After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 121

Chapter 121 The death of a deity
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“Okay, let’s give these geniuses one more round of applause!” Xiwa said into the mic with excitement, and effecting everyone with her mood, causing the crowd to be as excited as ever despite reaching the end of the competition.
“And now, let’s have Duke Falysses give us a few words.”
*Clap clap clap* The crowd gave another wave of applause, and even though there were some who felt annoyed at the hostess for dragging this out, but under crowd mentality and peer pressure, they clapped along and called out good with the rest.

“Mmm.” Duke Falysses nodded slightly and looked at the judges before speaking out
“I imagine that we all would appreciate an old coot like me getting of the stage, so I won’t take long. Don’t worry, we all felt the same haha, especially when I was young. The good tempered might just go to sleep, but the bad tempered would curse outright.” The words that Falysses spoke attracted the crowd’s attention with its freshness.

“I was like you all before, and stood down there listening to some old doddered blabbing moral values, and stuff like why we are here under the sun watching such an important activity or explaining what the true meaning behind the competition was, I don’t know how you all dealt with it, but for me personally, I slept through it.”
Hahahahaha, finally, someone in the crowd couldn’t resist laughing out loud, but because Duke Falysses was the rules of the kingdom, so no one laughed too loudly.

“Today, I stand on this stage, and facing all you strangers. I have one simple thing to say.”
Everyone perked up their ears to listen, seeing if the Duke would come up with something interesting and new.
Duke Falysses gave a slightly sly smile, and then took out a stack of prepared speech papers, and read out loud
“Tonight, the skies are clear and the stars shine upon us, with the moon blessing the earth. We organized this important activity thus day because of its special meaning, just like what Kerdo Duke had said three thousand years ago, do .. .. .. .. ..”

Almost everyone fell down on their face, thinking Duke Sire please, after all that, you are still going to give this speech?! Time tells the truth, no matter how you thought when you were small, when you grow up, you think the same.
Lunaria couldn’t help but smile, she didn’t expect the Duke to have such a playful side to him, to fool the millions of audience with that prank of his.

Tyre was also making the same face and smiling, or it should be said that most people started laughing and smiling after getting back up and rubbing the dirt off of their face, only a few kept their calm and didn’t laugh. As for the little elf Elena, she was confused at why the people were all laughing.
The Duke read on, completely oblivious to the laughter, and the people from the duchy understood just how much the Duke cared for them.
But just at this moment, a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared.

The skies suddenly started to turn, and the cloudless night sky became white in hue and the air itself became sticky as howling sounds came rushing from every direction.
Everyone was panicking and at this time, Duke Falysses crowned and said in a booming voice.
“Don’t panic, we are here!”
As if finding their emotional support, people recovered from their panic. That’s right, even if the sky falls down, there will be someone taller to worry about it first, and they will be protected.

“Duke Sire, this is!” Zamia’s eyes were dead set on the sky as the judges walked up on the stage and all looked towards the white night sky.
The howling did not end, and Lunaria clearly felt the elemental force itself tremble. If one were to cast magic under these circumstances, then one will fail for sure.
And then, the skies begin to rain blood all of a sudden.
There was clearly no clouds, but the white skies seemed to be crying tears of blood. This familiar scene caused someone in the crowd to scream

“I remember! This is 【Day of Bloody Rain】! This only happens when a deity dies!”
The death of a deity?! The people who didn’t understand this started to question, wasn’t the meaning of becoming a deity to surpass the limitations of death? If so then how does a deity die? Just when they were pondering this question, someone yelled out the answer,
There is only one reason for the death of deities, and that is they were killed by a being more powerful than they are.
If a deity hides and holes himself away from the world, then this deity will probably live until the end of existence itself, so the only valid explanation for the death of a deity is if someone more powerful had killed him.

“The death of a deity!” Lunaria and the people around her all were shocked to the core. She knew first hand just how powerful a deity like KaMing was. Just judging by the casually picked out martial techniques taught to her she can be undefeated while facing people at the same stage of cultivation or even higher, to the point of one hit killing people of much higher cultivation than she.
If a deity at the same level of KaMing was killed, then the thought was already beyond Lunaria’s imagination, it could also be because she had yet to consider the ridiculous act of killing a deity in the first place.

“Calm down everyone! Even though the death of a deity is a big matter, but we will discuss this matter amongst the other powerhouses here, so please return to your homes and resting places. The blood rain is not toxic, but it does no good to the body either to be exposed to it for a long time, so please exit in a orderly manner!” Duke Falysses quickly reacted and used his booming voice to scatter the crowd, but despite what he said, his eyes still showed a seriousness as he said to the stage hands around him
“All of you, go and help with the evacuation!”

“Secretary Zamia, did your side receive any information?” Falysses asked, but Zamia only shook his head. Apparently even the powerful 【Avalon】did not receive any information on this matter.
“You all should return early too.” Falysses let out a slight smile as he nodded towards the girls and their partners. All the girls obediently left the stage, because they didn’t dare to question orders when it came to something as big as the death of a deity, and even Lunaria felt some chaos in her heart.

