After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 114

Chapter 114 The Third Stance
Translated By: Naervon
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Return of Heaven and Earth, Activate!

This supporting Sacred Martial Technique’s true use was to give life and battle instincts to both hands, so that instead of a 1 vs 1 fight, the opponent will be facing two well coordinated skillful foes at the same time, the advantage doesn’t even need to be explained.
And at this moment, Tyre was trying to do something even harder than the original Return of Heaven and Earth. Instead of attacking normally, he was unleashing sacred techniques with both weapons! In his left hand, Sacred Technique God’s Fall, right hand Sacred Technique Heaven’s Sword Ensemble. To use them normally was a challenge already, but now Tyre was trying to use them at the same time, the difficulty raised exponentially!!

“What is he trying to do??” Nicole muttered to herself as she watched Tyre’s movements with a weapon in each hand, and even the crowd under stage all quieted down in confusion. This was obviously a very critical time in battle, so why is he trying to make such fancy moves.
Even Rafi-Nasi and Simon frowned when they saw this, and only Zamia and Ray Lindauer had a grave expression as they predicted Tyre’s plan in shock.

At this moment, both of Tyre’s hands seemed as if they had gained eyes as they started to move independently with the left hand instantly unleashing the first stand of God’s Fall to defend against the Elemental Emperor Sword, but it was very obvious that just the power of God’s Fall fist stance was not enough to stop this mighty blow. Almost a the same time, his right hand smoothly unleashed the first stance of Heaven’s Sword Ensemble right behind the shadows of the black katana. The doubled attacks raised the destructive power of Tyre’s attack by several folds as it exploded against the Elemental Emperor Sword.

The explosion sent Tyre flying. He landed with a few rolls to disperse the force and collapsed like a deflated ball as he finally stopped on the ground.
As for D.Zi, he took the full brunt of the attack with his powerful qi shielding him, and after taking only two steps back, he squared up again with obvious excitement on his face!!

“Yes! Just like this! I can count the number of people who can block my Elemental Emperor Sword on one hand, you did well, now stand up! FIGHT!!!!”
D.Zi’s powerful voice boomed on the stage, but in Tyre’s ears, only sounds of buzzing and ringing reached his brain.

*Too strong, his【Qi Harmony】 stage body couldn’t defend against that explosion* Tyre regretted inside at his neglect of his qi cultivation.
*Cough Cough!* as he cleared his mouth and throat of blood in a few coughs, Tyre finally was able to catch his breath. Almost every single bone in his body was shattered or broken by that blast just then, thank the heavens that his heart wasn’t pierced by a rib.

*But, this is truly painful* Tyre’s entire body trembled as it tried to cope with the pain. So much pain was assaulting his nerves that Tyre just wanted to faint right there and then just to escape the massive pain.
*But, if I close my eyes and sleep now, I guess I won’t be waking up…..Ever….*
As he watched D.Zi take striding steps towards him, Tyre silently thought to himself. Gathering all his will power, Tyre got one arm under his body and heaved his body slowly off the ground.
The crowd let out a wave of shocked exclamations.

Good thing the sword qi were all blown away by that explosion just then, or else, Tyre feared that he would be the first one to die to his own attack.
*Cough cough, Hu ssss phooo~~*
Coughing out blood and breathing shallowly through his clenched teeth, Tyre felt as if there were clots of blood gagging him and that the pain worsened with each breath.
Fml, why did he end up here.

He couldn’t resist but blame Elena, but then he thought of her actions of trying to sell herself so he could gain value from her, and even to the point of rejecting a Sacred Magician like old Simon. All in all, Tyre couldn’t really say that he isn’t moved by her efforts.
Taking a quick glance at the little elf in the corner who clutched her own mouth with her tiny hands, and firmly obeyed his last command to her
Shut up.

What a dumb elf.
Anyone can see that any cheer or words of encouragement for him right now would at least give him some motivation at least.
*Looks like I must teach her more about the human emotions.*

A loud scream came from beyond the plaza, and Tyre struggled to lift his head to look. When he did, he saw a tiny figure standing all by her lonesome in the crowd.
“My big brother said, as long as your heart is strong enough and determined enough, even deities cannot stop you!”
“And you?!!!” The voice reached Tyre clearly this time and reverberated in his head……..
*Me? What do I have.*

Tyre gave a bitter smile as he recalled why he was here in the first place, to get a chance to recover his memory.
*But, I’ll put my faith in you this time LongTu. I’ll give the so called heart a try and see if it is truly as powerful as you say.*
Tyre let go of the the fallen one, and clenched the tempest sword with both hands.
He closed his eyes and ignored the screaming pain his torn muscles and broken bones are sending.
*Deep Breath*
‘Crack’ a few broken ribs shifted with a gruesome sound

*Recalling all the events since I woke up, the things and people that I have met are more than enough. Happy or not, that is life, if I am still alive, then I might live differently.
Mah, if I am still alive after this………..*
Heaven’s Sword Ensemble……….

Sharp piercing sword qi born out of thin air around Tyre, but he was just like a old man without a sign of life in his body, as his life rapidly bled out of him.
Third stance…….
D.Zi stopped his steps and looked at the sword qi rushing towards himself as his eyes went bloodshot with excitement!

“Hahahaha wonderful, no. This is the Best! I should praise to to be able to last this long! Then as my respect, I will show you the move that I have killed Emperor stage powerhouses with! Formation of Holy Punishment!”
WHUMMM! As D.Zi’s voice fell, a golden formation appeared under his feet, and sounds of a holy hymn came out from the golden magical formation. Shadows of angels appeared and faded behind D.Zi as he unleashed a terrifying force against the countless sword qi blotting out the skies itself. The massive clash about to happen had everyone holding their breath!


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