After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Unexpected
Translated By: Naervon
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Next? Everyone looked at each other, but not a single person dared to go up on the stage, did this guy really think they are fools? Even if he looked like he’s full of wounds, but he’s obviously able to kill Emperor stage individuals. To be able to overpower the Holy Punishment formation face on and win, there was not a shadow of a doubt that Tyre’s skills can bring down an emperor stage, so who dared to go up? If Tyre still have enough left in him to unleash one more of those, then won’t they be going to just to die? Even though there were still a lot of people looking for the chance to impress Simon, but none of them wanted to go up there and die, and they didn’t want to risk their life for a gamble.
Even the judges under the stage were still in a state of shock, until Zamia opened his mouth and said
“This little guy belongs to 【Avalon】now.”
Of course, Zamia only said this in a voice that the other four judges could hear, but the greediness in his voice made all four frown.
However, they didn’t call him out because they didn’t want to argue with 【Avalon】’s representative. Even though this was Xavier duchy, and Simon had a lot of deity friends, that was nothing compared to the might of Avalon. Rafi-Nasi also agreed with Zamia because it was for the better of Avalon, but she frowned anyways cause Tyre was a stinky male.

Seeing no objections, Zamia spoke out for everyone to hear this time.
“You have won my friend. The wind elf will belong to you, and Mr. Simon here will do his best to protect your personal safety. Rest assured, there will be no one seeking to harm you here.”
Cooperating with Zamia, Simon turned around and gave the crowd a glare, and that piercing gaze shut up the crowd before anyone could object, and scaring those who had shady plans into pale faced statues.
“Okay, our little fun intercession ends here. Host Xiaer please.”
“Wait!” Tyre suddenly spoke up, giving Zamia a little surprise.
“What? Is there something that you would like to say?”

“I need Simon Sire to personally admit this!” Tyre’s words immediately caused the crowd to have a reaction, and Zamia’s mouth twitched a bit as he resist the urge to laugh, but as experienced as he was, he held back his laugh and turned to look at Simon.
Simon gave a silent sigh and shook his head in annoyance.
“I had thought that the power of a single individual was limited, but I forget, people will always have a fear for death, and if that will to battle to the end does not leave you, and the sheer weight of the crowd cannot break your spirits, then you win. I will act out my part of the bargain.”

Simon did not show any unwillingness in his gaze, and even the wily Tyre couldn’t find any traces, but at least he was able to get back his face and honor.
This, was the results that he seeked and the revenge that he got for using that piercing eyes on him earlier!
Tyre nodded his head in satisfaction, and seeing this, Zamia finally said

“Yes!” The long prepared Xiaer immediately walked on the stage and nodded his head at Tyre.
“Okay, then let me ask everyone, were you satisfied with this battle?”
At first, the crowd was silent, but after the hired hands started to yell out and started clapping, the crowd was riled to a full cheer.
And this was the benefits of having a golden host, because a good host will never let the crowd go silent. The reason for the hired hands in the crowd was to use the crowd mentality effect. Once someone else is clapping, then if you don’t clap then you won’t fit in, so by effect, just having a few people clapping at the right places can motivate the entire crowd.
It didn’t matter if the show sucked or not, as long as a portion of the show needed applause, the hired hands would make use of the crowd mentality to escalate the crowd for the desired effect. Hosting wasn’t a profession that only needed talking skills, but also required psychological skills and leadership skills.
“I am glad that everyone is satisfied. Now then, let us give Mr. 123 one more round of applause!”

Once the crowd all fell under Xiaer’s sway, he took the stage again.
“Mr 123, may I ask, what do you feel right now?”
“Um .. . . . . . ” Tyre scratched his head and nothing came out. He couldn’t think of anything to say other that then that it was good, and that he was thankful that this mess ended.
Tyre shook his head at Xiaer, who got the message
“Okay, then would Mr 123 and Miss Elena please exit the stage and take your rest in the VIP section, and let us all welcome the sixth magician girl team, Chelsea and her martial artist Mo QingTing up to the stage to perform their topic of Earth!”
Tyre heard this and knew he didn’t need to stay on the stage any longer, so he gave Elena a call, and the little elf hurriedly made her way over and timidly followed behind him, not daring to say a single word.

Haa~ Tyre let out a silent sigh as he waved his hand at Elena with his back facing her.
“If you don’t feel like following me is hard work, then do as you wish.”
Elena slowly raised her head and looked at the bloody figure in front of her, as if not believing what she was hearing. When she finally registered with her mind what she just heard, her face was already covered in tears again.
“Yes, Sire.”

Tyre did not blame Elena for anything and Elena did not apologize for anything. One walked in front and the other followed closely behind, and all their issues solved by a single exchange of words.
Tyre couldn’t help but wonder why sometimes life would be so simple.

To simplify what is hard. . . . . He shook his head, because isn’t the process of simplifying things itself a difficult and bothersome process? As his mind meandered down this path of thought, he looked at his own body and let out a bitter smile.
*Looks like whether or not I can make it to the VIP section like this is a big question.*
Just as he thought that, his heart let out a piercing pain, and that pain caused Tyre to cough out blood and drop to his knees. Seeing this, the crowd let out shocked gasps, and even the judges frowned.

It was too late!
At this moment, Tyre couldn’t be bothered to worry about the relationship between Tyre and Lunaria.
With barely a thought, Tyre put his focus on Lunaria and Lunaria immediately dashed towards the Stage in a panic. Claude watched this in shock for a brief second before following Lunaria. Snow Lily’s complexion changed slightly as she took a quick glance at the ever watchful Wolfus and slowly sat back down.
Chelsea was slower than Lunaria, but she also made for the stage, and at this moment, it seemed that everyone was heading on stage.


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