After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 111

Chapter 111 D.Zi!
Translated By: Naervon

When Dimidaer fled the stage, a clear voice came from the judge’s panel.
“Mr. 123, I know that you are accepting challenges from anyone, but we are all humans after all, so if you can, please avoid killing!” The one who spoke up was Nicole, her face gave off a calm demeanor on the surface, but down inside, she was very angry at Tyre, because if it weren’t for him and that wind elf, then there wouldn’t be so many extra things ruining the competition.
Tyre’s impression of Nicole was pretty decent, because she helped Lunaria out by making up a false story on her healing art, only, he can’t just obey her here. If he did so, then he will appear weak to those who wants to show off in front of Simon.

“Avoid? I’m only decreasing the amount of challengers. If they keep the impression that they will only receive little cuts and bruises for a chance at defeating me, then the number of challengers will be endless. But once they have to put their life on the line, then the number of challengers will be limited. Am I right?”
“You did not say that you will kill when you issued the challenge right?” Nicole’s face fell gradually, for she really did not like this brat’s attitude.
“But I did not say that I won’t kill right? The highest god emperor once said, if you lose then you forfeit your rights, even if it’s the rights to life itself, and when you challenge me, you are betting your life. Under the God’s Oath, you can’t blame me if I choose to act on the powers granted to me to decide the rights of a victor now can you, or do you want to call the oath a lie.”

“Of course not.” Nicole hurriedly refuted that claim, this little brat even dared to pull the oath out as a shield, looks like he’s determined to make a scene today.
“But you must consider why they are challenging you on stage.”
“Of course I know that. If they challenge me because they don’t like my actions and not trying to show off to impress, then I will be considerate and not take their life.” This was obviously directed towards Simon and not her. Nicole’s chest felt stuffed with stifled words that won’t come out. She didn’t think that this little brat would turn her words around to attack Simon Sire, and this feeling of being played make her feel very uncomfortable.

“Miss Nicole.” Simon calmly opened his mouth and stopped Nicole from blathering even more, because any reasoning will be turned into an attack in this situation, for Tyre had the Oath protecting him, and who here dared to anger the honor of the Highest God.
“Please continue.”

“…..”Tyre refocused himself for combat. Since the debate session has ended, then up next, he will be facing even tougher opponents, opponents who has already seen his strange moves and are still confident to come up to the stage must be a real powerhouse fighter.
Just as he finished his thoughts, a handsome youth wearing all white with a knight’s sword in his hand jarring his image jumped up on the stage.

The youth’s expression had a shade of anger to it as he took a silent glance at Elena, who was huddled in a corner.
This youth was the person who was going to report Elena and Tyre for cheating, but didn’t follow through on it because of Elena’s concentrated hard efforts and her pretty face. Due to those factors, he didn’t report them, but never did he imagine that things will escalate into this.
If he knew this was going to happen to Elena, he would have reported them without hesitation, sadly, its all too late.
“D.Zi . Morleimite.”

D.Zi waited for a self introduction, but only received silence from Tyre. Looks like he didn’t want to expose his name to attract hatred from others. I must have looked like an idiot to introduce myself in such a manner, D.Zi thought as he laughed at himself for his own actions as he shook his head.
Then, he stopped all movements and closed his eyes. D.Zi planted his sword in the stage in front of him.
Flashing Sword Technique, Heaven’s Convergence Formation!

When he opened his eyes once more, his entire body was radiating light, and his qi pressure suddenly rose tremendously, causing Tyre, who was already really weak in qi, to backup several steps and glimmers of seriousness to appear in his eyes.
Peak【Army Breaker】
But slightly weaker than LongTu after she has used that forbidden technique.
I can win! Tyre’s eyes shone with excitement, and just when he finished his analysis, D.Zi moved.
When D.Zi moved, all the elemental attributes surrounding them moved with D.Zi, and caused a wave of pressure to crash towards Tyre.
Tyre panicked when he saw that and immediately used his bending technique and appeared several meters back.

From a distance, D.Zi looked as if he was attracting all the elements from nearby, and giving off a blinding light from his body as if he was an elemental king. Tyre was certain that if he even got close to that monster D.Zi, then he will face death itself, and death will be unavoidable!!


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