After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Strolling
Translated By: Naervon

Lao Jerry’s warning scared the living daylights out of Lunaria and her back was drenched in cold sweat, because she could tell that he was dead serious. If she really did betray the duchy, then her ending would not be as pleasant as her convenient senior brother.
“Yes, disciple will never betray the duchy!”
Lunaria’s determined voice seemed to soothe the old Lao Jerry, for his frown disappeared somewhat and he smiled once more. He walked over to Lunaria and used his big hands to smooth our Lunaria’s hair and pat her head.
“As long as you do not betray the duchy, then I will cover for all your mistakes that you made during the competition as well as help you with your secrets. I only wish you to grow into your powers faster.”
“Master, I . . . . . .”
“What is it?”

“No, it’s nothing……” She decided to keep silent about Miliac’s impending attack on the duchy, because she could not risk revealing Tyre.
“Then you may go rest, the death of a deity is a big thing, and we need to settle the qualms before the feast begins.”
“Yes, then I will take my leave.”

“Ma’am Lunaria, you finally came out.” Noah was waiting outside the great hall of magic for Lunaria, and as soon as she walked out, he rushed up to her. Lunaria silently sighed, thinking this burr is going to be hard to get rid of, looks like she is going to be stuck with this sticky piece of gum for a long time.
But, she might as well just let things play out.
After that life and death situation not too long ago, Lunaria saw life in a different light and saw things more clearly, and her original carefulness and stubbornness on things changed. She smiled and walked past Noah, her obvious change in attitude gave Noah some doubts, could she finally admits to having me as a follower?
“It’s getting late, Noah, you should go and rest.”
“Yes. . . . Ma’am Lunaria should also get some rest and take care of your body more.”

“What do I need to take care of? Do you really think that I am an old man and need to care that much?” Lunaria laughed and shook her head and gently pushed Noah
“Go already.”
“Yes, Ma’am Lunaria, see you tomorrow.”
“See you.”
Lunaria watched Noah’s back as he walked away while muttering to herself quietly
*I don’t know if you will live through the assault on the Duchy from Miliac, is keeping silent really the right thing to do . . . .*
*But if I tell, then I risk exposing myself, and that risk will eventually turn around to herself as Lunaria. I need to avoid this happening no matter what, even if it means the destruction of the entire Duchy. . . . .*
“Lunaria.” a clear voice sounded from behind her back, and when she turned to look she saw the person who spoke smile at her.
“What is it big sis Leah?” Lunaria acutely caught the stiff posture that Leah was holding, and picked up that Leah didn’t call her lil sis this time.
Leah turn her back to Lunaria to look at the clear starry skies and said

“Take a stroll with me.”
“. . . . .” Lunaria nodded her head but did not reply. She jogged over to Leah’s side and the two started to walk slowly side by side.
The moon’s rays scattered over the gravel, and even though it is night, the servants of the mansion are still bustling here and there, never resting. Lunaria knew that the servants took turns being on shift so they aren’t really tired or overworked. The normally empty and not often used hall of magic was like there, then the other halls and areas are probably the same way or more populated with people, especially the hall of side professions, because that was the biggest section of the entire place, offering support for almost every profession there is, and the trading street there is also one of the busiest places in the mansion. Basically, anything that you need you can find it there, as long as you have the money to buy it.
The martial arts area wasn’t as busy as the hall of side professions, but compared to the hall of magic, it was obviously more populated, but the population consisted of big burly men in nothing but boxers wrestling with each other. In the training field, the magic night light stones lit up the place for night use as people discussed with each other and practiced. People in there ranged anywhere from qi harmony to army breaker talking and practicing with each other in peace, and even emperor stage people dotted the place here and there, sometimes one would give pointers and help answer cultivation issues for the others, the entire place seemed a place of harmony and peace. Despite the massive power gap between the people in there, Lunaria did not feel any out of place or looking down upon between them.
The military zone was off limits to non-related people, but Lunaria could probably get in there if she asked, but since she didn’t have that interest, they just walked past it.
Finally, they reached the core area together in silence.

“Lunaria, what do you think of young master Claude. . . . .”
“?” Lunaria raise a brow thinking big sis Leah, did you really want to ask me this entire time?!
“You really look like you didn’t understand. . . .” Leah muttered in a really small voice, but her low mood also effect Lunaria and made her feel uncomfortable.
“Big sis Leah, I’m kind of slow sometimes, so if you really want to ask me, then you have to ask it clearly before I can think of an answer.”
. . . . . More silence, Leah finally shook her head. She really wanted to ask Lunaria, but she lost her courage.
“It’s nothing, I only feel kind of uncomfortable, thanks for strolling with me lil sis Lunaria, I feel much better now.”

“No problem. . . . . as long as big sis Leah is happy.” Even though she said that, Lunaria could feel that Leah did not get any better in mood.
It could be she’s having her period, mah, that’s not something she could help with, Leah would have to deal with that herself. Lunaria pumped her little fist and thought of when she first encountered that problem and panicked, thinking that she would die from internal trauma, if it wasn’t for the all knowing specter stone web of knowledge, she probably would have to go plea for help from a girl servant or Leah.

“Could it be it’s your period? This is a very serious matter! Quick, take off your pants and let me see! Taking such a long walk with me, big sis Leah, this is very important, it could have leaked out already, I just happen to have some napkins with me, please…. Please allow me to take care of this!!!”
“It’s not that, you misunderstand lil sis Lunaria… You look strange, are you okay? Your face is flushed red, did you catch a fever?”
“>.> . . . ” Lunaria’s face was expressionless as she put the napkins back in her dress pocket, and then as if thinking of something, she started patting her hands together and saying
“Big sis Leah, actually, my period just came, but because I was just accompanying you on a stroll so…….”


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