After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Curtain Fall
Translated By: Naervon
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Lunaria and Claude’s performance ended with the crowd cheering with tears and applauses. Even Rafi-Nasi couldn’t help but clap her hands, and her actions caused the other judges to join her in clapping, and instantly, the entire place was filled by sounds of clapping.
The male host and female hostess Xiaer and Xiwa looked at each other and knew who the winner will be for this contest, because they have seen too many competitions, and the crowd’s reaction usually gives away who wins. The two walked on the stage and presented Lunaria and Claude with a warm smile before turning to face the still clapping crowd.

“Okay, and now, the magical girl competition has ended. Could we please welcome up the other 9 contestants and their martial artist partners come up to the stage for the awards.”
“And while they are making their way over to the stage, let us turn to the judges and see how they will score Miss Lunaria’s performance!”

Of course, as soon as this was said, many people started yelling “10 points!” “If you don’t give 10 points then you aren’t even human!” this kind of reaction give the judges a lot of pressure. Nicole and the other judges were all very helpless, because they were going to give first place to Lunaria and Claude anyways, so they might as well seem nice and pass her with a full round of 10 points.

The results were out. Lunaria and Claude took the victory with a max score of 50 points and took the crown of first place, not one person complained!

When all the other contestants got onto the stage with their partners, Xiaer waved his hand and said
“Now then, let us welcome the main host of this competition Duke Falysses up to the stage to carry out the awards!”
Falysses appeared under yet another wave of clapping, and even the judges stood up to welcome him and show their respect. Nicole might seem very casual with Falysses normally, but she had to be proper in this situation, afterall, he was the ruler of a kingdom(duchy), and also her proud little brother. Ray Lindauer only gave a silent sigh. Even though he found several talented saplings here, but he lamented that they were all very well developed. Loli and the type had become a scarce commodity these days.

Falysses smiled as he quickly handed out the awards, and finally, when he reached the fourth place winner Snow Lily suddenly called out from her second place winner spot
“Duke Gramps.” The sweet sounding voice caused Lunaria to turn her head like a rusty robot towards the sound’s source.
“Oh? Is this Princess Snow Lily? When did you get the interest to join a competition like this?” Falysses had already knew about Snow Lily’s information beforehand, so he was only keeping up appearances here and his smile did not disappear.

“Duke Gramps. .. . . . .” Snow Lily gave a quick look to the closeby Claude, then clutched Falysses’s hand and said
“Big brother Claude is still here, I don’t want to let him know just yet. . . . . ”
Falysses made a huge reaction of sudden understanding, then patted his chest and said
“Then, do you need anything from me Miss Snow Lily?”

“Actually, I just came to play a little, but I didn’t think that I would get such a high rank in the competition. And since I already have a recommendation letter, could you give my letter to the next in rank.”
“Would this really be okay?”
“No problem.”

“Miss, you are truly a kind lady. Even an old duke like me have much to catch up.”
” hehe.”
“Then I will listen to Missus’s wishes. The original third place winner Angel will now become the second place winner, and the fourth place winner Chelsea will now become the third place winner.”
Falysses’s words caused the downhearted Chelsea to jump in happiness, and even the serious Mo QingTing let out a smile, feeling truly happy for Chelsea. Lunaria scratched her head, thinking when did these two become this friendly towards each other? Could it be that she was being nosey earlier?

Falysses saw that the other contestants were all down in spirits because they did not get a recommendation letter, so he said with a loud voice
“After this, I would like to invite the ten missus and their partners to come to my birthday feast, and those ladies who did not receive a recommendation letter, please don’t feel too down, because the next semester for Avalon would begin shortly after my birthday feast, and at that time I will send out 50 to 60 talented individuals to take the entrance exam. Although this won’t give the same treatment as the recommendation letter affords, but as long as you believe in yourself and show enough power, then Avalon will still accept you, and you all clearly possess these attributes, so if you don’t mind our rail car too much, then I would like to invite all of you to join us on the train.”
This brightened the day for the other girls, because even though this was not as good as the recommendation letter, but everything at Avalon was determined by talent and true strength, so even if the treatment is good at start, that doesn’t mean that this will always be the case, and with Xavier’s introduction, they will have a much easier time passing that entrance exam.

Side Stories 1

Noah’s story

“Noah, you are really too great! I feel proud for having a son like you!” My aged father ran to the door to greet me after hearing about my return.
This kind of father, this type of reaction and warmth. I have never seen anything like this since I can remember. I felt kind of shocked, but before the question can even leave my mouth, father had already grabbed my by the shoulders and said
“I heard that you have become the follower of Ma’am Lunaria?!”
“Yes, but Ma’am Lunaria has yet to official confirm this.”

