After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Eyes of the Soul, Open!
Translated By: Naervon
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“Oh yeah, since you taught me how to use eyes of the soul not long ago, I want to try it out before you go, so if I make any mistakes you can catch it and correct me.” Tyre said while staring at LongTu, who only came up to his chest, but unexpectedly, she pouted her little mouth and crossed her arms
“I said it before and I’ll say it again, I only teach once. You’re breaking the rules here.”
“Eh, but I didn’t ask for you to teach me, only that you correct me if I make any mistakes. Of course, only if you want to.”
“Even if you say that. . . . .”
“Okay. LongTu, please watch my back.”

Tyre had already memorized each step of how to use Eyes of the soul to heart, he only wanted LongTu watching him to prevent any accidents.
After all, if he manages to successfully use Eyes of the Soul and cut off all connections from Lunaria, then the terrifying concentration and calculation power would all be focused on Tyre and at that time, there might be an accident, and that accident will very likely be ‘overload’.
What does ‘overload’ mean exactly? If you are talking about engineering overloading, then it means pushing beyond what is specified, for example, a motor is only rated to go to a maximum of 240 miles per hour and you push it to 300, that might break the motor or cause a meltdown, or even strip the gears. This overload will cause the motor to reach its limits and go even further beyond, and eventually result in the destruction of the motor. Tyre was afraid of just that, because if he ‘overloads’ himself to the point of breaking down, then the likelihood of him becoming a plant person or even causing himself to go into a coma is very likely, so that is not a chance he was willing to take.
Also, LongTu is way more powerful than your average army breaker stage martial artist, and it should go without saying that she also has a very terrifying perception. So if anything does happen and he himself cannot control the situation, then she will most likely help him out, and this is also another unconscious sign of just how much Tyre trusts LongTu.
*Deep breathing*
On Lunaria’s side, she was already securely in bed, and at the same time, she also took a deep breath.
And then…

“Now then, I’m starting.”
As Tyre finished his words, a vividly blue pupil appeared above his head. LongTu watched all this with a serious expression and stayed silent.
Tyre was way past the point of having the spare thoughts of checking LongTu’s reaction, because he was focusing on the task at hand.
Lunaria’s sense of sight, Cut!
Lunaria’s sense of touch, Cut!
Lunaria’s sense of smell, Cut!
Lunaria’s . . . . .
As each sense was cut-off, Tyre’s brain begin to rapidly process, and what originally took 10 seconds to cut off a sense now only took less than 1 second.
Finally, his connection to Lunaria, Cut!
If anyone were to check on Lunaria at this moment, they would discover that she is no different from a cold corpse.

Tyre suddenly look up, as if something heavy struck his head, and that force made him take several steps back until he was supported by LongTu.
“What is it Tyre!” LongTu felt something off, so she asked urgently, but Tyre only frowned and his eyes spun under his eyelids before he opened them slowly.
“I am fine, LongTu.” Tyre’s voice sounded cold and emotionless. Hearing this voice, LongTu’s entire body froze as her instinct screamed danger at her.
Both of Tyre’s eyes were like the abyss itself as he turned around to look at LongTu
“Are you doubting me?”
“You . . . . .” LongTu was just about to speak when Tyre suddenly cut her off saying
“Who are you, and where did Tyre go? That is what you want to ask me right.”
LongTu’s pupils immediately shrunk to pin points when she heard that, because that was exactly what she was about to ask.

Her battle senses honed from countless battles over the years screamed at her, telling her that whatever awoken inside of Tyre right now was way too dangerous, and even back when she was still in the holy dragon empire, she had never experienced a danger as strong as this. LongTu felt like she was facing the abyss itself!
“Don’t be afraid, LongTu. I am still Tyre.”
Tyre’s calm yet cold tone did not calm LongTu down one bit, and she unconsciously took a step back. Seeing her attitude towards himself, Tyre let out a slight smile. This small smile eased the tense mood, and sensing the danger lessen, LongTu ceased her steps and stopped thinking of escape.
*Smiles are bridges to friendship* Tyre coldly calculated in his head, predicting and analysing everything
*There are 17 bats flying, one crashed on the glass window belonging to the residence of Mrs. Midar, who moved here recently from second world country Spilf.*
*Outside the alleyway, within a 100 meter radius, judging by the sound of footsteps and vibrations from clothing rubbing against other clothing, there should be exactly one thousand three hundred and twenty seven humans, forty one dogs, seven cats, and two horse drawn carriages with one horse to each.*
*Judging by the concentration of the elemental forces and the density of elemental force particles, there are five magicians nearby, and judging by the dou qi auras, there are two hundred and ninety six martial artists.*

Tyre’s calculation abilities were at an all time high, calculating the data from just auditory signals and other information gained from his bodily senses. Tyre turned his attention as well as his calculation abilities onto LongTu’s body.

*Body Heigh 144cm, Bust Size 71cm, Waist 52cm, Hip 79cm. According to the differential patterns gathered from attire, shadow refraction, luminosity, air flow and dou qi release vectors, her underwear should be black in color. Her panties should also be black in color with a small bear stitched into the corner. . . . .* {tl: for those interested}

“Tyre, your nose is bleeding.” LongTu said as a chill ran down her spin, but seeing Tyre’s state, she couldn’t resist asking.
Tyre wiped off the blood and answered in a cold voice
“For the safety of my life, I will refrain from any and all explanation.”

“LongTu.” Tyre saw that LongTu was being cautious of himself again, so he suddenly called out
“I know the reason for this change, but, I cannot tell you.”
“You, must understand.”

The machine like tone and voice added to the command like sentences coming out from Tyre felt like the words of a emotionless god who can make things happen just by words alone, or that’s how LongTu felt when she heard Tyre’s words. Taking another careful look, LongTu gradually found that even though Tyre was really dangerous still, but he didn’t have any killing intent or bad intentions towards her, and just this alone was enough for LongTu to not leave, because she was truly curious about the current form of Tyre.
“Looks like you’ve made up your mind.”
Tyre slightly nodded, and turned his attention to his own body.
Letting go of his perception, Tyre could only feel things within a 1 meter radius around himself. This was because of his qi cultivation limits. As a lower qi harmony, his perception was extremely weak.
But, within this 1 meter radius, Tyre seemed to be able to feel everything.
Without thinking, Tyre poked in mid air with his index finger.
With that poke, a black hole appeared suddenly at the tip of his finger.

Just when LongTu was processing how Tyre was able to suddenly poke a hole in the air, she was enveloped by a strong pulling force. Not only LongTu, but everything in the vicinity was pulled at an extremely high speed towards the hole in front of Tyre’s finger. Rocks dislodged from the ground and grasses teared their way out of the earth, even LongTu lost contact with the ground as the force pulled her into the air, scaring her pale white. Tyre emotionlessly reached out and grabbed the hole with his hand, causing the black hole to immediately disperse and with it, the terrifying pulling force, leaving behind a scene of destruction.
LongTu landed on her feet, standing on solid ground but with her face pale white and drained of blood.


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