After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Interesting
Translated By: Naervon

“Tyre, you seemed a little distracted when you were battling.” LongTu walked side by side with Tyre on the wide streets, at first Tyre hesitated, but then he answered
“Yeah. . . ” There wasn’t any excuses, because his focus was split in half in order to maintain both bodies, himself as Tyre and himself as Lunaria, even if his multitasking abilities are out of this world, he still have little issues here and there, causing him to be distracted easily. Even though the distractions don’t affect him much, but this is easily observed by powerful individuals such as LongTu.
“Do you want me to teach you a move? I think it’ll be of use to you.”
“Oh? What move?”
“Eyes of the Soul from the Heart flow style, one of the Eight Hearts and Three Wills, as famous as Soul of flowing water and Soul garment. Its main use is to focus your concentration, and cut off all unnecessary senses, even pain signals can be blocked for a short while!”
“Then isn’t this a style technique? Can you even separate it and teach it all by itself?”

“Other people can’t, but I’m different.” LongTu puffed out her small chest as she said this, then she continued
“So do you want to learn it or not?”
“Of course I want to learn it.” Tyre was just in need of something with those effects, because back during his fight with D.Zi, he cut off as much focus from Lunaria as he could and pooled his all his focus on Tyre to possess that terrifying calculation and comprehension abilities, and because of that, he was able to successfully pull off the third stance of Heaven’s Sword Ensemble, but he knows that doing it like he did was nothing but sheer luck and unorthodox at best. If he was able to use Eyes of the soul to cut off everything on Lunaria’s side, then all his concentration would return to Tyre’s body and it must be noted, that even a deity was shocked by his powerful mental capacity. If all of his mental focus were to re-unite and become whole again, then he can just imagine how powerful it will be.
Suddenly, Tyre felt as if he found a path for a really powerful technique!

“Okay then, listen up.” LongTu looked at Tyre and said calmly.
Tyre felt really strange at LongTu’s actions and questioned
“LongTu, I must say, first you gift me a katana, and then you cheer for me in the fight and now you are teaching me martial techniques, could it be that you need my help for something?”
“. . . . . . .” LongTu’s expression froze but her slender leg didn’t, for she swiftly kicked Tyre, so fast her leg cracked the air like a whip
“Ouch!” Tyre cried out as LongTu almost sent him flying with her random kick. The mercenaries and the little elf was almost scared witless by the sudden commotion, only Sand Sword half closed his eyes, as if seeing through everything, and ducked his head a bit.
“Idiot Tyre, do you want to learn or not!”

“Learn learn learn, of course I’ll learn.” Tyre hurried back to his spot in front of LongTu, but seeing the reactions of the people behind him, his face gradually reddened in embarrassment
“What are you laughing at, learning is never ending. I might seem very skilled, but there are so much more that I need to learn, same goes for all of you.”
“Yes.” The mercenaries dropped their smiles, the little elf blinked her eyes and looked at everyone before reacting slowly and closed her mouth too.
LongTu stifled a giggle before coughing and saying to Tyre
“I will only say this once, explain this once, and demonstrate once. You need to pay close attention, if you don’t get it, then don’t blame me.”
“Okay.” Tyre nodded his head in determination, and said
“Please start.”

“Alright, let’s stop here for today. Also since you all are living in such a run down place, I’ll stop bothering you all.” LongTu said with her hands on her hips, then left with a small chuckle. Tyre didn’t ask her to stay for the night, after all, based on LongTu’s personality, she would probably beat him up for asking.
“Okay, then I’ll walk you out.” Tyre got up and walked out the room with her, LongTu nodded her head and headed down the stairs with Tyre.
Seeing the two leave, Ghost slayer let out a breath of relief and plotted down onto the wooden floorboards.
“I’m bummed, Ma’am LongTu’s pressure is so scary.”
“I agree. Only someone strong like Sir Tyre can talk to Ma’am LongTu without feeling pressured.” Sand Sword expressed his agreement and nodded his head, then he added
“Ghost Slayer, actually, saying this right now is a little subjective, don’t you feel that Ma’am LongTu is acting a little weird?”
“Weird? Do you mean the fact that Ma’am LongTu looks like a Loli but acts like our big sis?”

“No, but don’t let Ma’am LongTu hear you say this, or I promise your head will fly higher than a【Magic Ball】in a professional ball game.”
“Hahaha, I’m just kidding, don’t take me seriously.” Ghost Slayer hurriedly explained. His heart rate shot up after hearing Sand Sword’s scary words. Sand Sword watched and said nothing, only smiled and shook his head.
“I don’t have the rights to tell you what to do. Actually, I feel that Ma’am LongTu seems to have feelings for Sir Tyre.”
“Feelings? Feelings!!!” Ghost Slayer repeated blankly at first, then he almost jumped up with the revelation. He rapidly scooted his way over to Sand Sword’s side and asked
“You mean, do you mean that kind of feeling?”
“What do you think?”

“Wwah! That is so interesting! How did you find out about this big bro Sand Sword?”
Sand Sword coughed then sat down on a chair, he picked up an empty wine glass and started twirling it in his hand. Seeing this, Ghost Slayer instantly went and grabbed a bottle of wine and poured Sand Sword a full cup of red wine. Sand Sword slowly savoured a sip before slowly speaking
“Just think about it, it’s just as Sir Tyre had said when we were all back out on the streets. First, Ma’am LongTu gifted him a katana, then ignored the weird looks people were giving her to cheer for Tyre, and now she is teaching him her secret techniques. Most importantly, have you seen her eyes? You might know this because you are still young, but I am very familiar with that type of eyes, those aren’t the eyes of someone looking at a friend.”


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