After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Actually, I. . . . .
Translated By: Naervon
~(The next few chapters are a little….. long, aka full of content that the author left out and decided to put back in like little excerpts tagged on to the regular chapter)

“Get out of my way!!” Lunaria’s entire body hurt so bad that she felt like fainting right there and then, but she resisted the urge and shoved her way through the stage hands and ran to the side of Tyre. Lunaria discarded all semblance of manners and social image when she squatted down and clutched Tyre’s head to her bosom. The moment she grabbed Tyre, she silently cast a spell
Healing Art! Maximum Holy Affinity!

Under Lunaria’s reckless summons, all the holy elemental force gathered towards her and enveloped both her and Tyre in a cocoon of golden light, so intense and bright that it shined like a golden sun. Everyone took a collective step backwards, for that massive wave of magic instilled both shock and fear in their hearts. Even the judges were somewhat surprised by this massive wave of magic as their eyes all shone with the eyes of a treasure hunter who’s found a treasure. Zamia silently shook his head. *What a shame that she belongs to Xavier that old coot.* If not for that fact, Zamia would have probably yelled out “This girl belongs to 【Avalon】right there and then. But since she belonged to Xavier and because of that powerful being who backed up Xavier, he had to give her up.

Claude’s expression also changed slightly, for he did not expect Lunaria’s healing art to be as strong as this. He suddenly remembered what aunt Nicole had said about Lunaria’s unique magic. 【Healing Boost】, as long as she truly wants to heal that person with all her heart and soul, then the healing magic will be amplified accordingly. If that is true, then this time. . . . .

After a period of several minutes, Tyre’s wounds have all but disappeared, and even his shattered bones and ruptured internal organs were all healed.
Tyre got up as if he had never been injured and gave Lunaria a deep bow.

“Words cannot express my gratitude. If there is anything that I can do for Miss Lunaria in the future, please do not hesitate to call on me. Even if I must put my life on the line, I will arrive and fulfill my promise!” Tyre’s sudden promise and change of attitude shocked everyone, including the judges. They had all believed that this masked guy was a cold and wooden person, but what is with this sudden turn of attitude?! Instead of gratitude, shouldn’t he have just coldly stared and nodded?! ………. Could it be because the person was a big beauty?

After giving this a thought, almost everyone chose to believe that this was the case. Claude had also thought of this, and almost immediately, his attitude towards Tyre changed. Chelsea on the other hand thought of this but glared at Lunaria instead, a feeling of unspeakable sensation slumped in her heart. As for Snow Lily, she was giving off sinister chuckles as she pictured the two of them together and Claude finally realizing that Lunaria was a player and returning to her own embraces.

“I am glad that you are fine. Your courage moved me, and I hope we will meet again.” Lunaria smiled and nodded her head, but inside, she had a huge case of internal goosebumps, because this feeling of praising one’s self made her feel like she was a narcissist.
“Of course.” Tyre replied with conviction and determination.

“Then let’s get off the stage, the competition haven’t ended yet.” Lunaria said quickly when she saw just how many people was looking at her and Tyre with weird eyes.

Quickly, it became very obvious just how effective a suggestion from a beauty can be, because almost everyone nodded their heads at Lunaria’s suggestion and left the stage for the competition to continue, though, just what they were thinking on the inside was another story.
Everyone except for Claude, who followed behind Lunaria and watched her back with a complex expression.

“Lunaria . . . ” A barely audible muttering sound came from Claude’s mouth and turned into a sigh.
“T. . . .Tyre Sire. *Sniffle~*” Elena cut her own words off with a sniffle and more crying, Tyre took a look at this little elf and her small cat like appearance. Seeing her face all puffy from so much crying, Tyre found it funny and laughed to relieve his own stress, then he patted her head and said
“I haven’t died yet, who are you crying for?”

“But, but I was really worried just then. . . . *sob sob sniffle sniffle*”
“Okay okay, I’m fine aren’t I?”
*Sniffle sniffle … hick*
“. . . . . .”

Tyre returned to the VIP section and then channeled almost all of his concentration onto Lunaria’s body. At this moment, both Lunaria and Claude had a face of seriousness. Because of Tyre’s little incursion on the competition, almost every contestant who had yet to perform received a much longer time to consider their topics, and because of this, the rest of the performances were close to perfection. Just Chelsea’s performance alone of 【Earth】impressed the judges so much that they gave her a high score of 44 points. Even the cold yet mannerly Angel received a 43.5 points. As for Snow Lily, who was the ninth to go, because the topic of conquest and dictatorship was almost tailor made for her, her performance matched with the loyalty of Wolfus landed them with a high score of 46 points.

Claude and Lunaria both had a serious expression because of the difficulty. If they mess up even slightly, then they will not place in the top three.
Lunaria was thinking of what will happen if she did not get the recommendation letter to Avalon, and Claude was thinking that if Lunaria did not receive the recommendation letter, then they won’t be able to go to Avalon together?! Even worst, doesn’t that mean that they won’t be able to see each other for a long time?!!!
Just thinking of this possibility made Claude very moody inside. No, this can’t happen. He, Claude, swears that no matter how difficult it was, he will get Lunaria that number one!

“Lunaria.” Claude turned around and looked at Lunaria fully in the eyes. Lunaria winced a bit and asked with some hesitation
“What is it? Young master Claude.”
Claude took a deep breath, and thought of the scene of Lunaria healing Tyre with all she’s got. His face became even more solemn and made up his mind before saying
“Actually, I . . . . .”
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