After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Congratulations
Translated By: Naervon

“Ma’am Lunaria, congratulations on taking the championship!” Noah welcomed Lunaria and Claude’s return with his pubescent voice. Because he has been following behind Lunaria closely for the past few months, his branch family status has been steadily on the rise, so his stone like face had some more life to it now.
“Little sis Lunaria, young master Claude, you’ve worked hard.”
Leah’s face was a little stiff as she greeted them.
Lunaria was a little puzzled by Leah’s expression, but she didn’t ask about this small matter, and accepted Leah’s smile for what it was.
“I really didn’t expect to win number 1, so this should be credited to young master Claude.”

“No, I am only gilding the lily here.” even though Claude said this, he was still very happy to hear Lunaria’s complement, especially since Lunaria felt happy about the victory. Lunaria gave a small smile then she suddenly detected the change of Noah’s aura, she hesitated.
“Wow, how long has it been, you’ve already reached upper【Qi Harmony】.”
“Haha. . . .” Noah scratched his head in embarrassment, but as a very straightforward person, he faced Lunaria and said straight out.

“It is all thanks to Ma’am Lunaria and your big golden leg that my branch family was able to gain status in the clan, and I was able to receive a dou qi crystal stone. That’s how I broke through my bottleneck so fast.”
“Little guy, you should speak with some restraint, young master Claude is here still.” Lunaria shook her head with a expression between crying and laughing. Even though she said this, she also knew inside that Claude wasn’t the type to care about this.
Claude gave a small smile and chose to ignore what was being said, because this type of thing happened a lot everywhere, and since this wasn’t any harm to Lunaria, he didn’t bother to care about it.
Lunaria finally noticed something strange with Leah and could not hold her questions back anymore
“Big sis Leah?”

“. . . . .”
“Bit sis Leah?”
“Ah? What, what is it?” Leah jumped from Lunaria’s sudden question, and immediately stopped daydreaming to answer. Lunaria frowned and exchanged glances with both Noah and Claude before opening her mouth and speaking once more
“I should be the one to ask that. From the moment when we got here, big sis Leah, you were acting as if you were worried about something, what happened?”
“No, there isn’t anything happening. I mean just look at me, I’m fine aren’t I? Also, I broke through to army breaker stage just recently, and I feel especially fine, and and I can’t way to go on a bounty hunt.” Leah waved her arms exaggeratedly as she spoke with excitement on her face. Seeing Leah in such high spirits, Lunaria put down her worries, because to her, it didn’t matter what Leah was thinking as long as she was happy.
“Oh yes, Lao Jerry Sire told me to bring you some words, and told me to tell you to meet with him after this was all over.”

“Ah, okay.” Lunaria answered with a calm face, but her heart sank. *Looks like what’s going to come will come, after all, even Lao Jerry didn’t know about her Duo Practitioner, so it was normal as her master to get angry and demand an answer out of her.*
*To have Leah come and bring word to her instead of storming and raging at her in person, it looks like Lao Jerry had a really good temper.*
“Then Lunaria, you go on ahead, don’t keep Lao Jerry grandpa waiting. I’ll hold on to the recommendation letter for you.” Claude smiled and said, as the recommendation letter and the rewards were all still in his storage ring.
Lunaria didn’t worry that Claude would do something as meaningless as take her stuff, so she nodded her head and said to the three
“Then I’ll take my leave, see you all later.”
“Okay, see ya.”
“Ma’am, take care.”

Seeing Lunaria’s back as she left, Leah’s face showed a complex expression as she turned to speak to Claude
“Young master Claude, Princess Snow Lily has arrived at the mansion, do you wish to see her right now?”
“. . . . . .” Claude’s face instantly changed as he heard Snow Lily the two words. His emotions were all over the place, because after all, he had just experienced a life changing few months. Giving a silent sigh, he nodded his head.
“Let’s go see her.”

“Master! Disciple Lunaria wishes to see you.” In the magic section of the great hall, Lunaria stopped outside the doors to the grand meeting room. Even though Lao Jerry was also a duo practitioner, he focused more heavily on magic, so he would normally stay in the magic section. This room was also personally constructed by Lao Jerry, so no matter its appearance or its sensitivity to the elements are top five in the entire duchy. Even though Lunaria was outside the door to the room, she could already feel the elements flow around her with twice the density and speed than outside the hall, and her magic absorption rate was even faster than that.
A neutral voice came out of the room, undecipherable as to the speaker’s mood. Lunaria’s little heart beated rapidly as she slowly pushed open the ornate wooden door and smelled the draft of heaven’s rot flower’s fragrance.

Even though it was a common practice to pot a room with heaven’s rot flowers, but Lao Jerry especially liked this flower, so he would basically pot everywhere he went with that flower. This type of flower was not only nice smelling, but the smell won’t become too heavy with an increase in the number of flowers, so Lunaria also liked this flower, only she never has enough time in her cultivation and practice to go and plant a few.
“Lunaria, how do you feel?”
The old Lao Jerry kept reading the magic tomb in his hands as he spoke without even looking up, but Lunaria knew that he was asking about the competition.
“Not bad, Master.”
“I wasn’t asking that.”
“Then master means?”
“I am asking you how does it feel to be a Duo Practitioner?”


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