After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Duo Practitioner
Translated By: Naervon
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“Secretary Zamia, you . . . .” Rafi-Nasi completely did not understand why Zamia did not offer Tyre a spot to Avalon, and expressed her confusion. Zamia shook his head and smiled
“He will come.”

This answer confused Rafi even more, because she didn’t understand why he did not immediately make ties with a talented genius like Tyre, if they let other parties get the advantage, then it will be an indirect loss of assets for Avalon.
Only, Zamia never uses normal tactics, and Rafi-Nasi had no choice but to follow his lead and his judgement.
“Okay! The magical girl competition has almost reached its end, and let’s all give a warm round of applause for our last performance, Lunaria! And her partner Claude! They will perform the topic of 【Love】”

The best fitting description for the two walking on to the stage at this moment would be a natural born pair made for eachother, and all who watched wished that they were the one on the stage be they a guy or a girl. Almost everyone only dreamed about that of course, because the gap was way to big for jealousy to even take root, except for the case of Snow Lily.
Speaking of Snow Lily, she was almost as agitated as a wounded mother dragon, throwing a tantrum so big that she shattered the ground beneath her with her stomping pacing.
“Love! Wolfus, what did I just hear! Love! Oh father emperor above, your daughter Snow Lily has never been so angry. Wolfus, I can raze this place to the ground right, oi! I can use the protection talisman given to me by the sacred king after I raze this place to get away!”

“N. O. No.” Wolfus said each word with a steel conviction, and even glared at Snow Lily to emphasize the point, as if showing her just how annoyed he was at the moment.
“*Sniffle*~Wolfus your bulling me, I’m going to tell my father.”
“Please do, and could you also tell him that the Sinner Wolfus was unable to fulfill his duties as the nanny of Princess Snow Lily and pleads to be sent home for retirement.”

“Eh, W Wulfus you are not a nanny.”
“Are there any actual differences? If Princess can be a little mature, then I might be able to get a promotion to be an caretaker someday.”
“. . . . .”

The show has started.
Lunaria looked at the magically prepared night sky and slowly closed her eyes.
What is love?
Darmiala said it was the thoughts that won’t go away, the thoughts that don’t abandon, as if the moon in the sky. You only need to raise your head to see him.
Then, is it like this?

Lunaria pulled out her sword, and performed the same movements with Claude. Each stab, each lunge, and each swishing arc of the blade contained the same rhythm and harmony to the other blade. Sometimes the blades would touch for a very brief moment, as if two shy children, touching each other out of curiosity.
What is love?

ZhangLing said it was a field full of traps, traps that will slowly pull you in and sink you even deeper into the field of traps. When you say you like someone, then you are indulging yourself. When you say you love someone, then you are binding yourself into an eternal trap that will swallow you whole.
Then, is it like this?

Lunaria’s left hand let out a fireball that lit the darkness, but Claude took a step backwards into the darkness created by the shadows from the fire.
With the passing of time, the fireball slowly died out, and darkness once more covered Lunaria’s figure. The next moment, Claude’s hand also held a fireball.
At first, the crowd remained silent, but then they all burst out in shocked exclamations!

Heavens! Claude can use magic, he’s also a Duo Practitioner! When did Duo Practitioners become this common?
Even the few judges eyes lit up when they saw this. Nicole and Ray knew this naturally, and despite being a little confused as to why Claude revealed this on the stage, but seeing all the shocked reactions around them, they also felt proud, afterall, Claude was the most talented genius in the family in the past few hundred years.

Lunaria heard the massive wave of shocked inhales, but she was not distracted by this, or should it be said that she was concentrating so hard that she ignored the distractions.
Claude slowly walked towards her and used the light from the fireball to illuminate both of them.
At this moment, the atmospheric mood between them changed. Lunaria and Claude both emanated light from their bodies. This was a second stage magic spell, light’s radiance. Lunaria’s brows slightly furrowed, because her holy affinity was too strong, and when she used any holy attribute spells, the light element force and holy element force would swarm to her, so keeping her spell on the same level as Claude was a very difficult thing.

The two bodies danced a dangerous yet beautiful dance under the night sky. Magic and sword exchanged blows with each other, and the different types of magic being used one after the other, painting the darkness of the night with a rainbow of elemental colors. Under this backdrop of colors, both Lunaria and Claude became figures in a beautiful yet moving painting, putting all who watched under a trance. Even the young Rafi-Nasi was entranced by this. As for Nicole and the others, they had already passed the age of dreams and hopes, all that was left behind was the taste of bitterness and intangible traces of faint memories gone by.

What is love?
What is it?
To die for your loved one and to have your loved one die for you, was this love?
Would love not die after obtaining it?

Her empty memories held no answers to these questions, and all of her movements were all pre-planned. Her movements might cause others to sigh or reminisce, but to Lunaria, her movements were all very artificial and memorized.
So what if she was being artificial and emotionless, for the sake of the recommendation letter, there was nothing she wouldn’t do!


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