“No problem! Ma’am Lunaria has a warm heart, so as long as you do your best, she will definitely accept you. Ahaha, you are truly my good son!” Saying this, father embraced me with his solid chest and almost smothered me, but I could feel him trembling a little.
So the family has already been pressured to this point?
Father seemed to see though my questions, because he nodded.

“Yes, we the branch family of the Red Word has already been pressured to a very awkward state. All the other branch families have found a connection to the main branch one way or another, and if it wasn’t for you, then the next to go would be us.”
. . . . . . I am wordless, because I didn’t expect that something that I did out of pure impulse to save my entire family.

D.Zi’s Story

In the dark of night, I walked in the forests, alone. It could be because that guy punched me, but no matter the reason, my face still twitched, the spasm went in waves and ended at my jaw. This feeling was very annoying, but the fact was, I lost. There is nothing to regret. During the battle, I was very excited, but now thinking back on it, there are so many places that felt off.
Especially at the end, that guy’s sword had clearly been shattered to a million bits, but it still managed to break though my holy shield, if it wasn’t that sudden punch, I wouldn’t lose.

Thinking till here, I couldn’t resist but laugh out and shake my head. I clearly said a loss is a loss, but I’m still thinking of what ifs and possibilities, looks like I need to train even harder.
Hm? I heard that person’s voice from that distance, and it sounds like there are several other people there with him. I wonder if that elf is still there, haha, give me a chance Mr. 123. If you agree to sell me this elf, then I’ll follow my feelings and kill you, if you suddenly change your mind and decide to protect her, then lets just let all the issues between us drop.
After all, that beautiful and focused missus, cannot be sullied by such lowly methods of trading and forceful possession. Mr. 123, I hope you can give me a good answer.

Wolfus’s Story

I am Wolfus, I was the head of 100 thousand private guard, and hold the title of marquis with a third world country under my rule. I had killed over seven demon kings by myself before, and went face to face with a demonic deity once. I have razed a blasphemous cult-kingdom, I have been called 【Emperor of a thousand Saints】before and have been place at a very high value to the empire. I have earned countless battle honors and credits to my glory can fill an entire room.
But all this is meaningless.

The person walking in front of me, yes the one that is screaming from time to time, is a terrifying creature called Snow Lily. Kaer Jantis. She is filled with curiosity and possesses endless energy. And her most favorite phrase starts with “Wolfus, I want xxx”, as for what she wants, I can fill another room with lists. As for the stuff that she had me buy, let me just point out that my storage ring is half filled with her junk, and my ring has enough space to hold all the food and gear for an army of 100 thousand strong.
I won’t lie, I don’t have a great personality. If someone dares to annoy me, then they will experience hell briefly before getting sent there permanently. Sadly, this creature in front of me is out of my reach, and due to certain circumstances, I can’t lay my hands on her. But if I’m given so much as a split second of opportunity, then I will find the most pleasurable position, then grab the head of this creature, and then throw it as far as I can.
Finally, the world will become quiet.

Kaerman’s Story

My name is Kaerman, I won’t think anyone will remember me, because I almost never appear in the field of view of others. From my childhood, my presence has been very faint, and even if I am one feet away from someone, I will still be ignored. After some thinking, I found this was a very unique gift of mine. (*No dirty thoughts*)
Not too long ago, I accepted a bounty, and the target was an ogre, the named was called Memeda or something like that. When I got there, the army had already sealed the place off, and when I asked the mercenary headquarters, the bounty had already been taken by someone. What unlucky news.
Afterwards, I was hired by a slave merchant, the only one in the city. But what pisses me off was that he forgot about me almost immediately, and went and hired another group of mercenaries. I wanted to argue but one of my superiors was in that group, the vice captain. That person is normally kind like a big sister, but when she gets angry, she becomes even more scary then a rabid dog, so I decided to keep my silence and just go with the group.

After reaching Xavier Duchy safely, I was pulled by a completely stranger girl to join some random competition, and what irks me was I didn’t even get the chance to get my pay from that slave trader.
It wasn’t until the sign up ended that the girl found out that she pulled the wrong person. Sigh…. Okay, I am already used to this, and getting angry towards a young girl isn’t gentleman.

So I put my all into helping this girl passing. We made it past the first round, the second round, and the third round, getting a great score of fifth place, but sadly, I wasn’t able to get this girl a recommendation letter. But, it seemed that the promises from the Duke inspired hope into her and she invited me to join her in the entrance exam. This was a good idea, but I was more curious about the feast for the duke’s birthday, because I have never experienced anything like this before.

