After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Experiement  
Translated By: Naervon

“Hmmm, you’re right!” Ghost Slayer nodded his head idiotically, and his silly looks made Sand Sword smile even more widely
“You must know, Sir Tyre has this unusual charm, stronger than any that I have seen so far, and even though Ma’am LongTu is a very strong individual, she doesn’t have any advantages in front of Sir Tyre, so getting attracted towards him is unavoidable.”
“So that’s how is is! Then, could Ma’am LongTu be our teacher’s wife?” Ghost Slayer’s eyes shone with excitement, showing his great respect for Sand Sword and his sharp deductions.
The weathered Sand Sword took in the complement with a smile as he shook his head
“Sir Tyre didn’t admit to the fact that we are his disciples, so where do you come up with teacher’s wife. Also, do you think a powerful individual would stop with only one wife?”
“You can’t mean. . . . .”
“Ha ha.” Sand Sword gave a small chuckle and said
“Let’s wait and see.”

As LongTu walked down the stairs with Tyre, her golden hair color and her unique outfit instantly attracted the looks of the people sitting in the room of the first floor. Tyre frowned and quickly led LongTu out of there. When he reached the street outside of the tavern and wanted to head back inside, LongTu tugged his hand and dragged him into a little alley to the side of the tavern with her terrifying strength.
Tyre had originally thought that Snow Lily had a rude way of dragging people, but now it looks like he needs to update the record, because if it wasn’t for the fact that he could use the second bend, then just that drag from LongTu would’ve caused a dent in the ground, yes a dent that Tyre’s face would fit perfectly into.
“What is so important that you must drag me all the way out here! Also, can’t you be a little more gentle?” Tyre complained, but his words landed on empty air.
In the empty alleyway, LongTu stood a little ways away from Tyre and started to pry up the stone from the paved ground.

After just a little while, an entire section of the alleyway was demolished and a bunch of stone tiles were rearranged by LongTu into complex looking patterns that made Tyre dizzy just from looking at it.
“What is this?”
“This is a sealing formation, and I pulled you here just to do a little test to see if I had guessed right.” LongTu answered without even looking up from her actions of demolishing and rearranging rock slabs, but her simple words instantly got Tyre’s attention. Because Tyre was already really puzzled by this, and since LongTu had voiced her doubts earlier, Tyre recalled many strange things during his fights in the competition. No matter if it was his fight against Chelsea or his fight against D.Zi, both times, the formation broke like a fragile eggshell in front of him.
Just as he finished his thoughts, he saw LongTu standing back up and nodding her head at her work. As she patted the dirt off of her hands, she said
“This is a miniature version of the Radiant world formation, stick you hand in there, if your hand evaporates then I’ll know that you don’t have immunity to formations, but if your hand is fine, then my guess is right.”

“Long, Miss LongTu, no Ma’am LongTu, why do I get the feeling that my life is on the line for this…experiment of yours.”
“Why, you got any objections?”
“Um, if it is possible, I hope I get to object to this.”
“Ha ha ha.” LongTu laughed in a small voice, then waved her hands
“I’m kidding, relax, this is only a simple energy gathering formation, just try it out.”
After hearing that, Tyre calmed down and relaxed a bit, because he had guess that LongTu was only playing around with him, but it was always better to be cautious. Being reassured that it was okay, Tyre stuck his arm into the formation under the expecting looks coming from LongTu. The formation’s light aura gathered above Tyre’s hand and spun only half a circle before vanishing in a poof and nothing else happened after that. Tyre blinked his eyes, looked at this hands, then looked at his arm. He turned his head and looked at LongTu.

LongTu propped up her chin and fell in deep thoughts, muttering to herself
“Mini Radiant World formation couldn’t stand up to his talents. . . . looks like the experiment was successful.”
“Wait wait, what did you just say? Didn’t you say that this was a energy gathering formation? Why is it back to radiant world?!” Tyre’s face went pale white and asked with a trembling voice. LongTu quirked her mouth and said as if it was the most natural thing in the world
“If I didn’t tell you it was a energy gathering formation, would you willingly stick your hand in there? Mah, we already have the results, the process isn’t so important now right? Just ignore process and let the it vanish with the wind.”
*What do you mean just let it vanish!* Tyre screamed inside, *Is LongTu trying to assassinate him? If he didn’t have this talent then doesn’t that mean he’ll have to live the rest of his life as a cripple?!*
“LongTu, I think that we should do less dangerous experiments from now on, otherwise I might be useless for anymore experiments if one goes wrong.”

“Don’t worry about it. If I need to test out something later we can talk about it then.” LongTu answered without thinking about it too much, but then she turned serious and said
“Your talent of immunity to formations probably reached a level that even 15th stage magic can’t do anything to you, this is your advantage, and in a battle against a sealing master or someone that uses sealing magic, then you have the upper hand. But, also because of this talent of yours, you will become the number one enemy to all sealing masters or anyone who relies on sealing magic. If anyone learns of this, then you might be targeted for assassination, or even worst, targeted as an experimental subject, in which case you might be captured alive then dragged off somewhere to be dissected and examined.”
Hearing this, Tyre couldn’t help but get goosebumps all over. *Even death sounds better than that! How am I supposed to use this ability in public now knowing this?!*
“You must use it with caution. . . . .”LongTu warned Tyre in a serious tone, and Tyre could only nod his head, after all, even if LongTu didn’t warn him, he will still be very cautious.
“Oh yeah. LongTu, since you’re here at the duke’s mansion, you might as well tell the officials about the transportation formation from Miliac Kingdom.” Tyre suddenly recalled this matter. Since he can’t tell them as Lunaria due to complications, why not have LongTu tell them, because LongTu is different, as long as she makes up a believable excuse and gets the duchy to send someone to investigate, then this plot will fail on its own.
But LongTu shook her head.

“I’ve already reported this, and it was directly to Duke Falysses.”
“He laughed, and left me with these words: ‘This, is also an extra performance for my feast’. So I’m quite interested to see what will happen.” LongTu’s words caused a chill to run down Tyre’s back
Of course, who was Duke Falysses, a bonafide Duke. Even if Miliac Kingdom did its best to hide its plans, not everything will be hidden from the Duchy’s eyes, and even if Miliac decided to suddenly attack, it will only become an ‘unexpected performance’ to the Duke.


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