After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Warning
Translated By: Naervon

Lunaria’s heart skipped a beat, thinking *Master, can you not be so straightforward?!*
“Em. . . . . that is, uh, not bad I guess.”
“What do you mean by not bad.” Lao Jerry had a expression between crying and laughing as he closed the tomb and looked at Lunaria. He walked to the book shelf and put up the tomb.
“Lunaria, do you have enough time to listen to an old man’s story of something that happened in his past?”
Lunaria thought about what Lao Jerry meant by that, could he be trying to give herself a warning through the story? If it’s so, then everything should be fine, because she didn’t hold any negative thoughts about the duke or the duchy.
“Please go ahead master.”
Lao Jerry looked at Lunaria with kindness on his face as he randomly picked out a green covered magic tomb and started reading it with interest, but his mouth didn’t stop.

“It was about 90 years ago, when your master, I, took in a disciple, his name was called Darven, yes, you heard me right, the same name as the founder of the Xavier duchy itself. His birth was also clean and his background simple, just a normal little orphaned beggar on the streets who would sometimes do some dirty work in the poor region of the city to make a living.”
Lao Jerry shook his head as if recalling something funny, his eyes showing reminiscence.
“One day, he was chased in front of me with some military people behind him, and at that time, this brat held on to my pants for dear life while begging for me to save him. I don’t know if he recognized me to prompt his actions, but that was what he did.”
“So master ended up rescuing him?” Lunaria asked with some hesitation.
“Do I look like that type of saintly person?” Lao Jerry looked at Lunaria with a smile on his face, making Lunaria think to herself, master you don’t look like it, you are.
“At the time, I saw that his elemental affinity was very high, so I took him under my wing. After arriving at the Duchy, he was extremely behaved as well, and got along with everyone. Everyone liked that little brat… sadly, the good days did not last long.” Lao Jerry gave a sigh, and everytime he would think of this, his mood would fall.

“I raised him for nearly 40 years, only, I ended up teaching and raising a spy and a traitor for the enemy kingdom.”
Spy? Lunaria raised a brow, this spy is way too professional, to stay and be cared for by the duke’s mansion and the people in it for over 40 year then to betray them all in cold blood….
“I know what you are thinking.” Lao Jerry sighed again, his entire person lost the sharp and liveliness that he normally possess as he calmly spoke out
“Stage 15 magic, Curse of Sealing. Have you heard of it?”
“I don’t know.”

“The principles behind it are very simple, basically, the king of Miliac brainwashed Darvan when he was small and then sealed up all his knowledge of his past with a curse of sealing, perfect to the point that even a deity will have a hard time discovering any traces. When Miliac finally decided that the time was ripe, the seal was lifted and the entire duchy fell into chaos. It wasn’t until the deities from the duchy showed up did he escape with a transportation scroll.”
Miliac? Miliac kingdom again, looks like the relationship between these two places is one between mortal enemies. Thinking back on that transportation formation that she saw earlier, Lunaria considered telling Lao Jerry about that discovery.
“Do you understand the meaning behind my story now?” Lao Jerry suddenly looked towards Lunaria with a piercing look, making her shiver and unconsciously backup a step.
“I understand, but please be assured master, I really have nothing. . . . . .”

Wait, Lunaria suddenly had a flash of insight.
Stage 15 sealing magic, sealing memories until the time is ripe. . . . .
This is so similar to her current situation, could it be that her entry to Xavier Duchy did not happen by chance?

Oh yeah! When she first met Claude, he was just on the way back, and ‘rescued’ her by chance and took her back to the duchy.
If one supposes that she really was a brainwashed spy of Miliac kingdom, then everything would make sense.
Lunaria couldn’t help but feel even colder as she thought along this line of thinking, her body gradually numbed as she thought of the implications, could she really be a spy sent to the duchy by Miliac kingdom?
Just at this time, Lao Jerry snapped the tomb up with a sudden motion, and said with a serious tone
“Lunaria, I will only ask you one thing. Will you ever do anything to harm the duchy?”
“No, I won’t.” Lunaria said with a racing heart beat, but her expression was very determined, because she really didn’t have any thoughts of harming the duchy.
“Then that is good, because you are my last disciple and I do not planning on accepting anymore. Lunaria, you must remember your words today. If someday you commit the same sins as Darvan” Lao Jerry’s aura suddenly changed and the killing intent gathered from countless years of battle came crashing towards Lunaria, causing her face to drain of blood and become pale white.

“No matter if you hide in the sky or under the ground, no matter if you escape to Miliac or to the Empire’s capital, I Lao Jerry Hope God, will hunt you down and kill you with all my remaining life.”


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