After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 130

“Lunaria, how are you feeling?” Claude asked with a hint of care in his voice. He didn’t dare to show too much care towards Lunaria while his finance Snow Lily was still around him.

Lunaria smiled and slightly shook her head, but inside, she was thinking *Claude, I get it if you want to see me in person, but why did you drag this great buddha/devil along with you. Or is there some deeper meaning to this.*

“Big brother Claude, this is.” Snow Lily had taken off her veil, and her delicate face was so attractive that anyone who sees her will be attracted to her, and even Lunaria was entranced for a few moments, thinking *I went to the bathhouse together with beauty like her. . . . . . .*

*Not good* Just as she started thinking that, memories begin to surface and her nostrils started to slightly flare with hot air.

“She is the disciple of grandpa Lao Jerry and the talented first place winner for the magical girl competition.”

“So that how it is, Miss Lunaria, you seem a really awesome person.”

“No no, you flatter me too much.” Lunaria laughed dryly while thinking *Princess Snow Lily, do you not realize that your expression is so fake that I’m close to panicking if you stare at me with that expression for too long?!*

As for Claude, he was completely ignorant of these details, and even if he did see something, he would probably pretend not to see them just like how he turned a blind eye to Snow Lily participating in the competition. In addition, Wolfus grabbed him after the competition and advised him to not reveal the fact that he knew about Snow Lily already to avoid agitating her.

Despite the fact that Claude felt that Snow Lily was a little strange when it came to dealing with things, but he didn’t expect her to become even more weird now that she is older.

“Miss Lunaria, you feel better now right.” Snow Lily asked somewhat caringly, but adding her expression on top of her words, there was no way anyone can convince Lunaria that Snow Lily was really being caring. But, as a good law abiding citizen, Lunaria must show manners in front of a royal princess.

“Thanks to you, Princess Snow Lily, I feel better now. I was only suffering the after effects of overusing magic from earlier.”

“MmHmm. . . Can I ask you a few questions?” Snow Lily’s sudden change of words give Claude uneasy feelings, but before he could interrupt her, Lunaria replied somewhat slowly

“Of course.”

Snow Lily didn’t expect Lunaria to answer this quickly, and showed it through her obvious blank eyes. But, she recovered her insincere smile and continued

“Then, I must ask Miss Lunaria, what is your relationship to big brother Claude?”

Badum, Badum. Claude’s heart rate instantly shot up. His heart rate has never done this before. Even when he fought people to the death, his heart stayed still like undisturbed water, but Snow Lily’s scary words caused him want to cover his face and vanish without anyone noticing his existence. As for Wolfus, who was standing in the background like a wooden statue, upon hearing Snow Lily’s question, he shot Claude a look full of pity and shook his head ever so slightly.

Lunaria heard Snow Lily’s question, and blinked her eyes blankly for a few seconds before saying without even thinking

“Young master Claude is young master Claude… I’m the disciple of Master Lao Jerry, so if I must make a relationship, then I could say that to me, Claude was my saviour, but now, he is my friend or partner. Isn’t that right young master Claude!”

“Ah, yep. . . . . .”

*What is going on? Lunaria frowned, why is Claude looking at herself with that constipated look, did she say something wrong?*

Just as she was thinking that, Snow Lily questioned again

“Oh ho~ Then why are you together with Claude every night?” This question truly gave Claude a scary so big that he nearly jumped, just what does Snow mean by that ‘together every night’, the meaning behind that phrase is too deep and too suggestive, and even a pure person like Claude couldn’t resist thinking dirty thoughts.

Wolfus gave Claude yet another look filled with pity.

As for Lunaria, she didn’t even consider the possibility that Snow Lily was trying to bust Claude for cheating on her, and so, Lunaria recalled the reason.

*She and Claude got together every night to practice and plan during the competition, and sometimes, they would practice together way pass nightfall.*

Thinking about just how much Claude helped her out, Lunaria decided to go with the flow and give Claude a few compliments to make him look good in front of his fiance.

“Mmm, not every night, after all, even I can’t take that much. But young master Claude is truly good at it, that strong body of his and that attractive muscular physique makes me feel comfortable every night when we do exercises. Everytime, I am the one to give in first, and Claude would always be left unsatisfied and would do it by himself for a long time afterwards.”

The first to react to this was Wolfus, who looked at Claude with a meaningful look. As for Claude, he currently had a face that looked as if his closest family members all died, and that painful expression on his face was as painful as it gets.

Truth. Everything that Lunaria said was true, but did she have to make it so suggestive?! Anyone with half a brain will think differently, yes the dirty kind.

Snow Lily stood there with her entire body shaking and her hands clenched into fists.

Lunaria had a chill run down her spine. *Why is this little devil angry again?! Didn’t I compliment Claude?!*

But before she could think any more, Snow Lily let out a smile and said

“It’s getting dark today, let’s stop bothering Miss Lunaria and let Miss Lunaria rest.”

“Ah. . . . . .Okay.”

“Mm, then see you tomorrow.”

“See you later, Princess Snow Lily.”

“. . . . . . .” The abrupt ending made Claude’s mind go blank. Snow Lily turned around to look at him and said

“Take me around the Duke’s Mansion, I hear that here is a trading street here, I want to go see.”

“Oh, okay.” thank the heavens that nothing happened. Claude nodded towards Lunaria before following Snow Lily out the doors. As for Wolfus, he gave Lunaria a cold look before following the other two out the door.

Lunaria caught that look full on and thought

*Does that Wolfus person like to glare at people before leaving? Okay I admit it does look really cool, but if he always glares at me, then I’ll look dumb. Oh well! He’s already gone, and I really need some rest. I still need to take care of some stuff on Tyre’s end, but it’s always good to be resting on one side and let my mind relax a bit.*


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