After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 10

Marry Her

“What are you thinking of, Claude young master?” a voice echoed in the empty sword training field, the person who spoke was a old person with white hair, but with a body straight as a battle hardened veteran soldier, looking like an unsheathed sword standing there!

“Lao Jerry grandfather, no, it’s just I …..”

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Claude said with words stuck in his throat, feeling that no matter what he said, he would be making excuses for himself, after all, that kind of thing did happen.

Lao Jerry coughed, clearly feeling the reason for Claude’s turmoil in his mind, so he said in a strict and deep toned voice.

“Extremely shameful, Claude.”

“Yes, I really did a really shameful thing.” Claude did not argue, but stood up with his head drooping, like a student who had done something wrong.

Lao Jerry shook his head and sighed.

“A honorable knight can still make mistakes, and sometimes making a mistake is unavoidable. Even in our glorious world, the once Holy Sage King also walked the wrong road because of his emotions, so there is no need to tear yourself over this. Since you know what you did wrong, that is good, but deeply punishing yourself over it to the point of no return is a mistake upon a mistake, it marks the downfall of a honorable knight. Claude young master, fixing your mistakes is the smarter choice to make.”

Claude listened to Lao Jerry’s words, and showed deep thinking in his eyes. The originally drooping head started to rise again.

Looks like this young man’s comprehension isn’t too bad, Lao Jerry thought and let out a warm smile, then he put a hand on Claude’s shoulder and said in a lowered voice

“Besides, if you still feel like you cannot make it up to that young lady, then just marry her and take responsibility, no need for this your fault my fault.”

“Ma……Marry, marry, marry her?!!!” Claude’s head instantly fantasized her absolute beauty, and his heart started to beat like a galloping horse.

“No, not like this. I, I have a fiance already, and that lady has yet to wake up, so talking about her behind her back like this is disrespectful behavior.”

Seeing that his bait failed to work, Lao Jerry concealed his somewhat vulgar smile and coughed once, saying:

”En, then let’s first put this matter aside. I have already reported this matter to the duke, and he wishes to find out more about the background of this girl before making any decisions.”

Claude nodded his head in agreement, but he still had some caution.

“If that lady is a princess of the enemy nation then what do we do?”

This guess wasn’t without it’s merits, because Lao Jerry had already hinted at this possibility back in the forest, only, at that time, both Leah and Claude was too caught up in the matter and didn’t comprehend his meaning, but now that Claude has calmed down, he naturally also thought of this issue.

“This thing……”

Lao Jerry opened his mouth, about to say something, but a sudden set of footsteps came rushing into the sword practice field, and along with it was Leah’s urgent calls

“Lao Jerry elder, something’s wrong, Lunaria sister says her head hurts, it could be that her head has been injured earlier!”

Leah said as she came in front of the two. Lao Jerry answered before Claude and said:

“Lets talk as we walk.”


Duke’s Residence

A structure that took tens of Kilometers in area, with beautiful landscape inside, fake mountains and a bamboo forest along with pavilions and kiosks that dotted the place. There was even an established street where servants and branch families made deals, so lively that it was like a small city in itself.

At this moment, in the core courtyard of the Duke’s residence, three shadows walked at a fast pace.

“So, this beautiful miss is called Lunaria, but she has no memories of her own past.”

Lao Jerry recounted what Leah just described while a barely detectable ray of light flashed through his eyes.

Claude, on the other hand, walked even faster and said urgently

“Lao Jerry grandfather, now is not the time to consider this! While we are taking out time speaking about this Miss Lunaria is still enduring her headache.”

Looking at Claude’s worried looks, Leah, who was following behind them, became pale faced and gloomy, and other than the guards standing on the sides, no one else saw this change.

After turning a final fork in the walkway, Lao Jerry and the other two came to where Lunaria was placed at, which was the honored guest area, designed to house visiting dukes and people of even statuses.

Arriving at the door, Leah walked in first and gently said:

“Lunaria little sister, I brought Lao Jerry grandfather, how are……you?”

Leah’s sentence turned into a question at the end, because looking at the girl who was  invigorated and in high spirits, she could not find a single place that was wrong with her.

“Ah……” Lunaria looked at the three who suddenly entered through the door with a stupefied expression, and instantly thought ‘not good’, but oh well, what’s done is done.

Lunaria crossed her heart and slowly put down the black rock in her hand, looking like nothing had happened. She stood up and bowed respectfully.

“The person behind lady Leah must be my savior right, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

Suddenly, a unique and sweet fragrant scent wafted towards the three. Claude suddenly experienced the feeling of his heart thumping like a galloping horse yet again.

Leah also froze on the spot, then asking with some hesitation:

“Your headache?”

“Thank you Miss Leah, but after I rested a while, the pain went away, also, if you can, can you tell me the names of these two sirs?” Lunaria gracefully asked, then looked toward Claude and Lao Jerry, with a light and soft smile on her face, causing the galloping in Claude’s heart to intensify.

“Oh, oh yeah.” Leah just now recovered, and hurried with the introductions.

“This here is the duke’s grandson, ranked number one amongst all the youth from several countries, and killed an [Army Breaker] level bandit leader by himself, called the number one genius in a hundred years, Claude Hillier young master.”


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