After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Ending and Beginning
Translated By: Naervon
~I am unsure myself, as it has been a long time since I last read this novel, but I believe Tyre meets up with KaMing again later on, and that KaMing turned out to be a body clone, so there is a chance that this KaMing is also a clone ….. Just saying, this crab is too op…. I mean this crab kills other deities for a living lol.

“Lets go.” Tyre sighed as he watched the crowd gradually disperse. He called to Elena and then reunited with Roselle Butterfly and the other two, as well as LongTu, who was watching him with a smile on her face.
Tyre also let out a small smile as he looked over everyone and watched as the white night sky slowly turned back to the star filled night.
*Perhaps it isn’t so bad to go with the flow sometimes. Since I am living in this world, then I should properly enjoy enjoy this world and not ignore the beauty of the world around me just for the sake of one goal.*
“The death of a deity, looks like the signs of a big event about to happen.” LongTu calmly analysed, because to her, this didn’t concern them at all, after all, these big things are best left to the people who are powerful enough and high enough in status to worry about.
“123.” A voice sounded behind Tyre’s back, and when he turned around to see who it was, his face instantly changed to an alert expression.
“Mr. D.Zi, do you need something?”

D.Zi’s face was calm despite the unkind looks sent his way by the few mercenaries. He calmly said in monotone
“I wish to buy Elena, what’s your price?”
Tyre heard and shook his head helplessly as he replied
“I’m sorry, but she is not for sell.”

“Is that so.” D.Zi let out a smile, not showing any disappointment for the rejection, but rather looked happy and unburdened.
“Mr. 123, I can see that you are truly speaking your mind on this matter, if that is so, then I am relieved.”
“Relieved?” Tyre exchanged looks with Elena, as both had a puzzled face. D.Zi shook his head and answered with a smile.
“Because I like this type of wind elf.”

“Like? Is that your reason for wanting to buy her?” Tyre frowned as the others around him also showed puzzled looks.
“Eh? Eheheheheh!!!!” Elena’s slow brain finally processes what was being discussed she let out a voice full of disbelief. Seeing this slow reaction, D.Zi’s smile only got bigger as he said
“Her focus and beauty as well as her flash of brilliance entranced me, and although we are of different races, but that is small matter in my eyes. But I am very unhappy with your methods, but since you made up your mind, then I am relieved. If you wanted to sell her just then, then I might have to walk away with your life on my hands tonight.”

“Thanks for giving me this information.” Tyre smiled bitterly on the inside as he watched D.Zi look up at the night sky and went silent. D.Zi kept his silence for a bit before speaking out once more
“Maybe it is you who should possess the title of the most talented genius of the northern empire.”

If anyone else heard this coming out of the mouth of someone who was famous for never admitting defeat, someone who was reckless enough to say that they will win against Claude, then the big news medias would get another juicy story!
Tyre kept a calm face, but inside, he recalled that terrifying perception that Simon used on him. He shook his head and said
“What use is there of having the title of the most talented? If you do not have not yet become a powerhouse, then you are still just a weakling, albeit a very famous and anticipated weakling.”
“Anticipated weakling?” D.Zi hesitated slightly before bursting out in uproarious laughter.
“Hahaha, yes, you are completely right. Yes, so what if I have this title, it is completely useless. Even if I were titled the most talented person in the entire world of Noah then so what. Just like you said, I am only an weakling who is expected to grow into a powerhouse, but if some real powerhouse comes by and dislikes me, then they can kill me with just a pinky. The true rulers of this world will always belong to those powerhouses. . . . .”
“Can you tell me your name?”

“My name is KaMing.”
“KaMing is it. . . . . . I will see you at the feast then.”

Seeing D.Zi slowly leave his field of view, Tyre silently let out a breath of relief. If he really had to fight D.Zi again, then he probably won’t have a single chance of winning, because he still had no idea as to how he broke through that holy shield formation.
Only, just as he was wondering about this, LongTu spoke up
“Are you so dense as to not notice this yet? Formations and seals seems to have no effect on you! No matter if it was that transportation formation or the holy shield formation this time. Maybe we should do some experiments. . . . .”

“What experiment?” Tyre asked out of reflex, but LongTu only smiled, not wanting to spoil the fun.
Having acted the part of background audiences long enough, Roselle Butterfly waited until everyone was done speaking before piping up.
“Mr. Tyre. Actually, I have a question.”
“It is that Miss Lunaria. When she was battling against the martial artist, she used the sword technique you taught me, and it was almost exactly the same, I don’t know if there are some things that we shouldn’t know. . . . ” Roselle Butterfly slowly trailed off as she watched Tyre’s face darken, all of her courage fled as she retracted her neck to appear smaller.
As for Tyre, he cussed inside as he had almost forgotten about this matter. If it wasn’t for the fact that the people in front of him were people that he trusted, then all they had to do was to report this to the duke and he will immediately be outlawed and captured, and if that happens, then he won’t even get the chance to regret.
“I will tell you three, as well as you LongTu, this matter is very important, so much so that my life is on the line here, so please, keep this a secret. My personal matters with Xavier is very volatile so I wish you all can treat this with importance.”

The three didn’t even have to think before nodding their heads in solemn agreement. For something as important as this, they can only earn the trust of Tyre through their actions and not just an empty promise of words.
As for LongTu, there was even less worries, because Tyre couldn’t think of any reason that she would go and blab about this.
Besides, Tyre felt the fallen one hanging by his side, she isn’t that type of person.

Miliac Kingdom, inside the royal palace, a huge royal stone table taking up the majority of the room. The old king, Dalati the Thirteenth, sat down slowly into the seat at the head of the table under the support of the beautiful young queen. Despite both of his eyes shining with life, but his body was no as strong as he once was in his youth.
Sometimes, Dalati regretted not cultivating dou qi with his long past away master, or else he would probably be just like that Falysses, still as young as a teenager. But he had picked the path of politics, and after so many years of political battles, he finally sat firmly on the throne. When he finally reached his goal, he was already too old to cultivate qi, and his magical talents was as bad as it gets, so he had no choice but to accept getting older and older.

The old king gradually came out of his thoughts and spoke facing towards thin air.
“Lanaer, go notify them.”
“Yes.” unknowest when, Lanaer had appeared by the seat in a kneeling position, and the next moment, over thirty shadows of generals either aged and wise or formidable and strong appeared through project magic around the table. Although there were some youth in the thirty, but they were just a very small portion.
Dalati coughed once, and the young queen hurried to pat his back. She had many concerned words but voiced none of them.
Dalati waved his hand and the queen backed down. Then as if answering the summons, Lanaer got up and walked towards the king, for he has grown up with the king as his personal guard. His face solemn as he looked around the room and spoke up.
“Then, let us commence the plan to re-obtain God’s Orders Book, start deployment.”

End of the Prologue.


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