After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Standing Undefeated
Translated by: Naervon

“……” The lead’s face became even more pale and showed struggle in his eyes. Only, Tyre didn’t have the patience to keep waiting so his smile fell off his face and said
“Since you can’t make up your mind, then let me help you decide.”
As he finished his sentence, his sword finished piercing the heart of the leader
The leader’s pupils dilated, how can this be the speed of a human! He burst out his remaining strength and reached out with his left hand and clenched the sword sticking out of his chest and let out his final order!

“Luka, Balida! Now!!”
But the only one who actually moved was just Balida. Tyre did not move in the slightest as he only let go of his sword and took a step back, avoiding the strike, then as if teleporting, a shadow appeared as if summoned from another dimension and exploded Balida’s head. With a boom, brains and blood flew all over the stage.
Tyre swished his katana and rid the blade of the blood before turning his head to face the last member, the one who stayed still, Luka.
“I, I’ll talk!!!!” Luka let out a crying sound, for he had no choice when faced with a monster like this. The leader pointed at Luka as if wanting to scream at him, but no sound came out as the lead fell on the ground, lifeless.

“. . . . .” Tyre did not speak, but not killing Luka immediately was answer enough.
“It was Dimidaer! He is the Klamo Duchy’s Duke’s son!”
“So that’s how it was, you can go now.”
“Yes yes yes yes.” Luka almost tripped in his frantic movements to get off the stage, but just when he was about to get off the stage, a long spear flew out of the audience and impaled Luka to the stage floor. Luka’s eyes widened as he stared at the spear linking his stomach to the stage and took his final breaths.
“Useless trash.” A voice came from a man with short green hair wearing a long robe as he landed lightly on the stage. And no far behind the man stood an old person with a terrifying presence, giving off the impression of a predator eyeing its prey.

By the looks of it, this guy should be Dimidaer. Tyre muttered to himself, but when he took a look behind Dimidaer, he saw an old man giving off the terrifying qi aura of a peak emperor level powerhouse looking directly back.
“So is that how you want to do things? To rely on your social status?” Tyre lightly laughed, showing off his disgust and disregard for Dimidaer, who responded with a cold humph. Dimidaer reached out with his hand and the spear flew back to his hand by itself.

“I need to rely on my family’s power and influence to face a trash like you? Don’t you know the consequences of offending Simon Sire?”
“Consequences? Are you referring to them?” Tyre glanced pointedly at the dead bodies laying on the stage and replied
“If you really want to show off in front of Simon Sire, then you must first have that strength and determinations.” Tyre looked behind Dimidaer at the old man again

“If you don’t want to rely on your family’s power, then who is that standing behind you?”
“You don’t have the privilege to ask that, just die already.” Dimidaer clenched the spear with both hands as he dashed forward with a single movement, the qi surrounding his feet making him faster than a speeding arrow as he reached Tyre’s side in an instant!
“Your body technique is not too shabby.” Tyre stood there motionless and watched calmly as Dimidaer closed the gap in a flash, but just when the spear tip was about to touch his clothes, the katana drew an arc of black light as he drew the blade out of its sheath.

But, Dimidaer knows from experience that his spear will reach Tyre before Tyre’s blade will reach him! So if they clash, then the victory will belong to him and Tyre will die for sure!

Only, Dimidaer’s arrogance and haughty looks caused him to forget just how terrifying Tyre’s body techniques are, and with a shimmer in the air, his spear that should have pierced Tyre’s stomach only touched air as Tyre’s body vanished with his Million Bends.
The next thing he knew, Tyre was already standing behind him!

“What?!” Dimidaer was shocked to down to his bones, seeing it in the crowd versus going up against it personally was so different.
Tyre did not immediately strikeout with his blade, because that peak emperor stage fighter was glaring at him, and if he makes any sudden movements, then he will definitely be on the worst end of this exchange.
He knows that at the moment, he is not strong enough to go face to face with a Emperor stage qi user.
“Scram, if it wasn’t for him, then you are a dead person now.”

“…….”Dimidaer’s face was not pretty as he thought it over, because Tyre was right. But this really isn’t a fair fight, because all his moves relied on using the spear, and all of his techniques are useless if he can’t even hit Tyre. In his eyes, Tyre’s overall strength is just so-so, but his body technique as well as his strange movements make winning against Tyre almost impossible.


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