After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 116

“Victory! Mr. Tyre won!!” Roselle Butterfly let out a cheer of joy from her spot way outside the main plaza. Ghost slayer was also very excited, feeling as if he himself made that glorious last punch, that feeling must have felt so good, just thinking about it made his cheeks blush! Only Sand Sword showed a calm face, but inside, the heated battle re-ignited his buried fighting spirit, something that was gradually buried by the tough ordeals that he has experienced.
As for LongTu, she was nodding her head in satisfaction at the results that Tyre achieved.
In the VIP section, Snow Lily was hiding her face from Wolfus’s glare. She ducked her head and said with some trepidation
“I only cheered him on because he looked so pitiful. How is that wrong…”

“Are you sure you didn’t pitch in because it seemed fun?”
“That. . . . EhHe~(<3)” Knowning that lying to Wolfus had no use, Snow Lily knocked her head with a small fist and stuck her tongue out, even going so far as to give Wolfus a seductive wink. But Wolfus had no reaction as he took out a spector stone.
“Hello, is this the law enforcement department? Yes, this is Wolfus. I am going to commit the sin of brutally murdering a princess, so please send out the fastest 【Crime Chaser】you have to arrest me and take me back to the capital.”

“What are you looking at.” Chelsea snapped at Mo QingTing, who was looking at her with weird eyes, trying to sound pissed, but her brightly flushed face gave her away.
“I only feel that if this guy loses after defeating me, then I’ll look like I’m a weakling. That’s why I was just giving him a tiny bit of encouragement, don’t get any wrong ideas.”
Mo QingTing stifled a chuckle and nodded her head.
“So sso, don’t get any weird ideas! I definitely did not cheer for him because I he looked manly! Humph!”
Mo QingTing kept smiling and kept her usual silence.
“You, you, you…. What is your attitude! As a servant of mine, you dare to tease me, don’t you know that this is a very serious crime in the family?!”

“Then what does second mistress want me to say?”
“Just… just stop smiling like that. . . . . . .” Chelsea muttered with her ears turning bright red to match her cheeks.

“Lunaria, Lunaria, Lunaria?” Claude’s voice finally registered in Lunaria’s head as she realized where she was standing. Turning her head to look around, she found that she was several steps away from her seat.
*What happened??*
“What’s the matter. Young Master Claude?” Lunaria recovered and resisted grimacing from the pain, but she must endure. Seeing Lunaria relaxing and responding, Claude finally let out a breath of relief.

“I’m just glad that you’re okay, because you suddenly just stood up and yelled. I was truly surprised.” Claude’s words finally made the connection in Lunaria’s head as she understood what happened.
*So that first yell of ‘send him flying’ came from himself… So from the start, he himself wanted to win above all else.*
*So I am also someone who is bad at losing haha*
“No problem, I only felt that he should win, so I gave a little encouragement.”

“Mm. . . . .I really didn’t expect this outcome. That Mr. 123 is truly a genius, and of all the geniuses I’ve seen, he’s the by far the most talented. Especially his techniques…….Speaking of techniques, Lunaria, when did you learn yours?”
“That . . . . . ” Lunaria dragged for time as her heart started to race. After racing a few reasons through her head, she rapidly spoke out
“That was taught by Lao Jerry Master, but he didn’t want to tell others, so I wish that young master Claude would help me keep this a secret.”
“I will forget about this matter.” Claude smiled as he nodded, but inside, he was recalling that last sword technique used by Tyre…… and for some reason, he felt that the two techniques were really similar.

Tyre stood upon the stage, and stared at the hilt left in his hand. All that remained of the tempest sword was that hilt, and the blade itself had disintegrated with his last attack.
*Looks like I need to get myself a new sword.*
Looking at the black katana lying on the ground, Tyre bent to pick it up. But as soon as he moved, sounds of cracking and popping came from his waist as his bones shifted and ripped more veins apart.
Clenching his teeth, he picked up The Fallen One, because the challenge has not yet ended.
Tyre turned to face the crowd with his masked face, and the crowd looked back at him with faces of reverence and respect.
That mysterious mask covering his face blocked out all of his pained expressions during the fight, and many people were now curious as to what he looked like under that mask.
But that didn’t matter to Tyre right now, for he wanted to end this farce as soon as possible.
Tightening his grip on his katana, Tyre relaxed his muscles a bit and said with a neutral tone


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