Thinking these, I walked with the girl next to me into the duke’s mansion full of anticipation.

Sidestories 2

Roselle Butterfly’s Story

“Big sis, hug~”
Pushing open the door to the old house, five young children ran to me, and the youngest extended his arms in anticipation. As for the little girl to the side, she gave the other kids a little shove and cried out
“Big sis is mine, big sis can only hug me.”

“Aina is too heavy, big sis can’t pick you up.”
“Who… who says!”

“Okay okay, I’ll hug you both.” With my peak qi harmony, picking the two kids up was a piece of cake. Both my little brother and little sister were happy and I looked towards my two year old little brother and asked
“Jelai isn’t going to work at the restaurant today?”

“The restaurant closed early today, the owners left to go on a vacation so I returned early, and I can also take care of mother.” Jelai was the little brother who earned a little money when I wasn’t around, and he took care of my mother and my siblings. The harsh environment caused him to mature very early, and both mother and I felt bad about this.

“I am going to see mom, Aina, Kasa, behave.”
“Emu.” Hearing the response from the two, I put them down and nodded to Jelai before quickly heading inside.
“Mom.” I tried to say this with a calm voice, but try as I might, it still came out shaky.
“This voice is, little qian?” mom looked towards empty space with a shocked happiness… My nose suddenly felt a sharp pain as my tear glands pulled the muscles. I quickly walked over and sat down before grabbing my mom’s old hands, that coldness in her rough hands made my heart heart even more.

“Mom, it’s me, I’m back.”
“As long as you’re safely home, I’m happy.” mom put another hand on top of mine, and didn’t speak anymore, just enjoying the moment.
Mom smiled as she patted the back of my hands, but I could not see her liveliness and full of life from before.
“I head little Jelai say that you went to do some mission with a powerful person, did you give a good impression?”
“Yes, the Sire really liked me, he even taught me a martial technique.” I didn’t explain my excitedness, because even if I explained how special and how powerful that technique was, mom won’t understand, but she still feel happy for me all the same.
But I didn’t return today just to feel some family warmth this time, it could be because I had some selfish thoughts, or it could be because that Sire’s glamor attracted me, but I decided, I am going to say goodbye for now and chase in that Sire’s footsteps.

Thinking this, I finally gathered my courage and opened my mouth

Rafi-Nasi’s Story

Men, the most untrustworthy creature in existence. If you think that my wording is improper, then allow me to humbly correct my wording. Males are trash itself. Their fake attitude are so disgusting, they try to lie to everything, they will cheat and lie their way to the hearts of innocent girls. This kind of creature, I disapprove of their existence. But, I am very clear. The world is very neutral, and it won’t do something just because of the thoughts of one person. So before I can achieve of dreams, I must first learn to tolerate their existence, and only when I have reached the peak of the world itself would the world slowly adapt to my wishes.

Because of the invitation from Nicole and the orders from above, I came to join the magical girl competition as a judge. My low points aren’t because I want to attract attention, but rather because that’s what I feel they deserve. Excuse my rudeness, but I think miss Nicole is way too kind in her judgement and she also gave a lot of easy points. Lindauer and his kind is even more unacceptable, he actually dared to sleep during the contest, what a disgrace to the name of Xavier and his titled emperor identity. What genius, that title of lightning emperor is sullied by this creature, and falling so low as this can only be blamed on himself.

“Hello?” After the competition ended, I received a call from the king. I was very puzzled as the specter stone sounded a cough from the other side, I frowned as I knew the king was very ill and to call through the specter stone must mean he has something very important to say.
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
“You can just call me uncle, why are you being such a stranger.”

“Okay, Your Majesty.” I was born in the family of the Miliac royal family, and the seventh prince was my father, only he died early and my mother also died from grief. The only person to raise me was my father’s brother the fourth prince, the current king. Even though I wasn’t liked, but my magic talents allowed me to learn at Avalon at a very early age. I graduated from Avalon after 7 years, and took my position as student rep, but the king’s kindness to me is not something I will forget.

“*Sigh~*” the king gave a silent sigh, and I frowned at hearing this, I didn’t ask only patiently waited for him to speak. And finally he seemed to make up his mind and his voice sounded again

“It’s nothing, I only wanted to hear your voice again. Don’t go to the feast, go back to 【Avalon】first.”
“Okay.” I wasn’t stupid, and from the tone of the king, and the sudden mentioning of the the feast reminded me of the thing that God’s Book had mentioned. Only, the king had wanted me to join this battle from the inside, but I guess he changed his mind for the sake of my future and gave up. . . .
I guess, he is the only male that I respect, or the only one that I can give up my all to, only to the king.
He is probably the most special person to me on this world.


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