After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Repercussions
Translated By: Naervon

“Power of Space! Tyre, you. . . . . . .” LongTu sounded strangely shocked and even the way that she looked at Tyre changed. But the cold faced man did not change his expression in the slightest as he stood there in the rubble, not even bothering to clean the grass and dirt off of himself, because, in his calculations, these factors pose no threat to his life, so there was no need to commit energy to the act of cleaning them off.
“Do not be surprised, I only calculated the vectors for the forces of law itself.”

People always say that if one person wishes to possess a certain power, then they will need to have that talent to even have the possibility of succeeding, just like the ability to use the power of space requires the user to have a high affinity for space. Nicole is a martial artist, but her affinity for space was very high, so in her early years of cultivation, she was able to comprehend her own space attributed techniques. But, Tyre did something completely different, he used his terrifying calculation ability to perceive all the elemental forces around him, and calculate the very law of the elements, and from that, he was able to easily find the weak spot between realities and shatter that point through a simple vibration technique, thus creating the black hole!
“Law. . . . . Isn’t that something only deities can control. . . . . . .”

“Is that so?” Tyre questioned in a monotone voice, shocking LongTu even more. Tyre saw LongTu’s confusion so he explained
“Let me give you an example. If someone possesses an extremely high affinity and talent for the power of space, then that person will be able to rely on his instincts and effort to create his own space related techniques. As for me, I only have to calculate the model and pattern of the person’s affinity for the power of space and then use it myself by re-adjusting the different factors for my own body.”
“. . . . . .”
“This state of mine is only temporary, and Eyes of the Soul is only an intermediate step to awaken this state.”
“. . . . . . .”

“I know what you wish to say, but I had already planned for this outcome and that was why I had you stay with me.”
The reason that Tyre explained so much to LongTu was because he had calculated LongTu’s personality and based on the resulted, he only had to tell LongTu the basics of what was happening in order to have her stand on his side. The other choice was to stay silent and have LongTu guess wildly, which will eventually lead into a fight.
Tyre knew that LongTu wore 5 rings on her left hand, and when she took off one ring, her cultivation rose to emperor stage dou qi. If she considers her life to be in danger, then even Tyre could not calculate a regressive prediction based on his current knowledge of what will happen if LongTu takes off all five rings. The power that she will possess will definitely be out of his current abilities to deal with, and his calculations all estimated her strength to be at least around the level of a titled emperor stage, so becoming enemies with her was definitely not a good idea.

“From my calculations based on my body’s current situation, I am only able to maintain this state for 15 seconds, after which I will suffer an immense backlash, so I will be in your care.”
As Tyre finished his sentence, his entire body went rigid. Before LongTu could even react, Tyre had already fell on the ground with his body spasming all over, as if he had a seizure.
The terrifying pressure that make her soul feel as if it was being oppressed by the might of the abyss disappeared, and it was then that LongTu finally knew for sure that Tyre had exited that state. She hurried over to Tyre’s body and knelt down. She extended her fingers and gently measured Tyre’s pulse on his wrist, but the extremely rapid pulse made her frown deeply. LongTu made a fist with her left hand and punched Tyre’s chest
Pugilist technique, Soul Essence.

Ring~ the toll of a bell rang out as if a bell was sounded inside of Tyre’s body. Following the sound, Tyre’s dying cells begin to rapidly divide and replace the withered and dead muscles in Tyre’s body. But the speed of cell death outweighed the speed of healing. LongTu sighed and made a fist once more with her right fist, then she punched Tyre in his stomach.
Pugilist technique, Power of Will.
With this punch, LongTu’s body suddenly shook, and LongTu’s face contorted slightly, as if she was under extreme pain. As for Tyre’s body on the ground, it started to heal rapidly. The spread of dying cells no longer outpaced the rate of new cell division, and after just a small while, Tyre’s body recovered completely.
“*Cough Cough*” LongTu coughed with her face pale white. She shook her head and watched Tyre as he breathed evenly. LongTu let out a breath that she didn’t realize that she was holding and said
“Idiot, you owe me a life!”

When Tyre woke up, his head was racked with pain, and just when he was about to clutch his head with his hands, he suddenly felt his chest suffocate with pressure, and the mulch in his stomach traveled up his esophagus and back out his mouth in a extreme regurgitation.
*Extreme puking ~~~~*
Seeing Tyre in such an embarrassing state, LongTu felt refreshed just watching him.
As Tyre puked his guts out, he gradually recovered his ability to think, and as his mind recovered, the memories of what just happened also started to come back to him.
Tyre couldn’t resist but ask himself, was that cold and emotionless man who perceived the world as nothing more than calculations and predictions really himself?
He did not doubt that in that state, if LongTu had any hostile indications towards himself, he would not hesitate to kill her.
This fact alone give him chills, because he himself would never even consider killing LongTu, let only for the simple reason of self interest.
Also, despite the fact that he was able to gain that terrifyingly powerful calculation ability, so powerful that he could create black holes at will, the after effects and strain on his body is not something that his body can take. If LongTu did not use her strange healing techniques to save himself, then he would probably be no better than dead or even worse.
At the same time, in a different place, Lunaria was also throwing up uncontrollably, causing the maids outside to panic at this sudden situation.

“How do you feel right now? Better?” LongTu watched this interesting scene behind him, but still asked Tyre. She had also covered up her pale white face so that Tyre could not see anything wrong with her.
The sorry dog of a man wiped the ‘meal leftovers’ off of his chin. He stood up and turned around to face LongTu, saying
“What happened just then, thanks.”
“No problem, after all, I was able to see something interesting.”
“Umm. . . . . .”
“I know, I won’t tell.”
“Mm. . . . . Then. . . . . . .”
“So eager to get rid of someone who just saved your life, sheesh.”

“. . . . . . .”
“You can’t really mean that right. . .” LongTu hugged her chest and glared at the person in front of her with a mopey look, but what she didn’t know was that no too far away in another room, Claude arrived at Lunaria’s room in a rush, and along with him, the little devil called Snow Lily.
“. . . .. . .


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