After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 11


Lunaria watched this matchless handsome blond young man in front of her, and cursed nonstop on the inside, Bastard! You slash I, Your Father, Kidnap I, Your Father, and now you want I, Your Father, to thank you as my savior!?

Pah!  [t/l spitting basically]

“You are that knight who saved me from that evil man at that time. Truly, I must thank you again.”

“This…… No, it wasn’t that big of a deal.” Claude looked very nervous, and bit his tongue twice in the process.

What a weird guy, Lunaria silently snorted disdainfully, and then turned her sights on Lao Jerry. From the start, she felt very uncomfortable, it must be some thing that this old person did to her.

Leah saw Lunaria turn her gaze to Lao Jerry and instantly introduced:

“This is our chief housekeeper, and also chief of magic and swordsmanship, Sir Lao Jerry.”

Just from the title of this old man, Lunaria can feel that this old person was deep and unmeasurable, although she doesn’t know just how strong a powerful person really is in this world, but intuition tells Lunaria that if this Lao Jerry wanted to kill her, then it would be as easy as an huge beast stepping on an ant, crushing her to dust.

Also, this type of feeling was not all imaginary, but becoming more and more tangible. Lunaria felt that her conscience would collapse at any moment from the pressure.

Looking at the silently trembling Lunaria in front of him, Claude slightly furrowed his brows, and then said in a low voice to Lao Jerry

“Lao Jerry grandfather, why did you use perceptions, this is not something a weak girl can bear without harm.”

“Ah, sorry, I accidentally used it from habit.” Lao Jerry took back that formless pressure and slightly bowed towards Lunaria.

“As the housekeeper, I must clearly know the strength of everyone in this residence, so to prevent unwanted people from sneaking in. That is why I exceeded my manners and used perception to test your mental power, please forgive my rudeness Miss Lunaria.”

“No, This is as it should be.” Lunaria forced out a slight smile, with sweat glistening on her forehead, clearly pushed to her bodily limits, if it was Tyre, he would probably be much better, after all, there was some difference between the two bodies. Leah could not sit still and ignore the sight in front of her, so she supported Lunaria and sat her back on to the bed, using a handkerchief to dab away the sweat on her forehead.

“Um….umm, Miss Lunaria, having your body in good health is better than anything else. It’s getting late today, so Grandfather Lao Jerry and I will leave now, see you tomorrow. Leah, please take good care of Miss Lunaria, if there is anything you need, please inform us at once.” Claude said with some embarrassment while tugging at Lao Jerry’s sleeves, then left at a speed that can be compared to a full out sprint, without even waiting for Lunaria’s reply. This wild dash would definitely cause his underlings to be flabbergasted. Of course, Leah has also never seen the young master escape with his tail between his legs like this, and the atmosphere between the two people left in that empty room became somewhat awkward.

Lunaria sat over there patting her chest carefully, thinking that it got pulverized from the pressure just then, she had almost been squashed by the so called perception from Lao Jerry without any warning at all.

Leah saw that Lunaria had some lingering fears and didn’t have the heart to leave her alone, even though she was vexed for some reason, so she could only say:

“Actually, Lunaria sister, look at the time, it’s already this dark, how about we go to sleep now. Sir Lao Jerry did what he did for the good of the duke’s residence, so please don’t think too much on it, as for the details, that can wait until you recover a bit before discussing what you want to do with everybody, how about it?”

“No problem, after all, you guys are my benefactors, and Lao Jerry was only doing his job, so I don’t mind. Then Miss Leah, see you tomorrow.”

Lunaria really was tired, after all, using [One Mind] for too long, she does not have too much mental strength to care for this beautiful girl body anymore, but to her shock, Leah looked at her with big watery eyes and said lightly

“Lunaria sister, who said I was going to sleep in another place?”


What does that mean?

Lunaria had still not recovered from that sentence, and Leah had already strided forward and pushed down the girl sitting on the bed, taking off her clothes while she was at it, causing Lunaria to hurriedly pull the covers up to hide her bright red face. Although, this bright red was not from Lunaria being shy or embarrassed, it was from the stimulating sight of seeing the other beautiful girl’s larger than imagined twin peaks.

“hahaha, Lunaria sister is sooo cute, good, then today, just let big sister Leah pamper you a bit.”

“No, wait, Miss Leah……..”

“No waiting. Taste my special move!”

“Ahh……..Noo, not there……..ahhhhh…………..”




Chapter end!

[Editor: Just kidding.]

“Wah, Lunaria little sister, how do you care for your skin, it’s so good that your sister can’t resist using more force now!”

This, this is so immoral, Lunaria felt her blood start to boil, as if trying to squirt out of her nostrils like waves from the sea. She only wanted to say at this moment, this feeling of being taken advantage of wasn’t too bad…….Actually, it should be said that Lunaria was the one taking advantage, hahaha, thinking of this, Lunaria’s face started to melt. Just as the young girl was sinking into fantasy land, a feeling of numbness came from her lower body, spreading through her entire body in an instant.

“Wait, wait a moment, Miss Leah, where are you touching!”

“Wahh, Lunaria little sister, you are cleaner than I had thought down there!”

————————————Male Dividing line————————————–

“Oi, Tyre, although when deity, I, am demonstrating my body technique is unusually handsome, the flirtatious attraction unblockable by anyone” KaMing said with some shameless self praising while putting his pincers in front of his chest like a person.

“But you don’t need to be so excited that your face turns red and start to breath like a bull in heat right. Look at you, your nose is almost bleeding, so stop this before it goes too far.”

That’s right, the Tyre at this moment has a face flushed with bright red, no matter who saw this face would think what this guy must have overdosed on excitement pills to the point of no return.

“Wait, could it be you are attracted to me?” KaMing walked two step away sideways, with a timid and scared expression, causing Tyre to be speechless..

“Pah, Sir KaMing, please don’t care about my reactions, please continue teaching me the body technique.”


“What? What’s finished?
“The demonstration is finished of course” KaMing waved his pincers while looking at Tyre with some disatisfaction.

“Just how much do you want a deity to explain something to you, go and think about it yourself.”


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