After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Heaven Sword’s Ensemble vs Flashing Sword Style
Translated by: Naervon

“This is, Heaven’s convergence formation!” Claude said with an extremely serious expression and Lunaria immediately asked
“What is Heaven’s convergence formation?”
Claude looked at Lunaria with a slightly puzzled face, wondering why she was interested in such a thing but answered anyways.
“Heaven’s convergence formation is a branch from the Flashing Sword Style.The origins for Flashing sword style came from its creator, the Sage king of cleansing light. But to practice this style and follow it means you must comprehend it by yourself, and this is also called branching off by people. This Heaven’s convergence formation is one of the strongest branches of Flashing Sword Style out there, and to practice this, you must possess an extremely high elemental affinity.”

“So you mean that he can also use magic?” Lunaria’s heart fell, and her question made Claude even more confused, but he nodded his head anyways
“Very likely.”
“……” Shit! Lunaria silently cursed as she sat on the soft seat cushion. She said to Claude
“I feel a bit tired and want to go take a small nap.”
“Eh? Then, allow me to escort you to the resting room.”
“No need, I’ll just sleep here, though can you make sure that other people do not disturb me?”

“…….” Claude nodded his head, and seeing this, Lunaria felt reassured as she closed her eyes and turned all her attention onto Tyre.
The moment this happened, Tyre’s thoughts suddenly became clear, and after releasing his control of Lunaria’s bodily functions, Tyre’s calculation speed and focus shot up to terrifying levels.
Only, he still had to keep Lunaria’s side breathing and some basic body functions going. But if he could release all of his control on Lunaria’s body, then his perception and his ability to analyze and calculate the world around him would rise to a whole new level of terrifying.

D.Zi did not waste words, and on seeing Tyre backing up with a pale face, D.Zi did not show any expressions of despise or mocking on his face, because his opponent was strong, and even though he saw Tyre immediately flee his last attack, he knew that Tyre fled most likely out of surprise and caution at an attack that he’s never seen before.
Boom! With each step that D.Zi took, a huge impact followed, as if he was carrying several thousand pounds of weight on him. All the elements from a radius of ten meters all gathered towards D.Zi, and that huge presence and qi pressure forced Tyre back another few steps.

Why did this monster have to show up. That elemental forces all gathered around D.Zi as their center, and if Tyre carelessly close the gap with his body technique, then the thick elemental forces will shackle him down, and with his qi harmony stage body, D.Zi will only need one strike to end him.
But, if he doesn’t attack or even move forward to engage D.Zi, then he will lose this round for sure.
After making up his mind, Tyre gathered his strength to his feet as he activated his body technique once more, and his terrifying speed allowed him to quickly close the gap between D.Zi and him.

Good! D.Zi’s eyes shone with light as he raised his knight’s sword up high. With that motion, almost half of the elemental forces all swarmed towards the blade.
This is……. Tyre’s pupils shrunk, he didn’t expect that D.Zi would react the moment he started his attack, but he did not hesitate either as he drew the black katana in an instant.
God’s Fall Style, Heaven’s Fall!

Whumm~~! The pitch black blade arc-ed through the air and clashed together with the knight’s sword that was sheathed in countless elemental forces, causing a huge explosion on impact as large amounts of elemental forces were scattered. D.Zi stumbled back with some shock, what a strong explosion, and his【Sword of Elements】seemed to have been weakened a lot in that last exchange, could it be from that black blade’s special effect?
There was no way that D.Zi could have known, that God’s Fall style’s main power did lie in power itself, but its ability to permanently weaken its target!

Tyre couldn’t afford to give D.Zi the time to think, and ignored the blood leaking out the corner of his mouth as he put his right hand on Tempest Sword. With that motion, all the pressure that he was emanating disappeared, but not a second later, a huge burst of sword intent burst out.
Heaven’s sword ensemble, second stance, Lightning Draw!
Before the sword had the time to even leave the sheath, the atmosphere itself was already flowing backwards, and all the elemental forces that were surrounding D.Zi were all disturbed, giving D.Zi then sense of looming death.

Thrum ~ Thrum ~ Thrum
The air itself was shaking without a sound as sharp and invisible sword qi filled the skies as they raced towards D.Zi.
With the tremors becoming stronger by the moment, the ground in front of D.Zi begin to shatter as the sharp sword qi pierced and shattered the ground.
The handsome and elegant looking D.Zi finally showed shock on his face, but he didn’t not follow his instincts of backing up, but took big steps forward and threw his knight’s sword at Tyre like it was a spear! The sword shot forward like a throwing spear as it traveled through the air!
This guy! Tyre’s brows furrowed as he saw that flying sword causing all of the sword qi to explode before they even reached D.Zi. Because of that knight’s sword, all the sword qi were disturbed and lost their target. Instead of crashing down on D.Zi and tearing him to shreds, the sword qi flew every which way and destroyed everything in their path, if not for the protection formations engraved on the stage, then the audience would face that onslaught face first and an unimaginable massacre would be caused!


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