After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 115

Chapter 115 The end of the battle
Translated By: Naervon

*Formation of Holy Punishment! This guy actually did it, comprehend two different branches at the same time.* Claude thought with a grave expression as he finally recalled who this person was. *D.Zi Morleimite, the new star genius who made the crazy claim of defeating himself during his grandpa’s birthday celebration. That D.Zi possessed the battle crazy blood that runs in the lines of the Morleimites, and just like his ancestors, D.Zi also became entranced by battle and bloodshed to the point of losing himself in the joy of it.* Claude thought that D.Zi was just another arrogant and conceited martial artist, but by the looks of things, this D.Zi wasn’t as simple as he had thought.

Under the stage in the crowd, many people also recognized who D.Zi was, and this was normal, for D.Zi was said to be one of the strongest geniuses in the northern region of the empire if not the strongest. Almost everyone acknowledged this claim, and when they looked at Tyre dragging his battered and broken body, they looked with eyes of disregard and mockery, some even go so far as to mock out loud.
“What a conceited brat, did he actually believe that he can win with that weak ability of his?”
“Yeah, not to mention that he dares to defy Simon Sire. This is the result you get for being arrogant.”

“What a shame to die so young, but this era will belong to the likes of D.Zi and Claude in the end. Everyone else would just be firmly stomped to the ground by those guys, and this fool is a prime example.”

Tyre was so exhausted and spent that he no longer processed the pain and his eyes went dull, his body was already past its limits. If he had not spent the last month comprehending Heaven’s Sword Ensemble, he would not even have a clue as to how to use the third stance let alone trying to use it in this situation.
*What’s that guy saying?* Tyre thought to himself with a fuzzy head, for he saw D.Zi’s mouth moving but his ears weren’t picking up any sound, only ringing and buzzing sounds reverberated in his skull. After that brief moment of hearing LongTu’s words of encouragement, his ears went on vacation again.
But this wasn’t important anymore. Even though he hasn’t fully mastered the third stance yet and it always goes out of control, but this was his last chance, so mastered or not, Tyre had to give it his all.

Laughing at himself for being stupid and not using this at the start, causing his body to take so much trauma, Tyre clenched his teeth and channeled all the strength that his torn muscles could muster.
*Now then, lets see who will win.*
Tyre’s eyes suddenly opened wide as he locked his gaze on D.Zi, and his broken body once more let off a strong piercing sword aura. Like a dragon roaring at the heavens, his aura followed his movements as he pointed his sword at D.Zi
Heaven’s Sword Ensemble, Third Stance
Sword Qi formed in the air all around Tyre and instantly filled the skies, becoming a sea of sword qi. Each and everyone of the sword qi let out a terrifying pressure as they all pointed towards D.Zi.
【Dome of Heavens】
Endless Sword Qi formed and launched themselves at the ground where D.Zi stood as if they were meteorites, and within the force barriers of the stage, it looked as if the entire sky was falling on top of D.Zi. The entire crowd beneath the stage moved back for fear of being being hit from the shockwaves.

But, on the stage, D.Zi’s smile was still on his face, no, it should be said that he was smiling even more. D.Zi placed his right foot forward and with that movement, the formation underneath his feet widened and a projection of a clock appeared behind D.Zi, making clicking noises as the second hand ticked.
“Profound Art, Formation of Holy Punishment, Fifth Second!!”

Right as D.Zi’s voice fell, the sword qi rain crashed into the stage, and just before they could reach D.Zi, a golden shield with runes adorning it appeared to block the attack. As sword qi crashed into the shield and exploded, the shield begin to crack, but D.Zi still laughed on.
“HAHAHAHA!!! Yes, just like this, or else it will be meaningless.”
“Come, let me see who is going to fall first. Will you defeat me before the 5 seconds are up or be Judged by me after the 5 seconds are up!”
Tyre almost fell after unleashing his attack, and as he gazed on that golden shield, which was as thick as a wall and sturdier than a wall, he couldn’t help but doubt himself.
*Can it be that even the third stance won’t be enough?
Is that going to be my end, death?*

*That terrifying pressure building in that clock behind him will probably be unleashed in a few seconds. Then, what next?*
Tyre’s mind was in a muddle as his body swayed like a mindless zombie, but as his mind gradually sank into the embrace of endless darkness, a voice reached him.
“Send him flying!!”
What a familiar voice.

“Send him flying!!”
That’s the big chested girl isn’t it.
“Send him flying!!”
Oh be quiet, how can you say something so dumb, LongTu…
“Send him flying!!”
How is that even possible, Snow Lily, your Royal Highness, you don’t have to join in on this.

“Send him flying!!”
Let me take a rest, I’m already very tired. Just let things end, that way you three don’t have to follow me anymore.

“Sire!!! Please, Open your eyes!.”
Elena. . . . .

Tyre’s consciousness gradually gathered, and when he could think clearly again, his fist was already on its way towards D.Zi’s face!
*What, when did I get this close to him!*
“Impossible!!” D.Zi let out a yell in disbelief as he watched Tyre shatter his shield with his long sword and suddenly appear in front of him. All this made the famous new star of the northern empire show something that he has never shown before, an expression of shock and fear!

As for Tyre, he was still not in control of his body as his subconsciousness took over his actions. He was moving from all the voices telling him to send D.Zi flying, and his body was like that of a magical puppet filled with might.
This last punch, his body seemed filled with strength as he swung his fist forward
“Send him flying!!”
Tyre’s mouth opened, and that lump of blood in his throat seemed to have vanished as he finally let out a roar.

This punch, was for himself!

Thud!! That fist shattered the aura of light on D.Zi’s body, shattered the clock that almost reached the final tick, and shattered the expectations of the judges, causing them all to widen their eyes. As for the crowd, they were all watching with their jaws hanging, their eyes bulging out and their brains empty of all thoughts. For everything that they have mocked Tyre for just a few seconds ago came right around to slap them in the face, causing some of them to hide their face in embarrassment.
D.Zi was sent flying off the stage, but his mind was still clear.
Sigh~- He let out a noise from his nose as he righted his body and landed lightly beneath the stage.
“I lost.”

That’s right, he lost, because Tyre’s last punch was only thrown from someone with a qi harmony level of strength, but if that punch was thrown by a peak army breaker stage, then his life would be gone, and everyone can see that.
D.Zi turned and left after admitting his defeat, because he no longer had the interest to stay here, and everyone in the crowd made a path for him.
Despite his body feeling like it would fall apart any moment, Tyre still managed a solute in return
“You let me win.”


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