After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Next Five!
Translated by: Naervon

“Idiot!!!” The youth laughed at Tyre as he attacked, but just as he was expecting to feel the dagger pierce skin and warm blood touch his skin, Tyre disappeared out of his field of vision.
When Tyre reappeared, he was behind the youth with his hand in a hand knife. With one simple chop to the back of the neck, the youth fell to the ground like a log. Tyre timed the fall of the youth and just before the youth fully fell, he swiftly gave the youth a kick to the stomach and launched the body flying off the stage and into the crowd, causing a big wave of gasps!

Tyre opened his mouth calmly, but this did not quench the eager fires of the ambitious as they saw a chance for them to take the win against Tyre, because only if Tyre did not lose then they will have a change!

The next to jump up the stage was a half naked big guy with a heavy pressure from his aura, and when he landed, a big wave of dust accompanied the loud landing!
“If you break your own arm and immediately admit defeat, then I your daddy might be lenient and let you go.”
The big dude had a dismissive look on his face, and that bully like attitude was clearing him trying to suck up to Simon.
Sadly, neither Simon nor Tyre cared.
“Army Breaker?”

“That’s right, you should know just how big a power gap exists between army breaker and qi harmony. Don’t say something dumb like you defeated a third stage proper magician, if the magician wasn’t prepared then even a qi harmony can easily defeat a third stage proper magician. So I suggest you properly consider your own situation for the sake of your own life.”
Tyre was wordless after hearing the big guy. It would seem that plenty of idiots exist when the audience is this big. As for Chelsea in the VIP section, her anger almost shot through the roof. How dare that infidel look down on her! What’s that nonsense on a qi harmony easily defeating a third stage magician, does he really think that she, Chelsea is a cheap weakling!
“Oi, person with the mask! Go GO! Go beat that big idiot and send him flying for me!”

Chelsea’s scream attracted a lot of attention, and even Tyre hesitated slightly as he turned around to see who was yelling. Only, when he saw that huge pair, he realized who she was. What a strange world he lives in, to be encouraged and cheered on by someone he just beat not long ago. The longer he lives the more strange things he will see Tyre thought to himself.
With this answer, the loss of the big guy was set in stone.
“Looks like you don’t prepare to admit defeat!” The big guy laughed coldly and just as he prepared his next sentence, Tyre’s body shimmered and disappeared as Tyre appeared behind the guy’s back.

“You are too annoy, get off of the stage.”
Tyre drew out his katana and slapped the guy with the flat side of his blade. With a bit thwack, the big guy was sent flying.
“Army breaker?” Tyre coldly chuckled, as if looking down on the stage of Army Breaker itself.
“Splendid performance!!” Chelsea laughed and gave that big dude a thumbs down, Humph, that’s what you get for being arrogant!
The crowd became even more excited with the loss of the big dude, audience and challengers alike all let out their voice!
So reckless. Facing millions of people and letting out such reckless words of disdain, does this guy even have a baseline to his shamelessness?!!
Just as people thought Tyre was being reckless enough, he spoke out something even more reckless.

“Get up here 5 at a time, 1 at a time is too slow, do you want me to wait all day?!”
What the hell, this guy is completely looking down on them! Does he really think that just because he dares to speak back to Simon Sire gives him the power to win against everything!!
Just as Tyre finished his words, three martial artists jumped up to the stage as a trio, and the man leading them said with a solid undertone
“You asked for this.”

Peng, Peng, Peng. Three pillars of terrifying qi aura burst from the three and the strong shock waves blasted all the dust off the stage, and the leading man was even stronger than the other two!
With their formation, they have confidence to match a peak army breaker for a move or two. There was no way that this cute little qi harmony guy can stand up to them!

“Ha, I said 5 at a time, do you guys not believe me? Get off the stage and go think a bit first.”
Tyre kept the cold smile on his face as his blade gathered power. The three had already started their attack, and charged at Tyre from three directions, right left and center respectively. Their combined attack rolled towards Tyre as if a huge wave!
But, Tyre only slashed once with his blade.

God’s fall style, Heaven’s fall.
Power over wits, brute force against numbers! You can be as extravagant as you want, you can be as ferocious as you want, but in my eyes, you are only worth one blade slash, and only one!
Boom!!! As if a magical bomb had exploded on their bodies, the three all felt a strange force suppress them, and after the leader resisted the attack for a split second, they all let out a gout of blood from their mouths. As all three were sent flying off the stage like broken kites, the crowd went silent for a brief moment. Because this was the third time that Tyre won in an instant!
Tyre swished the blade to his side and looked arrogantly at Simon before turning to the crowd and saying
“Next five.”


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