After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Return of Heaven and Earth
Translated By: Naervon
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What was even more terrifying was that this storm of sword qi had no intentions of dying out or fading as they rampaged against the force barriers of the stage as if they were the undying rages of the abyss itself, unending, screaming their rage at the entire world!
“This martial technique.” Nicole had a very serious expression on her face, for this technique was way beyond the power of a mere master stage technique. No matter how she looked at it, both the area of destruction and the power of the sword qi both have reached the EX stage.

Simon also stopped his smiling, because he could no longer calmly watch the battle, for Tyre’s abilities have truly shocked him. No matter if it was Tyre’s EX stage moves, or the fact that Tyre has this much power at such a young age both showed just how much potential he had!

As for LongTu, who was standing in the crowd, she had her brows tightly furrowed as she watched the battle going on the stage. Things had already progressed to this state, and she couldn’t do anything to help, which made her very frustrated. LongTu looked at the elf in the corner of the stage, the cause of all this. With her understanding of things, she pretty much guessed the entire story. This was mostly likely caused by Tyre ordering the elf to go away because he didn’t think that they would get third place, but the elf didn’t want to leave. But with Tyre’s stubbornness, there was no way that he would go back on something that he has make up his mind on, and that situation pressured the wind elf to do something very stupid, and that something was selling herself.

LongTu let out a big sigh of helplessness, but the frustration in her chest just wouldn’t leave.
What a big farce.
But that’s just what the audience loved, a big mess. The bigger this gets the more the audience would get excited, to the point of even clapping at actual death, because of the crowd mentality and the overall belief that only the strong have the power to decide their own death.

This completely immoral and completely opposite mindset was just what LongTu hated. Partially because she grew up in the Holy Dragon Empire, and partially because influences of the Paragon Holy Kingdom close by, everyone had a strong faith and there was little to no fighting amongst the people, giving them a strong connection.
If LongTu really had to give her impression of this Xigely Empire, there was only one answer. Despite the fact that she haven’t been here for long, but she was sure that this was a knight’s empire filled with chaos and filth.

The sword qi kept exploding around the stage for a very long time, to the point that Tyre had to active dodge his own attack with his body technique. As for D.Zi, he also had to dodge the terrifying sword qi, and at times destroy the ones that he couldn’t dodge with his own powerful qi attacks, but even so, he was very shocked by the attack.

*Such a terrifying sword qi attack, if he let this kind of attack explode near him, then he would probably be dead if only half of the attack connected. Good thing his premonition and battle senses made him unconsciously throw his sword, because if he didn’t, then the results are too scary to even think about.*
At this time, the normal course of action is to back up if the other side does not press the attack, so one can take more time to plan. But, Tyre was not this type of person.
*D.Zi is a very strong foe, and one of the strongest 【Army Breaker】 that he’s seen so far, Claude being the other. So, if he can’t take this change to make his move now, then his defeat will be set in stone.*

As he smoothly moved with his body technique to dodge the sword qi, Tyre also moved rapidly towards D.Zi. This bold movement made D.Zi tremble in excitement, as a strange sensation filled him.
*Such a strong foe, such strong techniques, adding to the terrible environment and the danger of death!* This man, D.Zi, laughed out loud in excitement.
“Good good GOOD!”

“This is the best! You are the best. I didn’t think that I would have such a surprise before I could challenge Claude.”
At this moment, D.Zi had already forgot why he was fighting Tyre in the first place. What dislike, what wind elf? He only wanted this feeling of an all out battle!

*Challenge Claude?* Tyre’s brows furrowed, but he didn’t have more time to think about it as he closed the distance. Tyre drew out the tempest sword with his right hand the clenched the fallen one with his left. Ignoring all dangers of a retaliation, Tyre gathered all his strength and made the final dash.

“HAHAHAHAHA, COME! Let me show you the true meaning of Flashing Sword Style!!!” D.Zi’s pupils dilated as he sank into his battle excitement completely. His empty hand filled instantly with powerful elemental force with the holy light element leading the other elements as they rapidly formed a brilliant sword as Tyre watched with shock. The completely elemental sword was surrounded by particles of elemental force and let out a faint holy hum.

This, was the true meaning of the Flashing Sword Style, to make a weapon from the elements themselves!
“Tremble! Flashing Sword Style, Mysteries of the Heaven’s Convergence Formation, Elemental Emperor Sword!!”
Tyre looked as the sword swung towards him with the might of a cataclysm behind it as his own heart trembled, but, his hands did not hesitate as he held the fallen one with his left hand and the tempest sword with his right.

You think your the only one with a trump card?
Return of Heaven and Earth, ACTIVATE!!


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