod their heads in agreement. Seeing this almost instantaneous reaction from the other two, Tyre was completely certain that they were plotting something, but knowing their personalities, it shouldn’t be anything harmful to him, so Tyre didn’t choose to get to the end of this. Finishing his thoughts on this, Tyre suddenly changed the topic.
“You all have been with me for almost two months now, I assume you all have a pretty solid grasp on things by now.”

The three had blank expressions as they looked at each other, not knowing what Tyre was referring to. Tyre gave a small smile, then pulled out a bag of gold coins from his storage ring and threw it to Sand Sword, saying
“This here is 50,000 gold, take this and go buy some dou qi crystals. Remember, try to break through your current cultivation stage as soon as possible.”
The three first hesitated but then they all reacted.
Sand Sword was very moved by this gesture, but he still said
“Sir Tyre, this, this is way too much. Sir Tyre, you won all these gold from the competition and we can’t accept something as important as this.” Roselle Butterfly and Ghost Slayer both hurried to nodded their heads in agreement.
Seeing this seamless coordination between the three again, Tyre put on a poker face.
“I dislike repeating myself, and I dislike nagging people to do things even more. You all must accept this.”
Sand Sword saw Tyre’s determination and felt very moved inside. 50,000 gold, this was an amount that they can’t even get close to even if they do many years of missions, and that’s not even calculating the price of housing and food. To give them this much gold and ask them to buy dou qi crystals for themselves, how can they not feel moved, not feel gratitude.

Tyre nodded his head when he saw Sand Sword change his standpoint.
*I can get more money if you get stronger and do harder missions, so get stronger for me.*
“Oh yeah, Ghost Slayer, go fetch that idiotic elf.”
“Yes.” Ghost Slayer rapidly got up and ran over to the room opposite their current room, and returned not long after with Elena in tow.
Tyre saw Elena in a good condition and silently nodded to himself. He said
Elena looked left and right, trying to find a seat, and when she saw that there were no spare seats left, she looked towards Roselle Butterfly for help.
“No problem, you can sit on my leg.” Roselle patted her small leg and calmly said, but Ghost Slayer spoke out with dissatisfaction
“Idiot, you should let Elena sit on Sir Tyre’s leg at this time.”
“Uh. . . . . .”Roselle Butterfly instant looked towards Tyre with embarrassment.

*Why are you looking at me!* Tyre glared at Roselle and instantly scared her to a standing position.
“I’m okay with standing, Elena, you can sit in my seat.”
“Eh? Is that okay?” Elena hesitated, not understanding why they changed their minds so quick. Tyre waved his hand and said
“Sit down. I will discuss my plans for the future and the rules from now on out.”
The four stopped thinking unrelated thoughts and paid full attention to what Tyre was going to say. Seeing this attitude, Tyre nodded his head in satisfaction and said

“As I am sure that everyone has seen, I did not receive an 【Avalon】recommendation letter, no don’t feel bad about this Elena, it’s not your fault because I am to blame for this too. This thing is a thing of the past and it will not change even if we blame ourselves, so what we need to do is to decide how to solve the current dilemma. And this shall be our plan going onwards. As I am sure you all have heard, 【Avalon】have three methods of admission. The first is entry by personal invitation from the principle, this form of entry will grant the best care and privilege in the academy. The second method is through the recommendation letters. These letters are limited and are given to each kingdom in the empire, allowing the kingdoms to do their own selection to fill their quota. But this method is not stable, as even a lazy and useless person will be admitted to the academy as long as he gets a letter, which will grant him a pass to the academy without having to pass the entrance exam. So that brings us to the third and final option.
The third option available once every two years in the form of an entrance exam held at the academy. Of course, this entrance exam is open to all, and one can enter regardless of wealth or power. Even though it is still not a stable method, but there is a chance through this method of discovering a monster even more talented then someone admitted through the first method.

I think all of you can guess what my meaning is behind all of this explanation. Yes, my plan for us is to all enter the next entrance exam. Not only me, Elena, Sand Sword, Roselle Butterfly, Ghost Slayer, all of you must pass and enter the academy. Sand Sword, I know you are getting old, but I know you also possess a good talent, a talent that is buried. You have never being in a goold cultivation environment nor have you met with any opportunities. But, don’t feel down about yourself, for there are plenty of others who were able to succeed and I am sure that you are not inferior to them. Also, true strength is not based on your dou qi cultivation alone, for sitting in front of you all is a living example. I am bad at dou qi, but I can still defeat army breaker stage easily. If you are able to develop the sword techniques and use the sword in your hands to the fullest, then why do you care about the strength of your opponent?”
“So, I need all of you to break through to army breaker stage! Elena, your job is to become a third stage magician, and it would be best if you can awaken your own unique magic. I will provide the necessities you need, and you all’s job is to give me hope!”
“Yes!” The three mercenaries answered at the same time with serious expressions.
“Yes!” The little elf answered several seconds later.



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