“How many years has it been since the last deity died.” Watching Lunaria and the other people leave, Duke Falysses muttered to himself, and a premonition in his heart warned him that maybe, in a time not to faraway, something will ring the warning bell in his body, and then something big will happen. . . .

“Passage of time.”
With a soft voice, a young girl looked at the fading blood rain and the white night sky. She used her amber eyes to face the invasion of the rain directly, as if being bathtized, the girl let out a slight smile.
The gentle wind blew past and picked up her wavy green hair. If Lunaria was here, she would definitely recognize this girl as the mysterious and blue jewel hall suspect Largess . T Sharlea.

“You could have just stayed inside in the safety of the Great Forest of Funerals, laughable, like an ant trying to shake a tree. It looks like your laughable ‘Justice’ is only this much. . . . The executioner of the God’s Realm, KaMing Staz”

Clarification of Settings

Xigely Empire, a super empire that rules over several hundred kingdoms, and one of the four great empires of the Gabriel Continent.
They possess train technologies that other places lack, and is a very economically robust empire! Even though the small countries and kingdoms fight each other in endless wards, but the empire will typically ignore these, because to the empire as an whole, wars will weed out the weak and further strengthen the empire, and peace and complacency will only lead to the fall of the empire.

There are three strong organizations that exists throughout the human kingdoms.

The first one, Mercenary HQ! On the surface, this place accepts all sorts of requests and gives people a lot of free help, but mostly, it is to provide a service for all the mercenaries to help themselves. Up till now, the registered Mercenaries have reached a terrifying 90,000,000,000,000 and the fact is even if one were to add up all the population from all the empires, the sum would only come up to 20,000,000,000,000 or less, so where did this terrifying number come from? Besides the world of Noah, most of the registered mercenaries come from other realms and worlds, so just from this one can see what the meaning of all human kingdoms mean.

The second would belong to the Bloody Smog Martial Artist Organization. This was the place where one would go to judge whether or not if one has truly reached a certain stage of dou qi, and there are cases where someone might have 10 times the amount of qi than what they had originally thought that they had, but they were deemed by the rules to be not worthy. This was a place that let people who have been misjudged allow a chance to shine and show their true abilities. No matter your birth or gender, as long as you have your strengths, then this place will help you find your position in the world. Just like the Mercenary HQ, Bloody Smog also scatters across the entire world of Noah, and its cohesiveness much greater than the mercenaries.

Third on the list is the Magician’s Organization. Just like Bloody Smog, they provide the same for magicians, and even helped start up many magic research teams to study new magic. Basically a place that any magician would want to join, because that was a easy way to find a path up.

Of course, there was no rule that says you can’t join all three.
Next up is the martial artist dou qi stages.

【Qi Harmony】Stage, to accept qi into the bones and condense battle will into dou qi! When this stage is reached, an ordinary person will have broken free from their body’s limiters, and their strength will be able to easily lift up several hundred pounds of objects without breaking a sweat.

【Army Breaker】Stage, dou qi condenses from the body and solidifies into a core. A single attack will break an entire army! When this stage is reached, the practitioner can replenish dou qi in their body at any time, and when they unleash their qi, it becomes so strong that even the earth will tremble!

【Emperor】Stage, all things contains qi, and at this stage, one can directly command qi and endlessly unleash powerful martial techniques, and each one powerful enough to destroy whole mountains, as if the might of an entire empire in one person!

【Titled Emperor】Stage, this is a stage completely different from the previous three, because this one comes directly from a kingdom. Which means you can be as powerful as you want, but as long as no kingdom recognizes you then you will just be another powerful emperor stage. And vise versa, even the weakest emperor once given a title by a king or bloody smog organization, they will be a title emperor stage. Xavier Duchy is a little special as they possess the right to give the title to themselves.

【Demi-Deity】Stage, to have formed the godhead but have yet to ignite the god’s fire, so they cannot make use of the power of faith and belief, but their lifespan will be greatly extended.

【Deity】Stage, create a godhead world, and ignite the flames of godhood. Able to control and use the power of faith and deemed a deity with infinite life span. As long as their believers do not all die, then they will exist till eternity! At this stage, they will have exceeded the rules of the world and death itself, and are eligible for a position in the god’s realm!

Martial techniques are as follows

Normal, Master, EX, Sacred!

In these, there are the comprehended martial techniques, recorded technique skill books, as well as style techniques.
Comprehended ones are learned when the user learn the move from observing nature and combining it with their own strengths, but because it is self created, they are able to fully use it to the point of challenging higher staged practitioners.

Recorded techniques are made from people who have wrote down their comprehensions and thus readily available, but because it comes from other people, it is hard to become very powerful this way.

Style techniques is a ever evolving set of techniques, and includes at least three or more techniques, and even body techniques.

Body techniques are just like martial ones as they are also categorized as normal, master, EX, and sacred.
Weapons are separated into, Steel, Army, Kingdom, Sacred.
There are 17 different magician stages {tl~i got tired if you wana read it, its on the glossary :)}


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