After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 12

Body Technique and Martial Skill

“But KaMing Sir, all you did was bend your body for a second, even though it looked very profound, was that the body technique? Do you just bend over* and wait for the enemy to come over?” Tyre looked at Kaming with a noncommittal look on his face, suspecting that this crab was trying to trick him.

[Jerry: You know what this means, don’t lie.]

Kaming looked at Tyre and the expression on Tyre’s face, becoming even more dissatisfied, he waved his big pincers and growled

“Idiot, this is my self created saint level body method <<Ten Million Body Bending Technique>>, how can it be easily comprehended by a lowly vulgar person. Think about it, if you are in a fight with an enemy, and your body can ignore the laws of inertial and gravity, able to bend as you wish. How terrifying would that be for your enemy!?”

“It is very terrifying, it will feel like one is fighting a ghost. But you just demonstrated it once, so if I was able to learn it from just seeing it once, then doesn’t that mean your body technique is very simple and basic, to the point where anyone can learn it by looking at it?”

“Humph, don’t even think about provoking me, I know exactly what your little brain is thinking and my heart is as clear as a mirror, though……What you said does have some reason to it. Sacred body technique is almost at the same level as the highest body technique of the deities, so how can a mortal learn it just by having it demonstrated once?”

“Highest of Sacred? Shouldn’t it be God level since it’s used by deities?” Tyre retorted without even thinking, making Kaming swing his pincers in annoyance, and answered:

“What god level, other than what us deities call the god’s domain, there is nothing on this world that can be called a godly level weapon, body technique, or martial skill. Even magic that reaches stage 17 is only called [Non-Magic].”

“Oh……so the weapon that the strongest person uses is only Sacred level.”

“En…….up to an extent, I hear that the supreme deity has a weapon that exceeds Sacred level….Hey, you are being too wordy, Tyre. Anyways, back to the main topic. I can accept the reasoning you gave, so I will repeat this for a few times.”

Tyre had no comment on KaMing’s words, because if KaMing didn’t want to teach then he can only bitterly smile, after all, their positions are not at the same level, so he didn’t have the guts to be bargaining with the deity crab.

After ten minutes

“Do you see it clearly now, this move is called <<Return of Heaven and Earth>>, this move comes from my innate skill in using my left and right pincers, and it acts as a supporting martial skill, in a battle, this move will allow you to move both hands independently of each other, giving the enemy the illusion that he is fighting two people instead of one, this benefits of this move goes without saying.”

After demonstrating the move once, Kaming muttered in a low tone

“Next, I will teach you an attacking martial skill, although this will depend on what type of weapon you like to use, for example, blade, spear, sword, halberd, anything…………………wait, HEY!”

KaMing said half the sentence before leaping two meters backwards, looking at Tyre with a weird expression.

“Hey brat, that’s enough! I’ve already said that although that I look magnificent beyond words when i am demonstrating my firm and upright martial skills, but you don’t need to be so excited right, tsk tsk tsk, look at you, you will die from excessive blood loss at this rate.”

“Sir KaMing, *Cough Cough*, give me some time to calm down. Please stop for a bit, for the sake of my last breath.”

“En, I have abundant time, but you must make it quick.”


[Jerry: You’ll understand in a bit ;)]

—————————————-Girl’s Dividing Line————————————–

“Hey, Miss Leah, can you please let me go this once, I… I can’t take it anymore.” Lunaria gave a pitiful look, the clothing that she was wearing were thrown all over the place. Lunaria was huddled in the blankets looking for all the worlds like a maltreated girl.

“Call me Leah Onee-San” Leah said with her hands on hips, standing beside the bed without any clothing on her, but not feeling one bit of shame, oppositely, she had a strict expression on her face, looking like a cheetah ready to prance on its prey.

“Leah, Leah Onee-San.”

Under Leah’s lascivious abuse, Lunaria finally gave in and called in a tone that gave herself goosebumps.

Leah gave a smile, thinking to herself that with this, Lunaria little sis won’t be recalling the bad things that happened in the forest now, add that to the fortune that her hands felt just a moment ago, this is the best plan ever.

“Um, oh yeah, Leah Onee-San.” seeing that Leah briefly stopped, Lunaria quickly picked up the black rock next to the bed and asked:

“What is this stone, why does pressing it make a person popout.”

“This is called Magic Picture Stone, En…….Although the name has the word stone in it, it is actually not made from stone, but from the backbone of a certain illusion demon kind of magic beast. After some signs are carved on it by a magician, you can receive the broadcast from that area.” Leah explained in detail to Lunaria, then gently pressed the stone and instantly, a picture showed up.

“Broadcast?” Lunaria didn’t understand, could what she had seen be called a broadcast?

“Generally speaking, it is basically events such as the wedding of a certain prince with some princess, or when an area’s [Protector] Killed a demon king, as long as the news is interesting or important, the broadcast will have it. There are also some quality broadcasts that are ran 24 hours on a danger area to increase the view rate”

“View Rate? what good does that do?”

“There are a lot of benefits.” Leah extended a jade like finger and slightly squinted her eyes, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had nothing on her, then she might have seemed like a teacher.

“The first thing is the flow of information, this is good for the entire world, because not long ago, people were still relying on messengers, and that can be the difference between life and death for important information that needs to reach somewhere separated by several hundred thousand kilometers of mountains and rivers. Now, people can communicate through Magic Voice Stones, passing informations across several hundred thousand kilometers instantly, this can be said to be one of the greatest advancement in human history. The second benefit lies in commerce, for example…………..”

“Oh, I think I know why it’s important now Leah Oneesan, but before you continue, you should put on your cloths or else you might catch a cold.” Lunaria tried to change the topic when she saw that Leah was not going to stop anytime soon.

Leah waved her hands and said without care

“I am upper stage [Qi Harmony] fighter, this bit of cold won’t make me catch a cold, so don’t worry~”

“No…………I still feel………..”Tyre said in a small voice, but thinking inside, seeing you making different poses while wearing nothing is like making me undergo hellish training every second!

[t/l Author used Tyre here, basically means Tyre’s concentration is 90% in Lunaria and 10% in Tyre while Tyre’s side is bleeding out.


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