After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Two pick one
Translated By: Naervon

If the first instant kill can be blamed on the opponent being too weak, then the second win can be said to be because the opponent was being too careless because of his confidence, but the third win caused the people who wanted to make Tyre’s victories seem shallow to go wordless with shock.
The judges all showed serious expressions and Nicole muttered to herself

“First was that sharpness in creation, and now another self comprehended master level martial technique…. And his body technique is also master level, looks like we underestimated this guy.”
Zamia shook his head, and his pair of star like eyes narrowed slightly as he said

“I fear things aren’t as simple as that, because the gap between qi harmony and army breaker is not this simple to fill.”
“Zamia, you mean….. Ex stage martial technique?” Nicole’s pupils shrank. If a qi harmony martial artist can comprehend his own Ex stage martial technique, then his talents cannot be merely described as a super genius.
Zamia shook his head once more as he smile but did not answer, Rafi Nasi also furrowed her brows and stayed silent, because in her eyes, the man on the stage was obviously using some sort of technique from a style.
Out of all the judges, only Ray Lindauer kepted a face of boredom as he just woke up. Letting out a huge yawn, he leaned back in his chair and fell back into a semi awake state.

Simon kept his smile, and did not react to Tyre’s arrogant looks at him.
To change a crowd’s opinion as a single person, was this even possible?
Even deities needs to rely on the strength of numbers in their believers. As for a single mortal? He will only be overwhelmed by the numbers!
No matter if this mortal possesses the strongest talent, the rarest findings, the highest battle instinct, the strongest will! He will lose without a doubt.
Now then, let me see how you will fall little guy.

The four wave of challengers finally heeded Tyre’s suggestions and went up as five, only this time Tyre did not immediately attack, but rather spoke to them in a cold tone.
“I can see from your eyes that you only wanted to give this a try.”
Tyre slowly sheathed his katana and then placed his right hand on his sword’s hilt and kept saying

“So that means, you do not hold the confidence to win against me in the first place, so this must mean that someone hired you to come and drag me down and whittle away at my strength and concentration so they can come up and easily win against me? Then I shall fight accordingly. Truth to be told, I have never killed people before, but the feeling should be similar to killing magical beasts right? To test this out, please allow me to use your bodies.”
As Tyre’s voice fell, his body disappeared like a shadow. All five people immediately fell back, especially after hearing what Tyre just said, causing their already low confidence to fall even further!

And the next moment, the only female magician in the party of 5 had a sword sprouting from her chest. As the blood flowed freely down her chest, the female magician stared at the bloody sword in disbelief. She gasped for air, but all the air flew out of the hole in her chest. She didn’t even get the time to cast a simple crystalline art shield before the shadow appeared behind her and pierced her chest!
Tyre drew out the long sword, and the fresh blood immediately splattered out everywhere. He took a step back to avoid the blood splatter as the female magician died and fell on the stage like a doll with its strings cut!

“Morra!!!” Another male screamed with his lungs, but his scream only brought Tyre’s attention to him, and with that, the sword!
Normally, to an army breaker, this sword should have been easily avoided, and the courageous would even dare grab it with their bare hands! But Tyre’s body technique was too strange, the first bend might leave behind some shadows, but the second bend has already exceeded what their brains can processes. When the shouting man realized, a sword had already sprouted from his throat!!
Tyre didn’t show the slightest bit of emotion as he suddenly withdrew his sword and watched as the man fell in a puddle of his own blood, silent!

The sudden double kill gave the rest of the five a big scare, and the remaining three all showed fear on their faces. Despite the fact that they were all experienced army breaker fighters who has been through lots of life and death battles, but to feel this level of danger was the first for them! The feeling of their life flickering like a candle in a strong wind was ever so clear!
The leader of the five had cold sweat running down his face, because this monster in front of them was not something they can face, and if they didn’t lose their magician then they might still have a fighting chance, but obviously this monster also knew that, so he killed Morra first with a blazing fast attack.
And did he just say that this was his first time killing people?!

But, can someone tell me where those deadened eyes of a murderer came from! The lead couldn’t help but tremble, and finally, as if coming to an realization, he gave a sigh and said
“We admit defeat.”
“Forfeit? Okay, then just tell me who hired you guys, otherwise it will be too annoying to kill all the cannon fodder sent my way.”
“I can’t tell you, it’s the rules.”
“Oh ho! Then I’ll copy Simon Sire’s way of speaking.” Tyre looked at Simon and then faced back to the three with a smile
“Do you want to die now, or die later for breaking the rules. Two pick one, come, tell me your answer.”


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